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  1. Jodieodio

    1988 LaScala Birch Veneer Pair

    lol I grew up 30 min from there
  2. Jodieodio

    1988 LaScala Birch Veneer Pair

    Thank you everyone. Sorry - I wasn't meaning to auction...thank you for the info and links- im in upstate SC, and I'll add pics of the original crossovers when I'm home. Two things worth noting: there is a small dent to one of the corners on one speaker(moving damage), and, we never used these as much as we expected we would. If I sell, I'll be doing so in Sept. this year, and would like to get 1600$ for the pair. I have a pair of custom built stands with heavy duty casters to go with if interested. Pics of those coming too...
  3. Jodieodio

    1988 LaScala Birch Veneer Pair

    May be selling this original pair. I am the owner since day one. Great condition. Gauging interest. Thanks!