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  1. Should I buy KPT 535 T for LCR?

  2. Should I buy KPT 535 T for LCR?

    Finally got the speakers
  3. Should I buy KPT 535 T for LCR?

    What!? I could always have a sound bar Im am not sure what drivers are in the 535's, have there been many changes to the drivers? I'm suddenly worried that I will get old drivers that I will feel the need to change $$$$ . Is there a list of the drivers that have been used during the years of production? The add for the speakers listed the 2017 mod, but I'm not sure they are...
  4. Should I buy KPT 535 T for LCR?

    Sounds like good idea to test out the different setups Zim. Have u tested your setup with active crossovers? What kinda amps are u running on the 535-M?. Im thinking of DIY something like the Jubilee bass bins for 2 of them to set up in the living room. But the Jubilee doesn't use the same drivers do they? For the Ht room idk what to do yet.. If I lay them on the side it will take allot of space that I propably need for subs. What subs are u running in your Ht Zim?
  5. Should I buy KPT 535 T for LCR?

    Thanks for the input. I ended up with a deal to buy allot more than planned It will probably be a month or so before I can pick them up I will be picking up 5x KPT 535-T, 2x crossovers (N2), 2x Peavey vsx 26 and 4x JBL 212-9 We will do a active vs passive setup when picking them up can't wait! Any advice on amps?
  6. Should I buy KPT 535 T for LCR?

    I haven't bought the speakers yet, but it's the same as dtel posted KPT 535 T, I have 3 of them on hand. And yes I'm not in the U.S. i have never heard these speakers, I have heard a few Ht setups with Klipsch RF series, most of them sounded a bit sharp in the top.... that may be from bad setups tho im not sure. I've also heard a 2ch setup with RF7 mk1 and those where really nice. Kpt 535 t Doesn't have passive crossovers so I was thinking that I might eq them to taste with mini dsp if they are a bit sharp in the top.? Have any 1 made a passive crossover for this kinda setup? That would be interesting to see. I have never owned horns before, but most good setups ive heard (2channel) have been horns. So I gues I have to get some Im planning to use them for HT and stereo. Any reason to go for a 2 way instead of the original setup dtel? I have seen ppl using the 402 horn in 2way.. I don't know mutch about horns, but wouldn't u need a tweeter on top of a 402 to get into 18khz? Another thing I'm wondering about is the bass drivers, I have 6 jbl 2226 and I love how they sound in the 60- 300hz range. Can they compare in any way? I tried to google the drivers but can't find mutch about them. Room dimensions in feet are approx 20 feet long 16 wide 7+ feet ceiling. If my math isn't way off that's almost correct Would I be better of going for other drivers and horns? Sry about my English, didn't pay mutch attention in school :/
  7. Should I buy KPT 535 T for LCR?

    Hi Klipsch fans hoping to get some help here. Could the kpt 535 be used in a small room? The room is 6m long 4,5m wide and approx 2,2 ceiling height. Im thinking that it should be ok with 3-4m from speakers to listening position, am I wrong? I have no idea what these speakers are worth or even what they cost new, is it possible to find a price list somewhere? Or maybe value of the drivers and horns if sold separate. I think I can get all 3 for 3500$. It would be allot cheaper to set up a jbl system.. but to many ppl got jbl. I guess the only way is to go and have a listen to them, it's a 7 hour drive one way.. I would like to be leaving with the speakers I'm pretty sure that these are hard to sell if I don't like them, so any input would be appreciated.