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  1. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/ele/d/pittsburgh-klipsch-heresy-hip-stands-amp/7322111412.html Klipsch Heresy HIP speakers from 1980. All drivers & crossover are original. Work and sound fantastic. Could use a paint job. Anthony Audio speaker stands. I had these stands made specifically for these speakers. They are very heavy duty and cost me $250 a few years back. I hate to part with these since Anthony has since passed away but I need the space. Rane MA6 multi channel Amp. This amp is a beast! choose between 6 150W channels or 3 300W channels bridged. Some of the speaker terminals on the back have become striped, so I added banana style jacks for easy hook up. I can throw in my home made cables if desired. Ashly LX308 Stereo Line Mixer. Consider this thrown in at no extra cost. It works fine but the knobs need to be replaced. Ashly still has them in stock if you need them. 2 Klipsch K42 Woofers. These woofers work great and were taken out of a pair of Klipsch KSM floor monitors. I kept these around in case I ever needed to replace a woofer in my Heresys since they uses the same drivers. $650 / Pickup in Pittsburgh https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/ele/d/pittsburgh-klipsch-heresy-hip-stands-amp/7322111412.html
  2. I am selling a pair of KSMs that contain K42 woofers. I am considering parting them out if you want the woofers.
  3. For sale is a pair of original Klipsch KSM wedge monitors from the early 80s. There are the original KSMs not to be confused with KSM I or KSM II. These KSMs are all original containing a K-42 12" Woofer and K-59 horn tweeter. The cabinets are pretty scratched up but the monitors perform perfectly. Whoever owned these before me removed the five way binding post so currently it takes a 1/4" jack input. Binding post can easily put back in if desired. Price is for the pair. Asking $250 for the pair Pickup in Pittsburgh, PA
  4. That makes sense to me. I’m going to proceed with caution
  5. Hey Gang I use a pair of HIPs with a powered subwoofer for my home DJ set up. I was thinking about adding a graphic eq to my system but I have read that this can lead to blown drivers if not used properly. I just bought an Ashly MQX-2310 for a great price but I’m a bit hesitant to hook it up. It would be used to tune the speakers to my room. Any words of wisdom? Is this even necessary? thanks! eric
  6. Wow, that's the year I was born. I thought they were 67s because of the numbers on the woofer.
  7. Thanks! I wish both speakers had the badge, but unfortunately one is missing.
  8. Hey Gang I have read a few post here over the years and I finally decided to join. This is my first post. Today I bought a pair of unique Heresy speakers. The label on the back list them as HD BR and they were made in 1967 according to the woofer. These speakers have the metal trim that was common on the HIP, but to the best of my knowledge, the HIP came out many years later. The Heresys came out of a local performance hall and had a few mods such as pole mount adapter on the bottom, handles on the sides, and a 1/4 input on each instead of the factory binding post. I wonder if the metal trim was a modification of the original owner or if they came that way? They sound fantastic! $50 well spent
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