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  1. ive tried phantom center and its just not the same experience. id get a center
  2. is the absolute worst online buying experience ive ever had in my entire life. A $1299 purchase that has gone very sour. it would be uncool to post details but lets just say i am thinking about filing a claim with the better business bureau, paypal, and the credit card used for the purchase. The reason I havent done so already is because of the hassle but at least I will get my refund finally, in a few days. I am sick to my stomach by the experience and I would advise everyone to stay away.
  3. should i spend the extra money for the 450c, or will the 250c be able to hang with the 160s? the 160s have bigger woofers the room is approx 12x18
  4. on sale at frys for $300, includes wireless transmitter but ive been reading frys offers the 115sw with wireless transmitter for $400 sometimes room is approx 11x11 should i jump on the 112sw or wait until the 115sw is on sale for $400? upgrading from a bic f12 so not sure if the 112sw is an upgrade since they are both 12 subs also looking at the hsu mk5 but thats $600 im looking for real good upgrade to the f12
  5. i could make a few bucks. if it doesnt sell by the 30 day return window, ill probably return it and hopefully grab a x1300 when its on sale.
  6. few questions im probably going with a hsu vtf2 mk5 i looked at svs merlin and it recommended the 16 ultras, with the towers to large or 40hz i originally planned to set at small and 80 or maybe lower, what do you guys recommend? also i cant place the sub in any corner, and i wont bother with sub crawl. so ill probably place it in the middle of the room in front of me. it might be close enough to me where i can use it as a footstool speaker wire, should i go for 14 or 16 gauge? supposedly, i read, the higher the gauge, the better the sound
  7. yeah, i just had to if the rear of the 280s need to be a foot from the wall, the speakers are going to be around 7 or 8 feet from me. im assuming i shouldnt toe them in?
  8. i ordered the 280s and 450 center for my small room yikes
  9. will be using rp450 center. room is small approx 11x11 does it make sense to go for the 260s with subwoofer vs the 160s with subwoofer? movies and music i have my eyes on the hsu mk5
  10. bought it on sale a week ago. aftert thinking about it some, this is way too much receiver for my small room. it was an impulse buy. i have not opened the box. will include receipt, i believe the warranty is transferable i accept paypal but buyer pays the 3% fee
  11. why not sign up for frys electronics email promo codes? i did and got the denon x3300 for $498, they even paid the sales tax.
  12. so you dont think those are worth 3 or 4 times the cost of the rp280s? im sort of on the same boat
  13. im getting a good deal on the 450 so ill probably go for that and the 260 towers. or just run phantom. still undecided.