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  1. OMG, mind opened. So we switch to nylon and we have a new speaker. INCREDIBLE.
  2. Ditto here. Bucket full of empty promises and patience. A year with a 2 month promise is more than patient enough. I have lots to say, but don't want to get my post deleted as a result. I paid $1400 CASH. In that price, I paid shipping and a tip, up front.
  3. Forever truck bed liner gel. Patch it with your finger and forget about it if the credit is to your liking.
  4. Speaking of that, your call, do we out it? I'm down. I paid and won't be getting **** I know
  5. Amen and absolutely. We just need a little breathing room again...
  6. Good man, I haven't always been pleasant, my fault. Thanks for the welcome.
  7. I hear what Travis is saying, I agree with Bruce and I side with the opinion of @billybob however wrong it may be. To call out my bias, what is being deleted is what finally got me on this forum after many years of watching and reading.
  8. MEH Synergy


    Second owner. No original box, but will pack well. Yes I'll ship.
  9. MEH Synergy


    DAC straight out. Wouldn't say replaced, just one piece less. Don't need double DACs. Amps have built in crossovers.
  10. Nice set, great deal. Hope you snag em Bruce
  11. Othorn. Running dual xls1502s bridged on the pair currently. Different subs for different purposes. The OTHORN from my understanding was designed to be more of an exteme PA sub and therefore doesn't need to go as low. Quite musical but vicious when called upon.
  12. You got it. Definitely next level in my audio journey. I see what all the praise is about.
  13. Yessir, it is I. New year, new system, new name.
  14. Current new retail is roughly 15k shipped to your door. Used is hard to gauge because they rarely come up for sale. I know a dealer that can do far better than retail if you are genuinely interested.... PM me if you want his info.
  15. When you charge that kind of money, same as in the car market, people will do what they like with the product and will be forward about sharing with others. No different here. I hear what you are saying, but reading on the klipsch forums does not say to a new buyer, brand new klipsch speakers must be modified or they don't sound well IMO.
  16. Well spoken Neil. Can't speak for all, but I know many that were here (and maybe still are lurking now and again) share your thoughts, myself included. I have purchased well over 15 new pairs of Klipsch speakers over the years and have been recommending them for years. That has stopped. Made plenty of friends on here and learned plenty as well. RIP the forum prior.
  17. MEH Synergy


    Killer sub for the money.
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