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  1. Hello I've got a really nice pair of klipschorns 1995,oak that are 90% completed,I went right through them,and I did not go crazy with over priced VOLTI audio horns beyma drivers yet..lol. I have crites c-120/or k-77's. K-55-v ( very rare soldered terminal dual phase 1980) or k-55-m's 2 choices in each tweeter,and mid. Woofer I have eminence 15-c's. Complete new black#7 fabric,(same as new khorns) new seals,all new screws. I can veneer them original oak oil,(boring.) Or teak/red oak/walnut/cherry. Trade for jbl 4333a/b,or summet 300's. I just don't have corners in my new home,I so hit me up,,,Rblcustomcreations8412@gmail.com
  2. I build exact factory spec replacement grills for the cornwalls $200 in black#7 (no longer make #17.) $240 in cane I get my fabric direct from factory I asked,and got permission from klipsch to build my replacement grills. As long as I say they are "Replacement I'm am in no way affiliated or work for Klipsch in anyway,I do great veneer work as well,and do not charge as much as G.R. from V.A. you know exactly who I'm talking about. Guy does great work,but so do I,and I don't charge crazy money either. I also do not take other people's designs,and patents,change a few small details,and sell them for roughly 40% higher than the original designs. Nope! I'm an honest married man with 4 children who loves heritage klipsch. Thanks Rick Rblcustomcreations
  3. Hey everyone Rick from rbl,Anyone need new replacement grills for the corns,heresys,la scalas,or the k-horns? WELL I build and sell them. In black#7,or in cane. With or without (jubilee) emblems. Anyways on this topic,I also have a pair of beautiful k-horns 1995 Ak-3 all original,except brand new 3/4 exact factory spec grills,4 side panels/2 tops. Black#7 woofers are new eminence 15-c's which imho blow the crites/k-33/k-43,and anything I've put them against. Crites c-120/aka de-120 b&k tweeters,I'm just getting ready to veneer them (only use highest quality veneers,cherry/walnut/red oak/teak. They are originally "oak oil." I can do them in pretty much the exact original veneer,but I would like to trade these even when completed,which btw will be done better than new. (For either a mint pair of jbl 4333A/B,or Summet 300. I would consider trading as is 80%done even give new owner enough veneer to complete them them selves (jbl studio masters) I'm very good,I have learned from one if the best,I will not say his name G.R. from V.Audio..lol. I have a few choice words about that guy,but I'm a gentleman. I do not make my money taking other people's designs,I'm just a guy who offers great klipsch replacement grills,fabric,and does really goid veneer work. My prices are pretty responsible. Rblcustomcreations8412@gmail.com. Tbanks
  4. Hello my name is Rick,and I'm owner of Rblcustomcreations,I have been a long time klipsch heritage fan since age 18,and I've restored/upgraded over 135 pairs of heritage line,NOW I work for myself,I offer reveneering (cheaper than G.R. from V.Audio)I sell replacement grills,(I have contacted Klipsch,and not only got permission to build my replacement grills,they refer customers to me who are looking for new replacement grills,in black#7,and also cane (Little different from original,black inlay,looks awesome) I sell new grills for entire heritage line cornwall,khorn,(includes 4 new side panels,2 new tops) heresy,and sell fabric. Any time reach me Rblcustomcreations8412@gmail.com
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