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  1. Hornographic

    SOLD tops of La Scala, k401, PD-5VH, CT-125, A4500

    Pleasure to meet you, @No.4. We appreciated the Pony Express-style delivery. Roger on the pix. I plan to do a breadboard layout for my DIY LS's with your 401's and drivers I got from @codewritinfool -- just to verify before construction begins. Pix will start there. Happy holidays and all like that.
  2. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    That's exactly right. When I stand at the midpoint, my head's right in the focus. It'd be great for parties. It's just a little too high for a sitting position - but still better than having the focus at furniture/monitor level. Since it's my office, I don't have the usual sofa-in-the-family-room layout there.
  3. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    Good question. I hadn't tried the typical LS configuration, so I did and compared them. Subjectively, the "sideways" orientation shown in the pix seems to give a better presence and I prefer it. Because of all the other furniture & gear in the room, I wanted to raise the focus for the HF sections with that orientation. Objectively, I can't give a very good answer because the only measurement tool I have at hand is the Android Sound Meter applet, and that shows very little difference (no surprise). I don't have the gear to capture profiles of the room for each orientation. Those might give some useful info. In short, the usual "audio answer": no definitive data -- just some guy's opinion.
  4. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    Yeah, they're looking pretty good. But of course they sound wonderful... even tho I'm missing that Khorn bass presence just a little. I think what I "need" is a more permanent pair. I should find a pair of old standard La Scalas and give them the @Matthews re-finishing treatment. Did Bob G buy those that you found a couple of weeks ago?
  5. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    You never know how well things will work until you release them to the dumb users. 🙂 So today I hauled @codewritinfool's splits from the garage, where he'd left them after the BBQ, to my place. Ain't nobody using 'em in that garage, right? Here's a set of pix that shows packing them into my Toaster (Scion xB) and then set up in my home office (and cat refuge). No problem at all fitting them into the Toaster. CWF had made a very nice pair of speaker cables for his splits. They're 50 feet long with Speakon connectors at each end. I don't know if he's done any time as a roadie, but I did a little (long ago) and those connectors are great. Tear-down and deployment were both a snap. The only comment I have about moving them is the edges of the corner guards caught on the upholstery in the Toaster in a couple of places. No big deal and nothing got damaged, but it did take a just a bit of finagling when unloading them. Then I rolled them in, set 'em up, poured a fresh cup of coffee, and cranked up a little Stacey Kent . Mmm-mmm-good...
  6. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    Here are a couple of pix of @codewritinfool's LaScala splits at the company BBQ he mentioned. The grill was outside, but the party was inside a storage area near Spirit airport due to the cool weather. Thanks to our host, Bob G, for the brats, burgers, beer & wine. The splits looked great - nice work by CWF (& @MookieStl). They sounded great too... but we all expected that.
  7. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    Best wishes for the new grandchild. And it's a beautiful night indeed. Raise one to the Colonel.
  8. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    1. I'd check around for a machinist/metal worker to see if someone could hack the ball corners for me. 2. Barring that, I'd make a "corner jig" out of a piece of wood stock, screw the ball down to that jig - skipping the one screw that'd be cut - and then run the whole assembly thru a bandsaw. You'd need a lot of those jigs, maybe, but they only need to be blocks big enough to hold the balls securely a couple of screws. 3. I don't know if I'd bother with trying to add material to the opened-up balls on the rear corners. If those are cut with two cuts -- one in line with with the "ears" -- they'd look like they were designed for the angle, I think. 4. Sorry bout the long-ended comment. It's hard to talk w/o a pencil. 5. I missed the alternatives you & Mookie talked about. Good luck, they're shaping up nicely.
  9. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    The grille mock-up was a good idea. "Measure twice..." I have to vote with @DizRotus and @MookieStl on this one. The grilles detract from the look you've already got - they'd be like socks on a rooster. Plus, you were able to paint the throats of the bass horn and get the same finish on all visible areas. There's nothing to hide, so why bother with grilles?
  10. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    Looking good with that bottom door & casters in place. That's a road-ready piece there.
  11. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    They're looking sharp. The nose cleaned up pretty good I see. Be happy to audition those for you while I'm giving my Khorns the Matthews Black Beauty treatment.
  12. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    Thanks, @MookieStl. I thought the lighter pair of LS's in the back of that picture looked familiar. They were up for sale last year, right? It's surprising @Matthews got such a nice finish out of a spray can. Lots of coats and lots of patience, I suppose. Maybe he can tell me where he bought the grille cloth. I'm not sure I could manage that spray can feat, but there's a guy close to me who does really good furniture repair work. Or maybe I can find an auto body shop to put a black lacquer finish on the horns.
  13. Hornographic

    La Scala Split Project

    @mookiestl, the black lacquer finish on those La Scalas is really impressive. It looks like the finish on a grand piano & the blonde grill cloth is a great contrast. Do you know who painted them? (I'm in the StL area too.) I've got a pair of Khorns that were originally raw birch before someone stained them with a dark walnut color. I've been thinking about how to re-finish the Khorns... Now I'm thinking a finish like the one on these black La Scalas (grill cloth included) would look really good on the Khorns.
  14. Hornographic

    $500 K-Horns Austin

    It looks like the CL ad may have changed since yesterday. It now reads $500 per horn.