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  1. Would be cheaper to go to a local glass shop and have them make some for you. They can make them exactly as you ask them to.
  2. I wasnt being serious with that question. Anyhow, I likely won't be buying new klipsch any time soon, but would be nice not to see and hear of so many of their heritage speakers getting damaged in transit.
  3. Drop shipped makes more sense. Why risk damage twice and eat it later?
  4. Now there's a proper shootout for the klipsch forum
  5. You want em, I got em.
  6. That is the most insane price I have seen on anything audio in a LONG time.
  7. That's only one and it's not in the greatest shape....
  8. Recapped and fully gone through recently. Had to give it a go... I'm hoping this is a winner. New version is 15k and I got a basically brand new amp inside for a small fraction of that. Hope I love it. Haven't owned an, amp of the is caliber before.
  9. I have had 3 different pieces of PrimaLuna now. Zero of them had that issue and they were older models....
  10. Anyone tried it out yet? I will say, exactly as with my standalone fedex account, what you are charged shipping via UPS can be A FEW dollars higher (say $5 or so). This was the same practice fedex had. I asked one time about it and the explanation sounded BS to me. Anyhow, I ship all packages using SHIPPO now and whichever carrier is most affordable. Gets my stamp of approval.
  11. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/ele/d/van-nuys-klipsch-heritage-klipschorn-ak6/7406810429.html
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