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  1. I run an all girlie setup myself. All pink SS amps with more than 2 watts each.
  2. I switched my DAC filter to tilt high end down a smidge and I have a parametric eq that I can enable as volume increases to tone down the aggressive nature I feel the need to crank it.
  3. Detailed and crisp sound on my system. Imaging, soundstage and micro details suffer a bit (compared to my class A amp), bass is great, but could be a little more extended/authoritative. Again, for $350, Im nitpicking and this little amp is exceptional. Compared to my hypex, less extreme control over the bass and much more crisp up top (perhaps more aggressive/fatiguing for some?). It should be known that my speakers are 3 dB hot up top in crossover from the factory (behind the screen speakers) as are my speaker cables and interconnects. So take my opinion on the amp knowing those variables.
  4. Its an EXCELLENT Subwoofer amp and has great control over the woofers. Fan has ZERO noise at all until you really push power through it. Weighs very little and it's affordable with built in DSP. What more can you ask for at this price point?
  5. Going from a high gain amp with double the wattage that this low gain topping provides, my DAC output is up almost 25 dB higher for the same average level, however, this likely runs the DAC more in its sweet spot for output and SNR anyhow. This is a very interesting little amp. I can see why people like it. I honestly believe this amp would be good enough for most people, that's a praise I can give it already. For the money, it's crazy good. I'm going to stay up a bit (even though I work tomorrow and have to be up very early) and listen to it if that tells you anything...
  6. I think I've only ever has two Carver amps. One a two channel sunfire that I liked, the other an old school PA amp. Both served me well, sounded great and I had no complaints for what I paid for either
  7. Damn this amp seems to be rocking the boat quite a bit more than any I remember hearing/ reading about perhaps ever.... But not for a good reason 😒
  8. I'll have to spend some time with this little guy, but my quick initial thoughts are that it is VERY crispy up top, imaging and soundstage have shrunk from what I am used to and are more jumbled together, bass is pretty good, but again lighter and less extended than what I am used to. But that is compared to a $3k class A am. Now, being that this unit is 10X cheaper brand new, I might say I'M IMPRESSED so far. Granted my mogami balanced cables and kimber speaker cables both brighten things up. I may just switch filters in the DAC to tame that a touch. Solid work Topping. Quality feels nice as well.
  9. Here we go. China to USA faster than middle of the country to the west coast. Amazing. Custom Mogami W2549 XLR to TRS
  10. Well, if all goes according to plan, I'll have my new cables and the PA5 today. Hopefully I'll have a little time to listen to it
  11. I'm going to sell all of them until I have nothing to listen to.
  12. Wow. That's quite a statement. Thanks for sharing
  13. Even though I liked the sound, I would be in the same boat as you. That's not small change and that money can buy lots of nice audio.
  14. OK, no argument there. I was, disappointed seeing the tear down and testing thereafter. I won't beat this amp up as someone here owns one.
  15. Westcoastdrums


    Local sale...
  16. Its a very nice unit. Sometimes things sell on here and sometimes they don't. Try USAM and CL local perhaps? Good luck. I am not in the market however.
  17. Oh, you have to play the video with Asian women... 🤔
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