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  1. I looked at a few and am leaning towrards Marantz SR5011. Does anyone has any experience with that? I am planning to use it mainly for music. Is it enough to power up RP-280f? Can I use two channels from SR5011 to power up each of the RP-280f? Also do you recommend aby websties or stores to buy from? I saw the cheapest on jet.com http://us.marantz.com/us/products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=avreceivers&ProductId=SR5011
  2. forgot to add, I am not planning to buy subwoofer right now, but I will get one in the next few months. any issues with that?
  3. Hello everyone, I am somewhat new to the home theater world so please pardon some of my ignorance. During recent sale at adorama, I bought a pair of RP-280f (mains), RP-450c (center). I also bought RP-160m as part of that bundle but they are too big for rear speakers so I am planning to sell those and get the rp series surround speakers at a later date (maybe next year). i (will be) using the speakers 60-70% of the time for music. Considering that, what receiver do you recommend for my speakers (Rp-280f, RP-450c). My living room is probably around 20 ft wide, 16 ft long (bot no wall at the back so if I add the kitchen, it is probably 26 ft long). I am hoping to spend around $900 for receiver. Let me know what you guys recommend. I looked at Denon AVR-X3300W which seemed like a good option from my limited knowledge. I don't plan to blow up the speakers so i thought I don't need to match the 150W of rp-280f. Or will I damage with a receiver that has 100-125W (at 8 ohms) per channel? Also I have been told that cables are a big deal so I need to get good quality cables. Do you have any recommendation for those (including any websites)? Dumb question but do I also need banana plugs? I really appreciate y'all taking time and replying to my questions. Thanks!!!!
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