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  1. Jirachi

    Chinese Playing ***-for-Tat

    big tits
  2. Jirachi

    Spikes or no spikes on carpet?

    Spikes give a more firm footing than placing them directly on carpet in my experience
  3. Jirachi

    Epic CF3 - $300

    Can't tell from that angle
  4. Jirachi

    Interesting Gear In Chicago

    That didn't answer my question in the slightest
  5. Jirachi

    WTB: Single CF-4 version 1

    The odds of finding a pair are already difficult
  6. Jirachi

    Interesting Gear In Chicago

    Are those nipple woofers supposed to increase surface area? I don't understand
  7. Jirachi

    KLIPSCH PRO CINEMA 3 KPT-904 - (***SOLD***)

    Hopefully things fall into place on my end selling some gear, and if they do I'll snag em
  8. I stuffed a pair of CF4 in my Jetta after removing the passenger seat once 😅
  9. Jirachi

    KLF-30 near Grand Rapids MI

    If that's what that part of Michigan is called then yes. I'm in Minnesota so if I'm driving I'd rather not have it be a 10 hour one way trip
  10. Jirachi

    KLF-30 near Grand Rapids MI

    I'm not sure what that means
  11. Jirachi

    KLF-30 near Grand Rapids MI

    One of these days Michigan will have something I want AND be on the west side of Lake Michigan
  12. Jirachi

    Heresy III Raw $800

    That would make sense with the "commercial installation" they mention
  13. Jirachi

    WTB-Klipsch KLF-10 Feet

    I'm sure you could find alternatives rather easily
  14. Jirachi

    KP-362 For $240 in Florida

    That poor jetta