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  1. My front center and surorund speakers are set to 120hz which I assume was done at calibration. With the sub at 80hz that will handle all the lows if I am correct.
  2. Hey all, Running a atmos setup in my living room. Need some understanding on crossover and speaker size. Currently I have my speakers set to small and sub at 80hz. Should the speakers be set to small or large and what about crossover? Sony 1080 AVR Rp250f x2 Rp250c R110sw cdt2650 in ceiling x4
  3. https://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-in-ceiling-speakers?model=cdt-2650-c-ii Anyone have experience with these speakers? I am looking to do a 5.1.2 setup in my living room and due to the open concept of my room I need to get four of the cdt 2650 speakers to put in ceiling. Two will be my surround and two in front of seating area for atmos. My ceiling is 8-9 ft high and flat. I will most likely be pairing these up with rp-250f and rp-250c. Any feedback on these speakers would be appreciated.
  4. Will I get good surround sound frim the CDT in ceiling speakers if directed towards me? What would I gain from going to the RP-260f?
  5. Hey guys, looking at doing my first Atmos setup in my living room. I am going for budget route but still want quality sound. I have an open concept living room so traditional surrounds wont be possible. My rears will have to be in the ceiling. My ceiling height is 8 feet from the floor. I sit about 13 feet away from my TV and about where the front speakers and subwoofer will be placed. I am more concerned with quality then getting really loud and making the neighbors hate me. This is the setup I am leaning towards. Sony STRDN1080 receiver ($300 my cost) Rp-250f x2 Rp-250c R-110sw CDT-2650 C II x2 (ceiling rear surround) R-2650 C II (ceiling atmos) My understanding of the CDT 2650 in ceiling speaker is that it can be angled down towards me with its tilting woofer amd swivel tweeter.
  6. This is the exact setup I am leaning towards. I may add the klipsch atmos speakers down the road. What size is your room?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I have already had to talk myself up from the Klipsch R-28f found in Best Buy. This is my first setup so I want quality but I dont need the best. I think the R-115sw would be overkill for me honestly. I have read alot of great comments about the RP-260f but want to know how the RP-250f compares with its 5.25 woofers.
  8. Currently doing some early research on my first 5.1 setup. Most likely going in a family room. Setup would be geared towards home theater with only 5% use for music. I have looked over the specs and 260 is better but how much better is the question. I can get the pair of 250s for $100 less. For center I am looking at the RP-250c and R-15m as rear speakers. Not sure about sub since that may depend on which floor speaker I go with.
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