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  1. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/buckeye-amps-new-us-based-hypex-multichannel-amplifier-builder-line-up-announcement.16835/
  2. Go with the parasound. It is worth the extra coin between the two given the speakers you have IMO.
  3. Good to know. One negative doesn't even come close to the feedback I see.... That doesn't make sense. Anyhow, if your experiences were positive, all that matters.
  4. Be careful.... That is the worst feedback I have ever seen from a seller before.... 87.5%? That's awful. Everything for sale there is all refurbished also.
  5. I have purchased plenty of amps now to compare to my hypex amp and the only one I haven't sold is.....
  6. That is funny and a GREAT idea. Then invite 10 or so golden ear audiophiles to evaluate said system....
  7. @jjptkd what is your take on this? That little DAC I sold you was one of my favorites. For the money, it's very impressive (DX7S PRO).
  8. Its funny when you say that, but truth be told, my expectations become likely unreasonably high as the cost of my gear goes up. As a result, I understand exactly what you mean and agree. Some of my favorite systems have been of lower cost. Very impressive.
  9. Very interesting to see this thread on topping gear. I have owned a couple pieces from them and found their gear to be great sounding and a solid value, IMO.
  10. All of my buddies that bought "police auction vehicles" and maintained them, NEVER had a problem even years later and many many miles added.
  11. Moral of the story, don't buy ANYTHING klipsch powered as usual?
  12. Don't worry, a 30k 300b set will follow.... 3....2....1....
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all from work.... 4 days in a row baby....
  14. Last chance before they are sold on ebay in a day (confirmed sale) and I have to hold them for a month
  15. I bought one to try out. Problem I had with the unit when using balanced cables if if you you he'd the chassis, it would buzz and hum through the speakers. At times, it sent a nasty him through my double 18" sub also.... Couldn't troubleshoot the inconsistent issue and sent it back. It was also a VERY bright sounding piece of equipment. I wouldn't touch it again....
  16. Really? I had a hint 6 on my 104 dB JBLs and it was SUPER quiet (nothing is silent on 104 dB speakers if you put your ear up to them). Perhaps dedicated electrical outlet and minimal crossing of wires contributed? Who knows.
  17. Let me know when it's done, would love to come down and hang out for the weekend or so. You are always welcome my way as well. You have my number I think...
  18. Yeah, I had the jbl 4722N spaced 8 Feet apart or less in my last room. They definitely weren't bright at any reasonable level with young, non impaired hearing....
  19. Ron, fantastic work. Waiting for my invite to cross the border 😀.
  20. I should have told you that when we met. 🤔
  21. Anyone else, feel free to chime in about your extremely bright horn speakers of any kind in a small room? For the record, toe in and out can solve a lot of this and when it can't, pull the speakers farther apart and get them closer to being corner loaded. Problem solved often fro my experience if need be.
  22. Don't take my word for it... Ask Roy how the biggest horns do in small rooms.... Perhaps it was what you are using to power the rig? Some PA amps can be ruthless when it comes to sound reproduction. I have had series I, II, III heritage where it applies. Some, I only had 6 feet apart, none we bright. My experience, yours obviously was very different. I've also had decent RCF HD powered speaker and JBL SRX 700 and 800 and series. None were bright unless pushed to extremely unreasonable levels.
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