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  1. Absolutely. When I first placed them in the corners my wife was pleasantly surprised and commented on how out of the way they were. Listening to them was a different story. They were tight to the corners but too close to each other. Imaging suffered and was confused so toeing out fixed the problem instantly. I have auditioned them at friends homes with adequate spacing and in corners, they sounded a little better but imaging is too important to sacrifice. Yes, I took them to a friends home to listen to them there allowing him to enjoy them for a couple of weeks. Truthfully, I was fortunate the get them back. LOL
  2. I understand corner placement etc. But to me, they sound terrific just the way they are. Also, I've always used a sub with all my set ups and this one is no different. Looking at this room you can see that corner placement spacing is also less than ideal. With or without the corners these guys put out great bass. Thanks for the feedback. Ray
  3. Also, I'm thinking of replacing these with a set of Tectons, MOABS or ULFs, lol.
  4. Luckily that's never been the case. The trick with my wife is playing HER music first! Her comments on how a selection sounds better than before is the clincher.
  5. An excellent pair of consecutive number walnut 1989 Khorns for sale, $3800. Sonically and physically Excellent. Crites upgraded XO's (AA/A), Tweeters( DE 120)and Midrange drivers (A-55-G). I've enjoyed them immensely but building a smaller retirement home and you can make up the rest.. These are located in APOPKA Fl. About 10 miles north of Orlando. Ray
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