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  1. Again these are not mine. I said what i was told.
  2. did not take pics of that. If you have acceptable pics would you buy?
  3. 20.9 " sans driver
  4. I do not see why not. These are the same ones used when folks do the Corn-scala set up. At least that is what I read. I am a neophyte when it come to this. How ever, I wish I could afford to use these speakers. This experience has opened my eyes and EARS to the wonder of Klipsch. If you are interested, just to let you know I have been contacted by several. I would expect these nice horns to be sold in short order.
  5. Ok lets try this......
  6. I think they are sold
  7. I will have to email pics. For some reason they won't post here. I posted others but you could not really see how nice they are. So I took more now they won't post. They look new and actually had very VERY little use. The LaScalas were covered with a blanket for many many years in the Attorneys upstairs mansion. I am selling these for my next door neighbor who is widowed. I had all kinds of Klipsch stuff. This is all that is left.
  8. Someone show some love for these. Please make offer
  9. Up for grabs two midrange squawker horns. ( no drivers, just the horn assembly) Non metallic. The LaScalas were new in 2000. $158.00 shipped to CONUS. or best offer. This is all we have left from the big sale.
  10. Alrighty then. Pending funds, everything is sold except for the LaScallla Squawker Horns. Offer any one?
  11. What..... no love for those Klipsch parts that make music sound so good? Some one make some offers. The LaScalla cross overs are sold pending funds
  12. parts sold
  13. No... the LaScallas are not. There is no K400, and they are not metal!
  14. NO problem. There are two horns for LaScallas in the back ground. John, If you are serious, I will ask her if she minds that I unbolt them. I am hoping that the info given and maybe a special picture will suffice
  15. It is bolted to the grill work!