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  1. Where are you located. I'm looking for some Heresys but wonder what shipping would be to Houston, TX. Thanks, Charlie
  2. This is probably one of those, does it really matter or is there really a standard answer, questions. I can use either pair of these speakers as my surrounds with a pair of RP-280 fronts. I know the 160s mate better with the 280s but is there really going to be that much difference using either pair for surrounds? I can send the 160s back for a full refund if there isn't going to be that much difference. That is my plan right now but I wanted to check first to see if I was missing some important difference in the 2 sets.
  3. I don't want to derail the OP's thread but this did raise a question for me. I have both of these and will use one set as surrounds and sell the other. Seems like either would work fine for surrounds. Would one set be that much better for surrounds?
  4. Recently purchased a pair of RP280s but I search ebay and craigslist every day for some KLFs. found a set of 10s but got there too late. I will win!!!!
  5. Mains are RP280s. If I do get either the KLFs or the Quartets, they will be surrounds for awhile until I decide what else to do with them. I realize they are totally different speaker systems but was really just wondering if I should jump on one or the other for some unknown reason. If not, I'll go with whatever is available or whichever sounds the best if I have that choice.
  6. This is all great info. One more question. I know this is very subjective but since I'm new to the vintage Klipsch speakers, I'll ask it anyway. I can get a pair of Quartets or a pair of KLF-10s for about the same price ~$450, maybe a bit lower. I plan to use them for surrounds right now until further notice. Should I grab one over the other?
  7. And is one more rare, better or more valued than the others? Forte, Heresy, Cornwall, Quartet..... I found a pair of Fortes for $450 but have no idea where they rank in sound, value, etc.
  8. Thanks. That's what I thought. I was thinking around $200 per!!
  9. Found a coupe of items on our local craigslist. First-3 Heresy 1s for $850. Second is a pair of Quartets for $500. Any thoughts on price, one better than the other? Both too expensive?
  10. Well I've had these RP280s about a week now and have had them in about 25 different positions. I'm really enjoying the sound. Very nice. Upgrade isn't all bad!!
  11. Got it. After reading the manual I finally understood the difference in the speaker and sub crossovers. On another note, I'm looking at a pair of KLF-10s. How do you like your 10s and how do they compare to the 30s?
  12. I'm setting the crossovers for my speakers. I have my mains set to 70 and my center and rears set to 80. There is also a setting for the sub in the menu from 120 down to 40 and then sub is off. I understand what the settings for the speakers mean-anything below the setting goes to the subwoofer. However, I am confused about the sub setting. Does the setting mean the same for the sub or is it different? Should it be 80 or higher or lower?
  13. I recently bought a pair of ELAC Debut F6 speakers. They sounded good but after a month, I they still just sounded good. No "wow' or "pop". Sent them back and bought a pair of RP280s. I've only had these a few days but WOW, I sure am enjoying them so far. Obviously, a different SQ than the ELACs but so much more dynamic and fun to listen to.
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