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  1. Mine do but they're LED bulbs. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. The passive for the Forte iii will work also fyi
  3. 83's based on the picture. You can tell the difference by looking at the plastic front where it is vertical then rounds outward where the woofer is. Almost touches the sides are 83s
  4. Full Marty DIY sub can fill this gap as an alternative plus dig deeper
  5. Sorry for the delay. Can't get my hand up the ports to get a good picture. Feels like a piece of foam or something was blocking them off. And honestly didn't want to unscrew them because I've done it more than enough times already. Glad you guys got it figured out
  6. I can try and take some pics of my v1 and v3 if you guys want comparisons. I have both
  7. God damn I wish I had cash right now
  8. They all have a black plastic front cover thing. Can't tell from any of the pictures actually. Need side pics and/or serial picture
  9. I removed the passenger seat of my Jetta to bring a pair home. One laying in the back and the other at an angle in passenger seat
  10. If you look up at the wires and see clear ones they are v2. Colored ones are v3
  11. Myself and bringing my Dad this year
  12. These are the same ones listed in Garage Sale by a forum member
  13. Maybe it was just my room but the AC took half the damn day to finally not be a sauna inside at the Super8
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