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  1. They all have a black plastic front cover thing. Can't tell from any of the pictures actually. Need side pics and/or serial picture
  2. I removed the passenger seat of my Jetta to bring a pair home. One laying in the back and the other at an angle in passenger seat
  3. If you look up at the wires and see clear ones they are v2. Colored ones are v3
  4. Myself and bringing my Dad this year
  5. These are the same ones listed in Garage Sale by a forum member
  6. Maybe it was just my room but the AC took half the damn day to finally not be a sauna inside at the Super8
  7. Spikes give a more firm footing than placing them directly on carpet in my experience
  8. Jirachi

    Epic CF3 - $300

    Can't tell from that angle
  9. That didn't answer my question in the slightest
  10. The odds of finding a pair are already difficult
  11. Are those nipple woofers supposed to increase surface area? I don't understand
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