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  1. Really nice amp, congratulations✌️ Can you say anything to the sound compared to the TPA3255? I think you have/had one, if I remember right;-)
  2. Nope, for your RP-280F the RP-450C is the better matching Center. The only improvement would be a third RP-280F as Center in the front. As long as you don't have space for it, stay at the RP-450C.
  3. Just as a small note: The RP-280F/FA are great speaker, in every way. They sound phenomenal, also thanks to their size. I still love mine😀 So I would couple them with the biggest center possible. For them it's the RP-450C. I definitively wouldn't go for a smaller one together with the 280's.
  4. @Islander You got it, that's what I meant. I believe you, that you're really happy with your Yamaha. Bevor my Harman 7550HD I had a Yamaha RX-A1050 and was also very pleased with it. When I compared it to the Harman, the Harman had a for me much more pleasant deep end. The sound was much "fuller and bigger" on the deep end. The Yamaha was on the other hand more detailed for things like small effects in movies, which you better remark with the Yamaha. At the end I stuck with the Harman, but when the day comes, that I will really have to replace it, I think a Yamaha will be one of my options. Just next to Marantz, where I'm really wondering how the Auro up-mixer sounds compared to Logic7, which I use now for everything.
  5. I'm still stuck with my Harman 7550HD. As soon as I find an AVR or PRE/PRO in a "normal" pricerange, I would love to switch. The closest one was the Lexicon RV-6, but as the Loudness (Dolby Volume) isn't usable together with Dirac, it was also not a real option for me. And I need some sort of Loudness, as I'm living in an apartment with my family. That means no dedicated room for the home-cinema what results in different listening levels, depending on the daily situation. With Dirac in the RV-6 I could adjust the sound how I like it for just a short volume range. That means, if everything was fine on low volumes, then on higher volumes it was just too much bass and reversed if I adjusted it for louder levels. That's where a parametric loudness is very usable...
  6. I had the exactly same experience when I ordered a new Lexicon RV-6 with Dirac as replacement for my old Harman AVR 7550HD. Long story short: I returned the Lexicon and keep being happy with my 11 years old Harman and just praying that he last some more years!
  7. I can just write about my experience with the RP-280F. First I had the RP-450C, which was the best matching center out of the Klipsch line for the RP-280F and the center was really great. But there was always a little man in my ear who told me, there is some space for improvement. I'm not saying the center was bad, I just had the impression there could be done something a little bit better. So I was looking for a single RP-280F as center use. And what can I say: I'm really happy, that I've tried it out. There was a real improvement. Not a huge one, because the RP-450C was a great center, but with three same speaker in the front, I couldn't hear any differences anymore. It's just like the center disappeared an there is now just one huge speaker in the whole front line. It doesn't matter from which direction the sound is coming, it sound always completely the same. Also a big improvement for music, because I'm listening music in surround with the Logic7 DSP. So fo me it's clear, if there is any possibility, I would choose always the same speaker for the front over a dedicated center speaker.
  8. Just found a "new" complete finished power-amp with the TPA-3255 board. The board looks also a bit different then the "standart" cheap china boards, which u see usally. https://de.aliexpress.com/item/4000224185463.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.541961d65IRbaa&algo_pvid=d8e4c197-e3e3-4edc-b545-6865f269bd1f&algo_expid=d8e4c197-e3e3-4edc-b545-6865f269bd1f-4&btsid=f8a3f060-d34b-4e71-b7e3-47fea32bf153&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_52
  9. The Ncore is actually ofc one of the best meassuring Class-D amp's on the market. If not the best. Unfortunately I couldn't hear one yet. The only thing some peeps are mentioning is, that they sound a bit "boring". But like I said, never heard one, so can't rate this...
  10. The TPA3255 looks really interesting. Until 100 W @ 8Ohm even better meassurement than the Crown XLS 1502. What would you prefer for 5 channel use? One big power supply, or one power supply for each board? 3 boards would be enough i think, not sure if it makes sense to use 5 boards in btl mode. Fun ofc, but maybe a bit too much😅
  11. Anyone tried this ones: https://connexelectronic.com/product/ta3020-audio-amplifier-v4b/ http://connexelectronic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/TA3020v4.pdf
  12. Yea, this amp looks really interesting! Are there any good sources, where I could read more about the build and the mod?
  13. Is there anything better than the Crown XLS 1502 in his price range as Class-D? I'm looking around for a 5-channel Class-D power amp. Speakers are the RP-280F as fullrange without sub in a HT-setup. Actually got 3 of them in the front, but will once replace my surrounds also with RP-280F's. So 5x RP-280F in a fullrange config😉 Ofc i know the Hypex Ncores or ICEPower 1200's are really nice, but over my planed budget. 3x the Crown XLS 1502 would be around max. budget, so I'm looking around is there something else in this price range or even cheaper.
  14. Of course. I have hooked it up yesterday and I think it will stay. The "sound"-difference compared to the RP-450C is not HUGE, but audible, so I've got what I wanted, the est matching center for the RP-280F's. The biggest difference are the vocals, which are now a bit more voluminous and it just sounds a big "bigger" now. It's hard to describe. I mean, the 450C is a really great center, but this one makes some thinks just a little bit better and sounds a bit more like "big cinema".
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