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  1. I remember owning a R12SW back a few months ago but I returned it to get the R28F's, it was a little underpowered I find when I would crank the volumes pretty high the subwoofer itself started to maintain a volume while the polk towers I had would keep going on up. Would I still have this with the R115SW?
  2. I like this response, I'm really considering the 115SW but it is a little pricey (1,400$ CAD on the klipsch site) and is not available on Best Buy(.ca) so I have to buy online only. Seen it on eBay or amazon for about 900$ open box or refurbished by manufacturer. I'm a bit of a bass head especially when it comes to deep lows as well. Does klipsch usually offer specials on these higher-end products?
  3. Agree'd, I was looking at buying one, still thinking if I should just save for it or the r112sw and get a 2nd one much later on or grab 2 R12SW's
  4. thats a crazy deal man wish I could get a R115SW for 429 US (for me its about 588$, Canadian currency)
  5. So I am able to grab a hold of the R12SW (and I can get 2 of them) subwoofer its on special on bestbuy.CA for 500.79$ or I can get the R112SW for 1054.99$ My current setup: R28F Front L/R R25C Center I do not have side or back surrounds yet, later to come. No subwoofer yet of course Hard to decide, or I can just wait even much longer and get the R115SW but I am looking for a nice bang for the buck, its all about the buck help me decide thank you ! I use my system for music, lots of music, sometimes video watching or even gaming sometimes. I have a Onkyo 7.1 Ch am I able to use a Y splitter to put 2 LFE cables in and run them to the 2 subs?
  6. Did you get the 2nd r12sw? how is it from having 1 of them
  7. The r14s would be nice but the grills unfortunately are not removable so thats why I was thinking R15M and thank you for the reply, I mightt as well stick with the SR-706
  8. So I have a Onkyo TX-SR706, I thought of upgrading to a TX-NR555 would that make a difference? I have R28F's and a R25C connected to it so far that's all.. or should I get R15M bookshelfs for my rear surrounds?
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