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  1. Thanks for the offer History Kid, but I live in Norway so that makes it a bit harder to buy overseas.
  2. Thank you, I will be looking for those
  3. Thank you for your answers. I was first thinking about the R-25C, but have then been told by various people that I should buy something better. 250/440/450C has been mentioned, and also RC-62 and 64. The reason I am a bit focused on 64 is because I watch a lot of movies/tv-series and I want the best center for that (but of course not a center that "destroys" the other speakers) and because I saw someone selling the 64 used (price is now lowered to 500 dollars which is what I've seen 450C goes for used). I will probably be upgrading the other speakers one day, but since I bought the speakers and receiver just half a year ago - it will probably be at least 2 or 3 years before I buy something better. I really have a hard time deciding seeing some recommending to buy and others saying not to buy I guess I'll just have to think a bit more about it. I appreciate every feedback I get here, and please add more if you got other recommendations about what to do in this case.
  4. And if I buy the used RC-64II (or any other center for that matter), is there any special I should be looking for when I check out the speaker before handing over the cash?
  5. I am a bit unsure now. Do you guys think RC-64 II is a good buy even if I don't plan on upgrading the other speakers in the nearby future? And if not, what other center should I be looking for that fits my current setup the best?
  6. Hehe, I bought the towers and the rest of my setup only half a year ago, so hopefully I won't have to upgrade it yet... But of course one day they will be upgraded.
  7. Thanks. But do you think the RC-64 II will be "too much" compared to what I already have or will it fit good? Someone is selling the RC-64 II used for about 550 dollar (new price here is like 1100 dollar) and I'm wondering if I should go for it or buy something cheaper like the RC-62 or something else.
  8. Hello, I have a current setup of Marantz 5010 with Klipsch R-28F and RS-52 II. I am looking for which center I should buy for my setup. It's being used mostly for watching movies, but of course music from time to time as well. After some reading I was first thinking of going for the RC-62 II, but I am also considering RC-64 II. Which one will go best together with my setup while also thinking about the price? Should I consider any other center? Will the Marantz 5010 have any problems if I go for the RC-64 II with my setup?
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