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  1. Are you accusing him of coming out of the closet.... Thems fighting words
  2. Come on, give me credit I haven't been banned for QUITE some time now
  3. You never no how to know what is no and what is likely
  4. All the more reason I won't join the list. What is best that is USUALLY in stock for what I want to pay? Ahhh there it is, aisle 12, bay 5
  5. Since when has Spilling been important (I hate soiling my drink)
  6. There you go. I don't recollect properly what I don't prefer.
  7. OP, there you go, read it from the CHEIFS mouth. No more opinions needed. He's the designer / engineer. Thanks for chiming in chief!
  8. How so? Please, chime in. There are MANY that could benefit I'm certain
  9. Honesty, the hell IS the purpose of this approach? Why try to piss someone off? Next time I want to fight someone at work, I'll do thatm. Maybe those that wish they had a ****** on the internet do that? I'll never know I guess. If it makes your shit grow 1/2", power to you. Lord knows, there is one guy here that could use that, for MONTHS.
  10. I wish the OP were close to me. He NEEDS to hear a funktion one sound system live dialed in properly. Hell never again say pro speakers are XYZ.....
  11. Just so we ALL are clear, you all know this about RAP /HIP HOP music? How many of you are really familiar with the accurate (ACCURATE?) reproduction of this genre? I am intimately familiar with it. Why I immediately recommended pro. Heritage sure if you listen at reasonable volumes. He had a 200+ wpc amp. Let's be real here..... And he wants to "upgrade" his 15" sub? He bangs it. I do too. I listen to a, lot of electronic. VERY demanding on a system. Don't care if you believe in your a/b amp ONLY or not.
  12. OK, on my third 50/50 cup right now. This is the bourbon thread right?
  13. Roger that. I guess I missed that part. I found my NEW affordable favorite. Not a big fan of vodka or rum. Gin is DANGEROUS for me, as is tequila. When I have gone on the extended deep end here, it was surely one of those two....
  14. I favor clarity at commanding volume myself as I know you do
  15. Hear it from the source yourself, I HOPE @Chief bonehead? He's busy as hell, but hopefully hell respond. This is Roy Delgado, CHIEF (SENIOR) engineer for all things current in klipsch engineer
  16. But, I'm drinking more.... I'll log off if I'm not suitable to participate respectfully any more
  17. What exactly were you trying to point out Carl? I'm on my best behaviour today
  18. OK, now is the time to ask me about deans soldering 😂 JK!
  19. In telling you, first time drinking this, one of my favorites and I'm buzzed As hell right now....
  20. I know. But it isn't again my religion yet 😏
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