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  1. Yes they are. Rockwool inside frames.
  2. Did some experimenting today with the subwoofer. When it is tucked into its hole its size is very manageable. I forgot how massive it is when the behemoth is actually pulled out into the room. It makes the jubes look like bookshelves in person. 75” tv for reference. The measurements were takin from my middle couch seat 14ft from the subwoofer horn mouth. I did the initial peq using Chris’s thread. And did so with all ports open as they came from the factory. I’m uncertain what I’ve lost up top at the expense of lower performance at this point. And I’ll try to see if there is any room for optimization in the freq response with the second port closed. To keep things consistent I made sure not to move the mic or change any peq along the way. Id like to hear everyone’s opinions on this heresy.
  3. The only issue with this is some people are seeking the k510 and are not needing a stand or driver.
  4. Still loving this setup. No new changes worth mentioning.
  5. It’s not gonna happen. They are on here anyway and know about the last k510 deal slipping through the cracks. It’ll be the last time a pair of k510s makes it out of the warehouse I have a feeling. You’ll eventually just get the call that they do not support the diy community with parts.
  6. There was a lot of info to absorb in this old thread. I sure would love to find a tube preamp that would compliment my jubilee setup for a reasonable price.
  7. Well that would be wonderful if I accidentally made a more ideal listening placement for them. As you can see moving them isn’t really an option at this point. And if I could move the couch back a touch without damaging the sound reproduction quality that would even be a plus. I guess I should move it back some and tilt the surrounds toward the listening position and see how it sounds. Also I ordered the book so I can follow along better and ask less dumb questions over time.
  8. With my surrounds being 1ft forward of my ears and 6ft from either side should the speaker be tilted rearward toward the listening position or 90* to the room? According to the diagram it looks like they should pointed towards you. I didn’t know if off axis or dispersion pattern adds complexity to this or not. It would be good to hear their current placement could actually be a good thing. I’d have had them back further if the shape of the room didn’t dictate their position. And I’d much rather my couch was another foot or so back to be further from the jubes, but leave it where it is due to the placement of the surrounds.
  9. This is a very interesting topic to me. Could you elaborate more on the placement of the surround channels. Do to my room shape my cornwalls are in front of my ear a bit. I feel that was a bad thing for movies. After adding forte2’s to the system as surround backs I feel much more immersive and well rounded sound. I haven’t mess with any multichannel recorded material because I feel like all the speakers in the room that aren’t Jubilees just muddy up the sweet sound. Id like to talk more about timbre matched HF sections. Obviously everything I have in the room is inferior to the k402. I have dreams converting my cornwalls to 2 way using k510s ideally. But due to their availability that is unlikely to happen. I might have to seek out a cheaper solution. For sure I will have a k510/belle as a center channel as it meets my size requirements. I believe I need potentially a lot more acoustic damping for my 2ch. How would multi channel differ? At what point do I regret that I didn’t just build a padded room from the start? Id also like to discuss having some channels with ultra low distortion horn bass bins (jubes) vs direct radiating bass (cornwalls). And lastly one thing I feel that has been missing from my setup is ultra low freq. I know it’s intermodulation blasphemy, but I’d like to add a couple SI 24” drivers to a sealed cabinet in the back of the room. My plan was to only have them on for movies to capture more authoritative LFE, but now with this discussion we might as well talk about multichannel hifi. Currently i enjoy 2.1 listening the best because I feel the heresy, cornwalls, fortes, and potential direct radiating subs only degrade my awesome low distortion stereo system. Of course I’d have 7 jubes in there if money and space allowed, but I’m short on both.
  10. I wish I had more pro speakers and could see how khorns sound compared to 396s. I’d guess the 396s have a better top end and the khorns have cleaner bass. And much lower bass.
  11. Belle/510 with a sub if you have the room.
  12. I’ll buy those horns if you wanna sell em.
  13. Lucky dog. They have any more in stock?
  14. Have you noticed the max volume doesn’t seem loud enough? I feel like I have to be all the way up most of the time. Zero overhead.
  15. It actually works very well as a center and keeps up surprisingly well for what it is up against. It’s not a 100% seem-less transition for movies, but 99% of people would mostly likely consider it good enough. I will still be building a mini jube for the center. K510 with matching radian driver, with a belle-ish bass bin. Unless a 402 falls in my lap. In which case I’d probably do up a MEH.
  16. The system sounded so good with factory components I was hesitant to change anything. But I trust that the experiences I’ve read on here of members that have changed the HF compression driver for a higher quality unit to be true. I had my heart set on TAD 4002, but they are unobtainium. And when you do find them, they are grossly expensive even used. I weighed my options and did as much research on the topic I could bare. The next best candidate for the money seemed like Faitalpro 20at. They are discontinued though. While you can get them, they are very rare. Even though people have gave testimony how great they are I figured I would try Radian 950pb’s. I liked the idea that I could upgrade the diaphragms in the future to beryllium when money allows. There is so little info on how drivers perform. And so many variants in room and system that you really have to take everything with a grain of salt. I was told by a dealer the Radian was slightly better in his opinion and his staffs opinion than the 20at. Being that they were similar priced I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. I know I would be happy with either and that I will never know what the other sounds like. But this time next year it won’t matter which driver was better after I get the new diaphragms
  17. I guess I am due for a room update though. I’m slowly learning this complicated(for a newby like me) system. I’ve got more acoustic treatment finished up. I’ll probably stop here til I get a custom skylight cover and clouds. It’ll be nice to get to know the system better and learn to know their sound. At this point the sound is new enough and changes take place often enough that it’s hard to tell the changes that I make at times. Cornwalls are inset and trim is in the process. I’m mostly done and when I am I’ll post an update. In my mind it has made a nice improvement in aesthetics.
  18. They sound amazing. They already sounded great. I’m enjoying the extra detail that they bring. It was costly, but I’m in this deep already so what the hell. I’ll really be excited when I upgrade the diaphragms to beryllium. I don’t like to be left wondering what else there is left on the table.
  19. After doing a little looking around I believe they are the de75. Just comparing pictures back and forth. It looks to me the de750 has a chrome ring just before the magnet. Both the de75 and k691 are black in the area. I was under the impression the k69 was a de75 and the k691 was a de750. The k69 clearly is a different manufacturer. That agrees what I read earlier about them being PAudio drivers. I will say this. The radians I just installed are better than the k691s. But slightly smoother and a little better highs. As in bells and symbals are more sharp and precise like glass breaking. The k691 was a little more rolled off sounding. It’s funny that I swore the music couldn’t be improved any better than i was hearing with them. The k691s really do sound that good. Completely unnecessary that I upgraded them. I’d say they are 5-10% at most over the k691. And they were almost $1000. So take that unbiased mini review for what it is. It’s really splitting hairs at this level in my opinion.
  20. What negativity did you hear? I don’t think Roy would have chose it if there was an issue. It’s just a b&c de750. No one has confirmed the hardening of the factory diaphragms that I’m aware of, but I know klipsch buys lots of them and rejects several if they aren’t up to their standards. It is said to be a nice improvement over the older k69/de75. It is what they use in the reknown ki-396 that people are loving with a k510. Either way, best of luck to you. There are a lot of nice drivers out there.
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