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  1. Thanks. The sub is a MONSTER. Price was defineltely a selling point (25% off retail new doesn't hurt). I had trouble blending the Danleys well with my mains and needed cash at the time to fund my house remodel. Would have cost more money to integrate them properly. Right out of the box, the jbl sub blends well and offers full PEQ and delay. I know @babadono will love the subs when he gets them dialed in. Might have to go over there and do another listening session/barbie again 😏
  2. Topping DX7 PRO DAC, Hypex NC1200 stereo amp, ZeroSurge surge protector, Sublime Acoustic K231 crossover. Simple system with great results. The sub is a JBL SRX828SP. I bought that so I can run it nearfield and MIC it from the listening position. I can tune it through Audio Architect. I'm completely satisfied with the mains without adjustment.
  3. Weekend bump. Stimulus money is burning a hole in someone's pocket, I know it.
  4. @babadono Enjoy them and good luck on the tuning. I went with a nearfield sub in my room and I'm quite satisfied with the results. I'll do a little smoothing of the bass peaks and call it a day.
  5. Located in Torrance, CA 90504 Price $1250 FIRM for the pair Selling as I don't have a spot for these in the new house. All drives function as they should. The speaker has the original passive crossover that is included. The horn is smooth and non fatiguing. Tested and working properly. Call or text (562) 354-1235 if you are ready to buy or have questions. I won't be on here much, so please contact me at the phone number provided if interested. Thanks.
  6. Glad to hear. I am glad COVID has died down (hopefully permanently). I have been busy dealing with that and the baby for a good year plus. Finally have some time to enjoy audio again. I am happy to report that I found my permanent set of speakers. Time to sit back and enjoy the music when time permits.
  7. How do you know? 😏. How are ya?
  8. Thanks @Pete H I appreciate the words. I know what the are and if I didn't already have a pair of similar speakers as my mains (jbl 4722n) that I purchased new, I would likely have kept these instead. The value on these is absolutely incredible. It would take quite a bit of cash to surpass the performance of these IMO.
  9. Last call before I pull the ad to buy or trade
  10. OK, I would like to move these. May be interested in some trades perhaps? Text me at the number provided on the main page with inquiries. Might do some other klipsch speakers that I can also get rid of or that are smaller. Might go for some higher end headphones. Maybe an amp? Who knows. Let's get these moved on
  11. Perhaps they already have....
  12. Thanks. I'd like to think my price is fair.... Got to be where I'm located then I suppose
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