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  1. Which sonic qualities in your speakers do you like, and which might you like to compensate for? When I have listened to Klipsch speakers, I considered that I would want amplification with a low fatigue factor. The previous suggestion to look at Dennis Had's Inspire single-ended amplifiers is a good one - he founded Cary Audio. Nice stuff. Quicksilver Mid-Monos are excellent, too. EL84 or EL34 push-pull tube amps are good choices, I think. Consider also the new reissues of the original Dynaco circuits offered by dynakitparts.com You don't need to build them from a kit, though. You can get them fully assembled. With speakers as efficient as Klipsch, the dynakitparts.com Stereo 35 could have all the power you'd need. I find the original Dynaco circuits to be non-fatiguing while otherwise sounding great. I am not, however, advocating for restoring an amplifier that was made fifty or sixty years ago, not unless you are a skilled technician and very familiar with Dynaco. I am talking about the original Dynaco circuit topology that is available today as brand new reissues. No business affiliation, just an observant audiophile.
  2. Depending on which sonic qualities of your La Scalas that you favor vs. what you might wish were different, what comes to mind are the dynakitparts.com reissues. They are available as fully assembled, plug-and-play reproductions of the classic Dynaco circuits. I find them to have a rich sound with a low fatigue factor, without giving up the sonic goodies we audiophiles like. Like many if not most tube amps, they probably won't have quite the detail and extension of a solid state amp. But, they could bring a very agreeable transformation to your La Scalas, again, depending on your personal preferences. Here's the website, and, BTW, I have no business affiliation: https://www.dynakitparts.com/product-category/dynakit-products/amplifier-kits/
  3. Agreed! It continues to amaze me how a sales pitch from certain corners of a cottage industry of modifiers so easily, and seemingly irrevocably, sways perception. The original Dynaco tube circuits, in proper working order, are indeed quite competent and sound great even by today's standards. But, they have unfortunately acquired a totally undeserved perception problem among some folks. Furthermore, I would say that Will Vincent's offerings look interesting and are worth serious consideration.
  4. I submitted an inquiry - can't remember if I did it online or via e-mail. I think it was online. Haven't heard anything yet. I will try calling them if I can find the time. It's a common spec for amplifiers. Strange it is not included with the other specs. Also wondering if the Z-IN for the amplifier section is linear or if it varies with frequency. If it is driving a subwoofer, I'd think the Z-IN would vary with frequency. Something has to. Thanks. Peter
  5. Sorry, but I should have been more specific. I meant the input impedance of the SW-311 at the RCA inputs to the built-in amplifier...
  6. Asking this in an effort to assist an acquaintance: what is the input impedance of the SW-311 subwoofer, please? Thanks!
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me what a good way would be to ask a Klipsch engineer a technical question about a Klipsch product? Don't see any kind of direct contact info for consumers on the website. Thanks and hope to hear soon. Peter
  8. Dynakitparts sells an adapter for the more readily available and less expensive 6GH8 http://www.dynakitparts.com/dynakit-products/tube-sockets-adapters/9-PIN-SOCKET-ADAPTER Here's an interesting video about replacing 7199 With 6GH8 https://youtu.be/hol6ZEv7fR4
  9. There might be something that can be done. Question is what would be involved in getting there. First thing to determine is whether your Stereo 70 is functioning properly. Also, knowing exactly what "kind" of "Dynaco Stereo 70" you have, its age, and, again, most importantly its health, would be essential. As you may be aware, there have been a lot of different kinds of so-called "modifications" available for the Stereo 70 over the years. I'd say the first step is to thoroughly assess your Stereo 70. If you can post some images, it might help. Are you a DIYer? Would you be able to work on the amp yourself? Regards, Peter
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