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  1. Really considering picking up either a One or a Three. Haven't seen one in person but I've heard very good things about them.
  2. So, here are a couple pics of my torn passive. Fortunately, it looks like I've got a beat on a replacement.
  3. Hmm, is there a minimum post count to be able to update your signature? If I click the Edit Profile option a dialog pops up and tells me "You are not allowed to edit this profile".
  4. Blast - he's not willing to separate or even sell non-locally.
  5. OOOH - Thanks for this! Shipping would be very cost prohibitive (I'm in Minneapolis and he's in the DC area.) Perhaps he'd be willing to part it out and send me just the radiator. Worth a shot, right?
  6. I'll take some pics of the tear when I get home and post them. Admittedly I was so bummed that I could barely even look at it, plus all the other drama of a move made it so that I don't know how bad it actually is. I've never repaired a cone before, however. I've reviewed some of the other posts on this community from people who had the exact same thing happen. The consensus seems to be that since this is a passive radiator it's easier to fix since it's just a matter of creating a closed air system. Cigarette papers or coffee filters and white glue. I called Klipsch and they said that it's possible that the Forte III passive radiator MAY fit, but that modification to the cabinet may be required. They said to call back in September once the speakers are out and they've had a chance to test it themselves.
  7. I somehow managed to tear the passive radiator on one of my beloved Forte IIs during a recent move. Looking for a spare one since Klipsch doesn't manufacture/sell them anymore.
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