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  1. Jirachi

    PSA T-Mo..bile / Veterans

    How do you know the difference other than calling and asking ahead of time?
  2. Jirachi

    Klipsch KLF-30’s, NoCal SOLD

    Wish you were closer!
  3. Jirachi

    SOLD: Klipsch KLF-20 Minneapolis Area

    I wish these were 30s so I could finally give a test against CF4 and see which I like more
  4. Jirachi

    Cherry Epic CF4 V2 - Milwaukee(ish) WI

    Your cherry veneer looks way better than mine does. Mine looks like it was made using several small strips instead of from a big sheet
  5. Jirachi

    Klipsch KV4 Center Channel

    If you are using Chrome, right click and choose "Paste as plain text". Or Control+Shift+V works
  6. Jirachi

    Mint Chorus II's in DC area

    Wrong version!
  7. Jirachi

    Pilgrimage News?

    What is the approximate timeline Friday to Sunday? Mainly interested in Friday and I can follow the crowd from there
  8. Jirachi

    Does the Epic series have matching surrounds?

    No I do not. At most I will have a standard 5.1 setup. I've owned a KV4 for a while before selling it again on the prospect of getting a 5th CF4. Yep, very aware of this
  9. Title. I have four (4) CF-4 in possession currently and hope to acquire a 5th while at the Pilgrimage. I'm not sure how having CF4 as rear surrounds will work in my future house (moving in July) so I'm scouting for possible alternatives right now. I've pondered using KV4 as surrounds which seems like the next best method because of their much smaller size
  10. Jirachi

    Duratex Warning!

    Wow, a company with some brains about sending things to cold weather climates. I work for UPS and you would be amazed how many people buy boxes of wine when it's -10f or more. Those damn things always explode
  11. Jirachi

    Cornscala SoCal - SOLD

    Is that mid horn custom made wood? Looks like plastic on the finished product
  12. Jirachi

    CF4 in San Diego

    Colored wires inside means you have version 3
  13. Jirachi

    Jube's in a Mobile/Modular Home?

    I've had CF4 and Cornwalls cranked in my single wide trailer I'm in now. Sound will leak through window areas more than the rest of the house. New ones are decently well built surprisingly. I'm more concerned about my subwoofer than anything else
  14. Jirachi

    Big Technics amp

    Post not found. A post with an ID of 6509983191 could not be found. The post has expired, or the post ID in the URL is invalid.
  15. Jirachi

    CF4 in San Diego

    These are CF3 and version 2 or 3. My v3 have that screen on the horn (my v1 do not) so I'm leaning towards that right now. Only way to know is to get an inside pic of the wires. Colored wires = v3. Clear (visible copper) = v2.