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  1. Member for several years, but, not much of a poster...more of a stalker I guess. Interested in these, that's some beautiful cabinet work. Curious as to what the crossover and mid/tweeter work does for the sound signature? Depth? Smooth out the edges? Anyone had any info to share I'd be very appreciative. PM coming
  2. PM sent, but, you guys are pricing me out! I'm just a poor, country boy.
  3. Looks like the start of a nice museum! Thanks to the OP for the heads up on the scam
  4. My experience with U-ship shows that if you are flexible on pick up and delivery time you can work a better price. Don't be afraid to ask, may allow them to arrange more pickup/deliveries possibly getting you a better rate.
  5. Dueland makes a great cap, but, they can be a bit pricey. Very rich, smooth sound.
  6. I've been a very happy owner of one for a couple of years. I'm sure the new owner will be very happy.
  7. Let's consider this one heading to a new home. PM coming.
  8. I'm pretty familiar with how things work, just putting myself in line incase things don't work out for him.
  9. I'm in Louisville, PM coming.
  10. I've got boxes of old Green Stamp books I'd like to use.
  11. Whew, that was a close one! Congrats Gorm
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