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  1. Beautiful pair of RP-280F in cherry for local sale in Houston, TX. Less than a year old with very few hours. Local pickup in or around Houston only. Original boxes, paperwork, etc. Asking $725 OBO.
  2. I have a pair of RP 280s in our media room as fronts but just moved our Fortes with Crites crossovers and diaphraghms into the room next to them for music. I have to say that if I had to sell one it would be a tough decision. The 280s are great speakers but I think I would keep the Fortes. They just have a sound that is hard to beat. 3 way speakers just sound GOOD"!!!!
  3. Find a nice Luxman R-115 or 117 or integrated amp. I'm running a 117 with my Fortes and it is SQ bliss!! Not tube but close.
  4. I'm running Fortes off a R-117 and the sound is incredible with plenty of spare power. I just purchased a 115 so I plan to sell one or the other. Both are great receivers. Hopefully they both still have some life left.
  5. I just bought a pair of 150s for the TV speakers and I'm moving the Fortes into our media room for music. Maybe fronts for movies too, we'll see. I am using a Yamaha A860 as a pre-pro with separate amps for a 5.1 system. If I hook up the Fortes directly to the Yamaha do I need to unhook the front amp (drives my fronts) or as long as the amp is off it's OK to run the Fortes directly off the Yamaha?
  6. Ideally yes, but at this time that isn't the case. They are now only being used for TV so maybe I need to get another pair of surrounds, move the 61s to the TV room and put the Fortes in the media room just for music. But then I will either need to buy another receiver or run two lines to my current receiver/amps. Need to contemplate!! :-)
  7. Crazy issue but this is what this hobby does to a sane person!! :-) We currently have a pair of Forte 1s (upgraded Crites c/o & diaphraghms) as our TV speakers in our game room. I also have a pair of RB61ii for rears in our media room. I 'm thinking about changing the two out and swapping them. Put the Fortes as my rears and the 61s as our TV speakers. My pain is that the Fortes sound so good I hate to just use them as surrounds but I also think they are being wasted as just TV speakers. Like I said certainly nothing important or urgent, just a bug in the head!! Thoughts, maybe something I'm missing??
  8. Wow, nice price. Here I am in Houston!!
  9. This might have been discussed and I just didn't find the old threads. I have a pair of 280s that I think sound great. I'm wondering about upgrading to RF-7ii or iii but for the extra price, what would I really get. Yes, I know more bass, crisper and clearer mids and highs but how much more vs. price. The 280s are very good speakers IMO...
  10. Yes they sold but I am sure enjoying these Fortes!!
  11. I'm running a Luxman R-117 with a pair of Forte I and the sound is spectacular. The people who sold me the fortes said you can have the receiver too. And I said, Thank you!!
  12. I would love to have a pair of IIIs but I would be very upset if I had to stuff polyfil into a pair of $3600 speakers!! Just me....
  13. Interesting feedback. What I don't know I don't know so that is probably good considering the price of the IIIs. However, I have decided that if and when I do upgrade, it will be to the Forte III's....
  14. I'm sure this question has been discussed in the past and I'd be happy to read previous posts if someone could point me to the links. What are the differences between the Forte I, II, & III? I have a pair of the ones with upgraded Crites tweeter diaphragms and crossovers. They sound fantastic. What would I gain moving to IIs or IIIs with or without the Crites upgrades? Hard to imagine that much better SQ!!
  15. Although I now go to Cory first, I have bought from SD a couple of times. Great prices and service.
  16. Serial #79722. The other tag is missing.
  17. Currently I have 2 sets of speakers in the media room. Fortes (w/upgraded crossovers & diaphrams) for music and RP280s for movies. The 280s are great for both so I will sell the Quartets and move the Fortes into the game room for TV and music.
  18. I have a pair of rare Quartets in Oak for sale in the Houston area, local pickup only. They have upgraded Crites tweeter diaphragms with stock crossovers. These are in beautiful condition with very minor scuff marks or dings. I know my price is high but if they don't sell, I'll just continue to enjoy them. Asking $550. I'll put up pictures tonight while watching the Astros win!!
  19. LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!!! haha. Haven't heard it but have heard of it and what it is capable of... Yes...
  20. I knew that the game never ended. All hobbies are the same in that regard and I have 3 that can be all consuming if not careful-audio, guns, motorcycles. However, with the crossover to Klipsch, it's like starting over, not just upgrading!!! Yipes, I have bought 9 speakers in the last 2 months. Shhhh, don't let my wife see this!! haha. Joking.... She is awesome. She just smiles and says hey, whatever you want!! But I do think I'm done (at least for awhile!!)
  21. Already went to the 450C. The 62 is an excellent center speaker but we have a very large media room so the 450C filled the entire room very well. I'm quite happy!! :-)
  22. Gently used, perfect condition. Rare cherry. Includes box, manual and leveling screw. $254 shipped to CONUS.
  23. Acquired a 450C last week to replace the RC-62 II center. Both are great. However, the difference between them is more than minor. The 450C is certainly worth the extra $$!! If anyone is in need of 62 II, I now have a perfect cherry one available.
  24. I'm in a similar situation. I have a RC62ii with a pair of RP280s. Ideally I would get a 440 or 450 but $$ is always an issue. Is the 62 OK? Sure it is. Sounds great. Would the 440 or 450 or 64 be better? Of course it would. That's not the question. To me the question is, does what I have work OK and sound OK enough to keep. For me, it's yes for now. Eventually I'll change because it's never done, it's never enough and upgraditis is always lingering around the corner!!!
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