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  1. Im in college and these speakers are just to big to have to keep moving every year to a new apartment complex. I will be upgrading to some KEF R300 bookself speakers which will be easier to move. I do not have the original XO and tweeter
  2. I am selling my Klipsch academy center channel. I have sold my Forte II and now have no need for this center due to upgrading to kef R300's. This center channel is in perfect working order and the cones have no damage to them but cosmetically they are not in the best of shape and need to be touched up or refinished. The finish is 5/10 but there are no deep scratches or dents it appears that this is all light scratches. These would be perfect speakers for someone who has a bit of time and patience and the tools to refinish them. Im asking $200 for the center channel and would prefer a local buyer but im open to shipping. The best way to contact me is via text at 239-398-8884. Feel free to ask for more pictures. The grill is also in great condition just a bit of dust on it. Pictures can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/2iAXl
  3. Today im selling my L/R vintage Klipsch Forte II speakers that include the Crites crossover upgrades as well as the titanium tweeter upgrades. The speakers are in pretty good condition the cabinets would benefit from some light repairs to the finish, but overall no major dings or dents on the speakers or the cabinets. I am selling these for $700 and local pickup only due to not having boxes or anything for them.Im also selling my matching Klipsch Academy center channel. This is the closest match to the forte II that klipsch came out with. They are pretty rare and dont come on the market often. The speakers are in good condition but the cabinet has seen better days. There are no dings but the finish on the cabinet does need to be refinished. They do not match the same color as the Forte's and I was planning on refinishing them to the same oak color of the Fortes to have the system match up but unfortunattlye school is taking to much time away from me and im not able to do it before I part with the speakers. selling the Academy for $250 and local pickup again due to not having the box and stuff. Im willing to part with the complete set for $900. Im loacted in Tampa FL and am willing to drive up to 100 miles to meet for the sale. Best way to contact me is via email at Kpaffel@mail.usf.edu. I can provide more photos upon request. Here is a link to the IMGUR album in https://imgur.com/a/Vy00p
  4. Thanks so much I just purchased it.
  5. still looking, only considering the academy or the c7 now after reading a bit more on whats the best match for my fortes II
  6. Looking for a matching center for my klipsch Forte II. Im located in tampa FL for shipping purposes.
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