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  1. Dueland makes a great cap, but, they can be a bit pricey. Very rich, smooth sound.
  2. I've been a very happy owner of one for a couple of years. I'm sure the new owner will be very happy.
  3. Let's consider this one heading to a new home. PM coming.
  4. I'm pretty familiar with how things work, just putting myself in line incase things don't work out for him.
  5. I'm in Louisville, PM coming.
  6. I've got boxes of old Green Stamp books I'd like to use.
  7. Whew, that was a close one! Congrats Gorm
  8. This is a smoking deal on a nice amp. I really have no need for another amp, but, at this price I'm slowly talking myself in to it. Someone step up and save me!
  9. I can't get my situation to work out. Great deal on a nice looking pair, GLWTS.
  10. PM sent for the Sansui 9900 set.
  11. I'm trying to make arrangements with a buddy in Arlington..not sure if it's going to happen.
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