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    Pics or it didn't happen
  2. I highly doubt anyone would sell these separately, but good luck on the hunt. I can only really see a slight chance in a trade or not at all, but one never knows I suppose.
  3. I know you build. You are far free me. Wish, you could as well. What I have now is much more than adequate and satisfying. I would upgrade if I found the right deal certainly.
  4. I tried that and reach out to one in proximity to me with no response.
  5. That is almost always the question regardless of the search
  6. So where can I get me a pair in California of THTs for $1000? 🤔. I already have a Crown k2 sitting around collecting dust.
  7. The exact word I would use to describe horn subs. Awesome, sounds like you got a solid deal that should keep you grinning.
  8. Congrats. Oh, it's only a couple inches bigger in each direction. Would would notice the difference?
  9. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/ele/d/whittier-mcintosh-mc-60-tube-mono-block/7383260925.html Not mc30s, but me thinks you'll like and should look.
  10. Sometimes us young dumb folk with be so fixated on socal media that we'll only remember you as the big man that makes stew for us. Oh well, at least we'll be full.
  11. I need them in my life. More pills, more happy. I know that in my industry.
  12. Hahaha. Maybe many. I don't do shit with phone except call, text and post on the klipsch forum. Not me. Sorry.
  13. Awesome. That's why us young and "dumb" as referenced above put alarms on our cars that "CHIRP" for up to 2 miles, clear shot
  14. Where did you put my keys? Did you check the freezer? Damn you.... How did you know? What is this cryptocurrency shit? It's outrageous.
  15. Just young and dumb I guess....
  16. Thats a true story VERBATIM for me. Jokes aside.
  17. Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Mm. M.. Mmm... My... . Mmm... Mmmm..... Mmmvnfjfjfj... Jejshsj... Jejshsj.. Mhehedh....
  18. I'm kidding, I HOPE obviously.... Thanks for sharing
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