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  1. Does that mean that they came from making a shitty product or that they now officially making a shitty product?
  2. You've been hanging out on Craigslist too long.
  3. My final price is $200 FIRM as listed. Yes I would. Shipping will be extremely expensive and I kind of doubt you would be willing to pay what it would cost
  4. He did. He may have retracted selling them. They looked damn nice in photos.
  5. Nothing, disregard. Read into it wrong.
  6. I honestly feel that this is a solid deal with the going prices and the upgrades. If I were closer, we'd be talking. Someone should pick these up if you seee thinking about them before they are gone. They don't pop up like this often.
  7. My opinion is the same. Hes joined up with Claude and that combo is HARD to beat. Between them both.... Just buy what, they are selling if you want the upgrade. Otherwise, as the military says, don't ask, don't tell.
  8. I hear what he's saying. If an amp measures GREAT on paper and measures like shit, would you rather have that, or...? A $10k tube amp that measures like shit on paper but makes you boo boo you pants in person? Take reviews and measurements with a handful of salt. I Haney heard that amp so I can't comment.
  9. Not yet, the lone sealed speaker will undergo surgery soon. Good thing I'm a surgeon (not even close).
  10. Well, I haven't critically listened to them yet. Just had them put in the garage screwing with them and did a little shindig at work with them in a LARGE room. I had to pick soem jaws up off the floor, but now they have new tweeters.... Haha. I was shocked. I have owned A LOT of Klipsch Speakers and have never seen the ball dropped so strongly before..
  11. Use a rug that covers as much of that tile as possible between the front of the speakers and your listening area. If you can clap in the room and hear flutter echo, bad juju. I know in that room you will hear that. Let your ears get used to what things SHOULD sound like. Those speakers are rear Ported. If you like bright and crisp and are limited in placement, block one port in the rear at a time with a removable object such as a shirt towel or otherwise. Rear Ported Speakers are more fussy with placement. That and your room are fighting each other. With my legacy audio focus speakers, I blocked both rear ports with foam and much preferred it that way. Bass was INSANE without doing so.
  12. You are hearing reflections that are making things brighter. Take the grilles off, pull the away from the back and side walls and toe them in sharp pointed at outer ear to get that crispness you seem to prefer.
  13. Nice, but you NEED a large area rug on that floor badly. It will help tremendously.
  14. Check this out, my KP250s are 2 serial numbers apart and one is ported, one isn't. One was a pain in the *** to install Dave A's LMAHL tweeters on, the other easy. I feel I should get a few pair of heresy IV B stock for the slip up. It's only fair...
  15. Those are beautiful. You should be proud of your work on those.
  16. What area specifically? Folks here can watch for deals for you or have something to offer...
  17. Clarify that statement if you would? 6k for what that is similar to LSII?
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