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  1. Jirachi

    epic cf 3/4 version differences

    This is what I have right now. First attempt at a sound absorber. Need another pair and have an idea for a second attempt
  2. Jirachi

    epic cf 3/4 version differences

    Marantz 7704 Parasound A52+ Center is (will be) vertical standing. It's only set up for stereo and I have all my amps sitting on the center as it lays on it's side right now. I still want to build a front stage and need to acquire an AT screen along with building a pair of full marty subs. Things are moving slow. Just bought this house 2 months ago and I'm the only one living here so I don't have nearly the spending money I did when I was renting half a trailer home
  3. Jirachi

    epic cf 3/4 version differences

    I have 5 CF4 actually. Found a lone wolf v3 at the Pilgrimage this year. The idea is to make a surround setup with them. But the more I think about it the more I realize I may need alternatives for the back side for space reasons. May end up trying to pick up a bunch of KV4 or something possibly
  4. Jirachi

    epic cf 3/4 version differences

    I have both v1 and v3 sets and I'm in Minnesota. You can come by and play some tunes for some time if you want to hear for yourself. I've never A/B them side by side myself. It will be biased somewhat as I don't have any silicone on the back of the v3 horns like I do the v1. But if you're interested let me know
  5. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-ii-speakers/6692527971.html
  6. Jirachi

    Max Volume!

    Men in fat suits
  7. Jirachi

    CF-3 which version?

    Version 2 still uses the same woofers. v3 lost the stiff/rigid woofers of the first two
  8. Jirachi

    WTB: CF-4, Version 1, Cherry $2k

    I have a pair in cherry, but v3
  9. Jirachi

    WTB: KLF 20/30 Horn (K703 horn)

    I'm guessing you messaged the guy on the craigslist ad since I have nothing in the PM box 😅
  10. Jirachi

    WTB: KLF 20/30 Horn (K703 horn)

    There is a pair local to me listed for $160 (drivers included). I can scout them for you and work something out if you aren't close https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/klipsch-klf30-midrange-driver/6673016217.html
  11. Jirachi

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    Same here. Which place are you looking at? The only speaker salons I know of are Hi-Fi Sound and Stereoland
  12. Jirachi

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    You can try adding dynamat or silicone to the back of the horn. I did 3/4 tube of silicone on the recommendation of @wvu80 and found it very useful for me
  13. Jirachi

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    I've always been under the impression that solid state amps have higher damping factor than tube amps. But even with that said, I moved from a vintage Marantz 2270 (Damping factor: 45) to a Parasound A52+ (Damping factor >1100 @ 20Hz) and it's kinda amazing to hear the differences. Woofers hardly move at all even at full volume. If I make the Marantz the pre-amp (different than what I have typically) and throw the bass knob all the way up then they certainly do have visual movement. But otherwise they are very still even with ~200 watts flowing through them. Now, I do have v1 and v3 pairs so I'm not sure how the woofers will behave between the two as I only have the v1 hooked up. And the v3 woofers are MUCH softer than the first generation for certain. I suppose I can do a test or video if that means anything for you
  14. Jirachi

    CF4 Cherry Mint, South Chicago Burbs, $1,300.00

    V` Woofers on v3 are unbelievably soft compared to v1. Source: I own both
  15. Jirachi

    Early heresy? In Kentucky

    Is that speaker cone cut out in the middle to support the tweeter?