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  1. Have You MQA'd?

    .flac quality audio is taken from the CDs in most cases. And MQA is supposed to be from the final master before it gets compressed to CD quality. This is how I understand it
  2. Have You MQA'd?

    It will have a box with an M inside it under the album. Just like E means Explicit. This is why some albums have 4 or more copies on Tidal. There is hardly any MQA stuff on Tidal that I listen to. And even if there was, that extra $10/month definitely isn't worth it to me.
  3. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/for/d/mcintosh-klipsch-horn-sony-es/6566901506.html
  4. Revel Concerta B12 Subwoofer - SOLD

  5. CF-4

    The aluminum diaphragms are no longer available, correct. But you can always slap on another driver to the horn
  6. What Happened to Vasubandu?

    So what do you need to push all the air in that?
  7. WTB Forte passive radiator

    I feel like I'm looking at a moon with that dust cap
  8. Unobtanium

    If someone can find me some Sherry Oak Captain Morgain you would be my new best friend
  9. DeWalt tools

    I was gonna buy a Dewalt radio for my truck but it didn't come with a battery or charger (expected). The damn battery packs were $200!
  10. Rotary Subwoofer?

    How much to rock the house this hard? The TRW-17 itself goes for $12,900, and the motor controller adds another $350. Eminent Technology also sells an amp and crossover for $700. Then there's the design and installation of the manifold and backwave chambers, which is typically $8000 to $12,000, bringing the grand total to somewhere between $22,000 and $26,000. But nothing re-creates earthquakes and rocket launches like true infrasonics, and nothing else on the market can get anywhere close to those frequencies, making this the only game in town for those who really want to get down. Copied from the first link above
  11. Rotary Subwoofer?

    This is on my "Want but will never own" list for sure. They're a clever design and neat to watch in action. There's some DIY ones posted on Youtube so I imagine there is plans to build one somewhere without spending $25k on the professional setup edit: found 1 set of plans
  12. New B-Stock La Scalas II's. 2prs avail. $5600

    This guy has several B-Stock offerings on Minnesota Craigslist/Facebook. He has 70th Anniversary KHorns and B-Stock Cornwalls also. As far as I know, he is an authorized dealer What do you mean by sly?
  13. SOLD - Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver - SOLD

    Hot damn so many neat things lately. Shame I need to save all my $$ for a house this year
  14. Single (funky) Klipschorn in MN

    Moving perhaps? Something is certainly weird looking about it for sure though
  15. SOLD: Klipsch Palladium P37F and P27C in Chicagoland

    You can remove that sticker goo using ronsonol lighter fluid on a cloth. Comes right off