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  1. Yes, the way they are built, it would be easy to upgrade them. I have an ad in for sale with a picture of them.
  2. Why don't you just buy a pair from Crites? They are not very expensive.
  3. Pair of Eminence N314X-8 Drivers for sale. Purchased in May of 2020, used until September 2020. $600.00 Plus Shipping.
  4. Complete set of Crites Speaker Style D parts. Crites CS 500 Crossovers, Faital Pro LTH140 Drivers, Faital Pro LTH142 Tractrix Horns, Crites CW1526CF Woofers, Crites Horn Mounts, Parts Express Metal Grill Screens Purchased in December of 2018. Used until September of 2020. Will not separate. $900.00 plus shipping. I have all original packaging. Precut motor boards and cabinet plans are available at Crites Speakers.
  5. Yeah, they are cheap and sound like they use small rocks for the bearings, but they are good enough for now and will be most likely be replaced. Good enough for proof of concept.
  6. I've been wanting to move the Jubes around easily so I can play with the imaging in my room. They are on a concrete floor, they will slide on the silver buttons they came equipped with but its quite a bit of effort. I am a pack rat so I saved much of the packing material that came from Metropolis. They go the extra mile to assure they do not get damaged in shipping. So after much libation and thinking, here is my solution: First I created a template of the shape of the base cabinet in cardboard, then cut it out reduced by 1/4" on all sides, this will leave a small reveal at the bottom of the cabinet. Screwed two of the 3/4" plywood pieces of suitable size from the shipping container together. Traced the template onto the plywood and cut it out with s Skillsaw. Separated the pieces and sanded the edges and rounded the corners so they aren't sharp. Painted the top and bottom edges with flat black . Installed 8 each 1" ball bearing casters from Northern Tool item number 60147. They support 70lbs each, so 8 of them are good for 560Lbs. The Jubes weigh 260 or so. Carefully painted the caster bases to hide them better. Set the base cabinets onto the wheel platforms, they move nice now. It did raise the speakers 2", but I'm ok with that.
  7. I'd go with the UMK from MiniDSP as well.
  8. Maybe open up your other one and have a look at it?
  9. Riser dimensions: https://critesspeakers.com/heresy-slant-risers.html
  10. I got the HUGE eye roll from the wife when I informed her about the Jube purchase. Once the system was installed and set up, she is fully on board now!
  11. Take a look here http://www.tubes4hifi.com/bob.htm
  12. @usnret, the front of the speakers is 24" from the back wall, 8' apart inner edge to inner edge and currently toed in 1 3/4" as measured below the outer base mount screw and the bass top. and the MPL is 11'-13' away. The sweetest spot is about 2 people wide although once outside of that, the sound is still full anywhere in the room. The side walls are 10' away so I don't have any sidewall first reflections issues. I may have one from the ceiling since they are only 7'7" high they are a combination of sheetrock and acoustical tile. You will not be disappointed with Jubs assuming you can get them by the WAF and have the space for the 4 channels of amplification, DSP and source equipment. Good Luck! PS, I went with a Yamaha BD-A1060 as my multi disc player. Based on my research in the current market, it had all of the abilities I needed plus XLR outputs which was a requirement for me.
  13. I have a 65" LCD mounted between my Jubes. Does not affect the sound stage at all. Also the mouths of the system are 24" from the wall.
  14. The baseline settings are on page 2 of the spec sheets shown on page one if this thread. I think I read somewhere that there is a passive xover between the mid and the high. You will need 4 amp channels to drive the system through a DSP.
  15. I used 2 coats of Duratex on a foam roller on the set of 320's I just restored, looks great.
  16. Have you considered a DSP in place of the passives? I am using a Xilica 4080 with my 2 way Jubs and a 35W tube amp on the horns with a volume control on the input. It has all of the volume I need and then some. All connections are XLR.
  17. Maybe I missed it, what processor are you using for the system?
  18. Well I've got the system connectivity pretty well in hand. I am using 2 of the 4080 inputs for the digital sourced inputs and the other 2 for analog inputs. The DacMagic has master volume control for those sources and I added an analog volume control for the others. The analog component detail: A. Yamaha BD-A1060, this in the analog section because the SACD output is only analog. B. Ortofon Black, Technics 1200 MKII, VTA PH16 C. Sony TC-651 RTR D. Open The XLR A/B/C/D switch is a Kramer VS-4X and the volume control is a Palmer PMC1. My outbuilding is divided into 3 sections. The shop, the assembly hall and the upstairs bar. Each area has its own system. With the Xilica I can mix any source to any output if I need to do something other than the hardwired connections shown in the drawing. The Jub system is the main listening area we call the assembly hall. System Layout.pdf
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