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  1. This is what I replied to. Was just giving my 2 cents on a Dell I happened to purchase that I am content with. Had a hassle free return window but I won't be sending it back. Anyhow, carry on.
  2. Incorrect. Exactly as I stated.
  3. OK you know best. It's a setting in bios that is currently disabled and allows a multiplier once enabled.
  4. What do you like about it in particular? Fully restored I assume?
  5. Easy enough then, worst case scaneario, I'll pay $60, swap the CPU cooler and call it mission accomplished. Bios is fully updated, hyperthreading was enabled out of the box, overclocking is available for "k" processor in BIOS (no need).
  6. Order new wireless Logitech or other brand wireless mouse and keyboard. All should be PNP and not require drivers for the most par. Try a different USB port perhaps or several prior?
  7. System, settings, about or system information. Will tell you what version and if it's legit or not.
  8. multithreading if the program(s) in question allow
  9. I beg to differ. Bought a dell xps almost fully loaded after one of my custom pcs died and I didn't feel like fixing / upgrading for once. Couldn't been happier. 16 core, 32 ram, Onboard graphics as I don't need anything else for this setup. Couldn't be happier. Rock solid and got an incredible deal on it. Far cheaper than I could build for (granted those would be "name brand parts as opposed to generic)
  10. They are sold, lol thanks
  11. Oh wow. I thought they were HSU subs. Look just like em. Disregard then, that makes sense now. Party on
  12. I'm with you guys, outside and cut loose the is the way to go. I have a pair of RCF HD32A speakers for outdoors with my PSA TV3612 sub. It's silly and sounds extremely good. 2 ways crossed at 700 hz, sub never runs out of power within reason when there are walls of course...
  13. How do those subs work out in free space with 4 LA scalas....? I know the answer. Awesome setup regardless. Fun.
  14. Congrats, hope it was worth the money/wait. Stunning.
  15. Not saying DAC to amp will work for everyone, but I guess if your amp and DAC shake hands electronically, I have found my DAC to pair well with plenty of amps I have tried. The owners manual describes their digital algorithm for how they keep the sound optimized regardless of the trim level. Peq, tone controls, balance and many other features are nice to have on the fly as well remote controlled. Price point is nice also. Are there better units? Certainly. Very high bang for the buck this unit offers for me. Good luck on your search.
  16. Thanks. Corner is fairly minor, got them like that. Tried to make it look as bad as possible in pictires.
  17. Wow. Love the work man, truly impressive. Don't know anything at all on a technical level about cameras but can surely appreciate what I see.
  18. The strange part is that it is funny but needed
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