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  1. klipsch wireless 112ssw in cherry

    anyone know where i can get this cheaper than the amazon $500 price? https://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-R-112SW-Powered-Subwoofer-Wireless/dp/B072K6F9X1/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  2. Cherry 12" R-112SW

    just found it at newegg for $549 but it includes a wireless kit https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA2GA5UT5225&ignorebbr=1 is this the exact same subwoofer? regarding the warranty it says this Warranty Limited Warranty period (parts): 2 years Limited Warranty period (labor): 2 years 2 years only? add $64.99 for 3 year warranty $94.99 for 4 years $50.78 tax for me. suddenly, this is not a good deal
  3. Cherry 12" R-112SW

    woah thats a nice looking sub, wrap or not. cant find it anywhere else but amazon
  4. Klipsch RP-160M, Ebony $300

    price drop
  5. klipsch r-14m vs rp160

    i was wondering if the treble on the r14s is harsh. i have listened to the rp160s and the treble seemed just right. i like bright speakers but ive read klipsch speakers other than the reference premiere are extremely bright, too bright.
  6. klipsch r-14m vs rp160

    with coupon code at frys electronics i can get a pair of the r-14m for $89 wondering if these are too bright for desktop speakers, or dont have enough bass. will use for streaming music and youtube, nothing more. so dont want a sub
  7. how to test tweeter is working properly?

    i just want to know there is nothing wrong with the right speaker. i think the bed in front of right speaker might be the problem. though its only a few feet in front of the speaker when i got home from work, first thing i did i toed in both speakers directly towards the mlp. prior to that both speakers were toed in just slightly, and maybe the left speaker perhaps a couple cms more towards the mlp. i watched saving private ryan (a requirement on 4th of july weekend) and raised channel level on right speaker 1 db. that sort of worked. but not convinced yet because of how audio is designed for movies. for instance, the final major battle i did hear more out of the right speaker, but all the action, where theyre shooting etc. seems to be designed for the right speaker. if you watch that scene youd understand. after the movie i listened to the tuner/radio in direct mode. i raised the test tone of the right speaker 1db and that sort of fixed the problem, but i only listened to one song. i was tired at that point. one thing that i am not sure about. on my denon x3300 there are two ways to raise speaker volume. 1. pressing option button i can use channel level 2. pressing settings button i can go to speakers settings and use the test tone do i need to raise both the same increments or are they independent of each other depending on the source? when i listened to the radio i only had the 2nd option and that one pretty much worked, though i will experiment more tomorrow. and i will definitely switch the speakers, that will probably tell me if the room and positioning and bed are the problem. one last thing, shoot, not sure if i have option 1 and 2 reversed when i listened to the radio in direct mode. cant remember hehehe
  8. pair of 280fs in small bedroom right tower is in front of bed, around 4 or 5 feet away from bed. left tower nothing in front of it. playing music in direct mode on avr, i notice the tweeter on the left speaker is slightly stronger, and more detail than the right. plus, the sound is also slightly to left of center closer to left speaker, enough that its bothering me. i guess i could try moving everything more to the left of the room. a few inches at most to get the right speaker more away from the bed in front of it, or maybe i can toe in the right speaker some more. or maybe raise the level on the right speaker 1db? also, the left speaker is probably an inch further away than the right from the back wall. meaning its a little bit closer to mlp. i havent noticed this watching movies, but most of the content is from the 450center so i cant really tell watching movies.
  9. Klipsch RP-160M, Ebony $300

    id be open to a trade but cant think of anything id want
  10. Klipsch RP-160M, Ebony $300

    im in Hawthorne, california id like to meet at a public place like a supermarket. not my home.
  11. Klipsch RP-160M, Ebony $300

    Box is unopened $300 local pickup
  12. Is a center absolutely a must for HT ?

    ive tried phantom center and its just not the same experience. id get a center
  13. is adorama a legit place to buy?

    adorama.com is the absolute worst online buying experience ive ever had in my entire life. A $1299 purchase that has gone very sour. it would be uncool to post details but lets just say i am thinking about filing a claim with the better business bureau, paypal, and the credit card used for the purchase. The reason I havent done so already is because of the hassle but at least I will get my refund finally, in a few days. I am sick to my stomach by the experience and I would advise everyone to stay away.
  14. Klipsch rp160ms, will the 250c do?

    should i spend the extra money for the 450c, or will the 250c be able to hang with the 160s? the 160s have bigger woofers the room is approx 12x18
  15. klipsch 112sw

    on sale at frys for $300, includes wireless transmitter but ive been reading frys offers the 115sw with wireless transmitter for $400 sometimes room is approx 11x11 should i jump on the 112sw or wait until the 115sw is on sale for $400? upgrading from a bic f12 so not sure if the 112sw is an upgrade since they are both 12 subs also looking at the hsu mk5 but thats $600 im looking for real good upgrade to the f12