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  1. If I don't see prices I move on, just out of principle, never to return.
  2. I'm glad it sold, otherwise, I was going to be the owner of another piece that I really didn't need because the price was too good to pass up. Congrats to both.
  3. Tekton Design speakers for local pickup

    That was a steal!
  4. Sold - McCormack DNA-125

  5. Sold - McCormack DNA-125

    Bump for a great amp.
  6. Sold - McCormack DNA-125

    For sale is a McCormack DNA-125 power amp. Everything you've heard about this amp is 100% true. Detailed, extended, dynamic and engaging. This unit was upgraded by Bob Backert with the Black Gate signal path caps ($500 upgrade). Is in very good cosmetic condition with minor white paint fading on back of unit. Performance is top notch, especially in it's price class. This was my favorite SS amp blowing the Marsh, Pass Labs Aleph and Parasound A21 away easily. Have been selling all of my SS amps as I am going to a higher power SET amp requiring all available hobby funds. Here is a link to a review: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0800/dna125.htm Includes original box and stock power cord. Price $1100 plus fees/shipping/insurance Reasonable offers considered NO LOWBALL OFFERS...they will be met with extreme prejudice. Message me for pics, please.
  7. Sold Parasound A21 FS

  8. Sold Parasound A21 FS

    I'm the second Owner of this Parasound A21 amp. Purchased from original owner off another forum where I've been a longtime member. Amp has couple of minor scratches on the bottom right corner as seen in the pics. I've had this amp since February and have put probably 10-15 hours on it. It's a beast and far more amp then I need. There's really not much that I can add to the many glowing reviews that are already out there. Amp preforms beautifully. Amp comes with original double box packaging and original power cord. Buyer pays PP fees and actual shipping/ins from 40056 zip code. It weighs 60* lbs. Asking $1450.00 Seems my pics are too large and it will not allow me to upload them. Feel free to message me with any questions or for pics.