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  1. Sold to a local forum member. Quick and easy. Thanks Rivernuggets for the bump and positive comments. Pearland
  2. It may be a few weeks before I make it up to Dallas. If I still have the speakers I'll bring them with me.
  3. I know as soon as get the money in my hands that I'll want them back. I kept the original boxes so every time I moved they were well protected. I'm moving to Dallas, so anyone in Dallas who wants them, I'll bring them to you.
  4. Thank you Rivernuggets. I have all the components in the pic listed on Craigslist but no luck so far. I love the speakers but moving to smaller house and just don't have the room for the Klipsch. I bought them new back in 1996 or 1997. I'm hoping someone who loves Klipsch speakers will snap them up before they end up at the pawn shop. Pearland
  5. I have a great pair of KG4.5 speakers in dark Walnut. Looking to sell locally.