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  1. Considering my set-up, would bass traps work for me?
  2. I've listened from my new position for about 6 hours yesterday and have concluded that the sound is definitely clearer. At first I perceived it as being bright since I was not used to all this clarity but as the hours passed that brightness was turn to clarity.I did not experience any fatigue from the 6 hour session and could have listened longer but it was getting late.Imaging hasn't changed, vocals are still dead center, obviously depending on the recording. So, I'm really happy with the results and glad I asked all those questions.Thanks again to all those who have replied and helped. Now I'm looking for a tube phono to get the tube feeling.
  3. Thanks for all the advise but I`m still working on fine tuning my seating position.I was actually thinking of tubes lately and I might be convinced in getting a tube phono suchas a Croft RIAA. Do you think I will get the tube experience if I went tube phono and SS integrated amp?
  4. Ok, so I moved my position back by 4' and I have gained some clarity. With the first LP I played I would describe the sound as a bit bright but then after a few more Lp's I realized that it's not brightness but rather clarity. I think the brightness I heard on the first Lp is the recording.The sound is not fatiguing therefore not bright. I'll put in more listening time over the weekend and will share my thoughts.
  5. Only listened for an hour.I`ll get back to you once I get more time in...but it sounds promising(no pun intended)!!!
  6. Ok, so your speakers are 1.5' wider apart than in my set-up and your are sitting a 15' from speaker. So if I back up, say, to 10', I should hear a difference. I'll try that tonight. Thanks
  7. How far apart are your speakers? I can move back but a can't space my speakers wider.
  8. I`ve read that putting acoustic panels in back of speakers will improve imaging and clarity.I'm I wrong to believe this? Are you saying that I shouldn't? What would you suggest? My speakers are 6' apart and I'm sitting 6' away from my speakers.My listening space is 9' wide and about 24' long in an irregular room.One side wall is finished with gypsum and a curtain at the reflection point and the other side is a shelve unit for storing my vinyl records.I have nothing on the ceiling. Imaging is dead center but sometimes, depending on the recording, it's slightly off.Is there anything I can do to improve this? BTW thanks to everyone who have replied.
  9. I did mention in my last post that I will be putting acoustic foam behind the speakers.
  10. I did all the Crites upgrades,now I'm looking at perhaps upgrading my integrated amp or phono stage. What I would like to know is will I hear a big difference if I went from a vintage Marantz to a modern one. I like the vintage Marantz, do the modern ones have the same signature? Someone suggested I don't swap my electronics. As much as I like my Marantz 1070, I believe I can improve the Forte's if I match them with higher end components,ie Marantz PM 8006 or maybe a better phono ie Croft RIAA. How can these not improve the Forte ll's and bring them to another level? The next thing I will be doing is putting acoustic foam panels in back of the Forte's.
  11. What I would like to improve is imaging and clarity.I also like a huge sound stage but I got that when I moved to the Forte ll. If I can improve on that, fine. I mentioned in my initial post that I don`t wish to rid of the Forte's, they are staying. I've read that tubes will improve the sound of these Forte ll. Right now I am not interested in tubes but if the general consensus is that I need to get a tube amp to improve upon my system, I might start thinking about it. How about a better solid state amp? Say a Marantz PM-8006? Has anybody went from vintage Marantz to modern and what difference have you heard?
  12. Hello Moray James, I`ve read many of your posts and value your opinion.What would you say is my weakest link and how can I improve upon it? Better integrated amp or better phono stage? The modern marantz integrated attract my attention because I've read that their onboard phono are exceptional.
  13. So, what I am making of your reply is that the Marantz 1070 and Creek OBH 15 is optimal for the Forte ll and anything more would be a waste of money.Somehow I find this very hard to believe.I'm not sure what you mean by my improvements having a placebo effect. I'd like to hear from people who have moved from a vintage Marantz to modern or the 1070 with a better phono than the OBH 15 and how they would qualify the difference.
  14. Yes, I have experimented with speaker placement and it has made a difference.Voices are now dead center.Not interested in tubes since I can`t be bothered with rolling.But I have read that Forte ll sound really nice with tubes.This is the reason why I was looking at the Croft RIAA or EAR834p, so I can get the feel of tubes.
  15. Hello, I purchased a pair of Forte ll about four years ago and left them stock with no mods for about 2 years. They are driven by a fully recapped Marantz 1070.I listen to strictly vinyl and use a Creek OBH 15 MK2 phono pre. They sounded great in their stock form and it was the most noticeable upgrade that I have so far made to my system. I decided to modify them 2 years ago. I took the speakers apart and sealed all the joints with Weldbound adhesive, braced the cabinets with 4 pieces of 1x2 wood braces. I then ordered the tweeter,mid diaphragm and crossover upgrade from Crites. The difference in sound was noticeable but not as much as I had expected. I did hear better bass but that was probably due to the bracing and not the Crites upgrade, as I was told by Mr.Crites himself. I would like to bring the Forte ll up a level or two sonically but not sure what I should be upgrading. I have read nothing but praises for these speakers and I wish to keep them and bring them to another level. So what do I upgrade? The Marantz 1070? The Creek OBH 15? Hence the reason for my post. I was looking at the newer Marantz integrated such as the PM-8006 or the PM 15.I am not interested in a tube amp. As for phono stages, I’m looking at the Croft RIAA or the EAR 834p. Since I listen to mostly vinyl, should I upgrade the amp to one mentioned and use the onboard phono or should I keep the Marantz 1070 and get a better phono stage? What would be the greatest bang for my buck and the biggest improvement to the Forte ll's? Will I hear a difference if I move from a vintage Marantz to a more modern one? The rest of my system is; Yamaha PF-800 turntable with a AT150MLX cartridge, cables and phono interconnect are Mogami. Thanks to all who will reply.
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