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  1. Can’t wait to start on my corner traps and 703 panels.
  2. I already have the jubes and khorns so I’m covered for fridge stuff.
  3. This referring to me? What refrigerator are you speaking of getting?
  4. Has anyone compared the fastrac wooden elliptical horn to these others mentioned?
  5. I’d be happy to have people over this fall when my house isn’t under construction. Western Slope Colorado
  6. I’d like to see some a whole new HF horn and driver combo with time alignment.
  7. Not opposed at trying a 3 way system. It just adds quite a bit of money to the system with tweeters and another amp. The zxpc horn and faital seems like a winner.
  8. I appreciate all the input. Chris has been very helpful and some of the info is repeat. I just wanted an open discussion as I move the khorns into my new room and can play with them. They are decorator 1969’s that have been filled in by the previous owner. I have crites crossovers, a55g, and ct120 tweeters. So the project will involve building a new top hat and filling the backs in. There are no limitations other than I want the final appearance to look similar to a B cabinet. Could be taller no problem. I have a friend with a cnc router and commercial table saw so the sky it the limit for final appearance. I don’t really want 402s because I have jubes in my main system. I just worry about the smaller horns blending well at a 400hz crossover point. I see the eliptrac 400 kit is very inexpensive and an option as well. Dave said they can potentially work as 2 way.
  9. Trying to improve. And see life beyond the k400
  10. I have some decorator khorns that I’d like to enclose the backs on and convert to 2 way. I’d like to talk about reaching the high end 20khz and I believe more importantly getting a horn/driver combo that will prevail at 400hz. Top candidates are k510 and zxpc horns. Most likely faital pro driver as it is decently priced and has good performance. Anyone succeeded here? I have jubes now so I don’t mind experimenting with the bedroom speakers.
  11. Some people’s love for audio exceeds others.
  12. I really liked my a55g and ct120 mod in my khorns. Once I change the khorns to 2 way I’d like to stick them into my cornwalls.
  13. Joined the museum support group and obtained the HF for my center channel build. Room is coming along. Texture tomorrow and final paint soon. Then install time
  14. I’d love to see some 510 horns on top of my old khorns soon now that I have jubes in my living room.
  15. Getting closer on my living room
  16. So you gave up on the 510 cornwall combo?
  17. Any update in these? Did you stay passive? Ever record with REW?
  18. I’m loving the avm60 with my jubilees. It rivals my krell preamp for 2ch for sure.
  19. Currently using the Bob Latino/Vta st70 with my jubilees. I’m very pleased, and was planning on building a set of the monoblocks with kt120s. I see you can pick up the primaluna for around the same price. Think the Latino monoblocks are superior? More in line with the dialogue line?
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