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  1. I just got my 1986-era Forte's to "complete" my (wife's - of course) system. The Forte's sound great and were under $500 in very good / excellent condition. The clarity is so impressive compared with my old college speakers. It's a nice feeling to be able to turn it up all the way and not be limited by the speakers. My living room area has vaulted ceilings and the sound also can fill an upstairs loft area. I decided that vintage Klipsch was a great bang for the buck ... especially the Forte's. I haven't heard Heresy's, but many suggest you would benefit from a sub-woofer. 


    With that said, we started with a new turntable. Through craigslist, we found a Rega-RP1 that had modifications to make it an RP-3 equivalent. Such a simple design and easy to use. Absolutely no issues with that.


    Instead of vintage solid state, we  bought a new amplifier (actually a receiver) ... the Emotiva TA-100. Being modern, it has many inputs including a phono. We can also bluetooth from our i-phones. We can walk in the room and ask Alexa (echo dot) to play anything from Pandora or Amazon Prime music. An Emotiva CD player rounds out our system. All four parts (speakers, amp/receiver, CD player, turn-table) were under $500 each ... below your budget. 


    So in short, suggest you might consider something more modern than a vintage receiver (or find a way to have more inputs into it ... I think there are gizmo's).

  2. First, a thank you to those who share wisdom through this forum. As I was researching, this forum was invaluable.


    My wife and I are rediscovering vinyl plus CD plus digital inputs now that kids are out of the house. We come home, make a cocktail, enjoy some music ... lot's of jazz, soul ... but Black Sabbath et al. occasionally might be heard. Our system is in a living room area in an open floor plan including a vaulted ceiling up to the 2nd floor loft. Fabric on many of the walls. While I can sometimes sit and try to critique every musical nuance, more often it works well just to ask Alexa to start streaming some music.


    I didn't think I could go wrong with our recent acquisition of "Near Mint" 1986 Forte I speakers for just under $500 on ebay. The Forte's seemed just right for quality and budget to replace a just slightly older pair JVC SK-33s that I've had since college days to complete our modest ... but I think we hit some sweet spots ... upgraded audio system.


    The system includes an Emotiva TA-100 amp and ERC-3 CD, a Rega RP-1 turntable (mod'ed w/Michael Lim parts obtained through craigslist - we really like this component), and our Fortes ... a pretty good system with a total cost about $1500.


    The efficiency (this attracted me to Klipsch in general) of the Forte's seem well-matched with the smaller 50W/channel amplifier (it's supposed works well with tubes too). I like that the Forte's have very good bass response compared to other options like Heresy's. The first thing that I heard with the new speakers was the ability to make out each of the musical instruments. Very noticeable. The sound to me was remarkably well-balanced. You heard the lows and the drum beats but they fit perfectly and didn't dominate the sound. Then, I heard no degradation as I turned the volume up to the max - clarity all the way up. Music also sounds much better if I happen to be sitting up in that loft area rather than in the living room. To me the clarity was not harsh at all.


    Hope this review gives some others ideas to consider. Maybe some of the experts can suggest what I might consider as next steps for my system.


    I have the Fortes about 10 inches away from the wall, well-separated and slightly toed in. It's not much to replace speaker wire ... how important is that? Any other advice? I'd consider new crossovers but I like what I have and don't need to go that route now.

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