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  1. Howdy all Been a while since I've been around here. I'm in the middle of updating my HT and would like to mount my Heresy's on the wall. I really don't want to put any holes in them so I was tyrying to find some kind of clamping style and would I would like them to tilt and swivel Really need some suggestions for mounting as I am at a lost here. Thanks all
  2. Long time no posty...I posted this over in home theater section because that is one of the threads I use to frequent often. Anyway should mave placed it here. Below is my question...Thanks Hey I have a pair of SS-1's I am going to place them in my RV. I plan on installing a 12 volt in-dash dvd receiver since I do a lot of boondocking. The car stereo is 80 watts per ch (more like 25wpc) but of course presents a 4ohm load to the speakers. Will this in-dash be able to drive my little SS-1's and at least sound somewhat decent? Look Forward to hearing from all of you
  3. Gots to remeber all car stereo's (in dash receiver) to my knowledge run a 4 ohm load and these little klipschies are 8ohm.
  4. Long time no posty Hey I have a pair of SS-1's I am going to place in my RV. I plan on installing a 12 volt in-dash dvd receiver since I do a lot of boondocking. Anyway the car stereo is 80 watts per ch (more like 25wpc) but of course presents a 4ohm load. Will this indash be able to drive my little SS-1's? Look Forward to hearing from all of you
  5. Well Hi guys...Long time no speak. I have been hanging around a lot over at the avs forum mailnly because of all my video and HTPC upgrades I have been doing for the last year but I had to chime in on this one he he. You know there both nice speakers but for HT i have to go with LS. I have them in my home theater along with my custom center and heresy surrounds and when it comes to wide dynamics there is no way imho the corns can hang in there. There is something to be said for the fully horn loaded system and in a theater application oh man sweet. If you want deeper base get a nice sub and your LS will shine like the sun. Mine are older and have Bobs upgraded xovers in them and that really made a big difference. My HT is 28 x 18 and the LS are between a 124" AT screen. But hey I'm biased. Scooter
  6. Hey DaddyDee...Thanks for the link. Those are some nice mounts he is using. Also looks like you can swivel them as well. I'll have to pm him and see what he paid fopr them. If they were more than 50 bucks which they look like I may try my way first and see since I have the material already availble in scraps/ Thanks Scooter
  7. As the title states, I'm looking for the best way to mount my heresy's to the wall. I currently have them in a set of columns but I discovered with my new theater seats I sit lower than before which impeads the sound from them. So I was thinking about removing the columns. I just don't want these big square beautiful sounding boxes hanging on the wall, I want something nice. I thought about taking 2 half round 3/4" finished pine or something and creating a curved shelf but with a top and bottom. I would make them so the sides of the speakers actually look like its connected to the top and bottom curves. I would then wrap in acoustic fabric. I know this would hide the Heresy but it would provide a much cleaner look. Drawing of my idea attached. This is one of the thoughts I had so I am looking for some other ideas too..any takers
  8. As many of you know I am a big Porcupine Tree fan. Gavin Harrison is the drummer for PT and he is the one that will be drumming for this small tour KC is doing. Also Fripp played on a couple of tracks on the last two Porcupine Tree discs. Gavin one Drummer of the year for 2007. If you get a chance to see KC with him you will truely enjoy what he brings. scooter
  9. Todd, Yeah I don't have any problems at all. I rip all of my dvd's and cd's to a dedicated 750gig sata enternal hdd. When I installed this drive never had to call MS to re-register the OS. I generally DL all of my files on my home office pc which runs xp. I then just cut them from the folder and shoot them (via wireless) to my htpc network folder. From there I just move them into the specific folders on the big 750gig hdd. Never have a problem at all. We have 4 pc in the house and the only one that is hardwired to my router is my office one. But all the others can be accessed from anyone of them. I can print from any pc in the house as long as my office pc is on. What version of Vista were you running? I have the 32bit vista ultimate on my htpc. The only thing I have had a problem with vista is the fact that the drivers for my XFI Extreme Music sound card. When I DL the new vista drivers from creative they were lacking many of the features that I had with xp, mainly dvd audio playback but that is a creative problem. Thank goodness for a dedicated dvd audio player. I will say I just installed a pioneer blue ray drive and vista has know prob but then all of the components I have installed allowed for playback are in place. I put in an MSI nvidia 8600GTS Diamond Plus video card and powerdvd ultra software and so far so good. It is so strange how one pc can act differently over another. I love vista and how smooth everthing is. Now look I went and jinxed myself. scooter
  10. I love vista I run vista on my HTPC and it never ran smoother. I also run a nvidia 8600GTS Diamond Plus video card in mine and it has never caused a crash. My HTPC is used to play all of my music and movies whether they are playing from HDD or just poping in a DVD. A properly configured pc for what you want it to do should never have a os problem, its either operator error or bad or poor components. I am not a novice at this either. I started on home pc's over 25 years ago and have built my own for the last 10. Yeah I have small issues but it has always been hardware failure. I have 4 pc in my house runing anything from straight windows xp up to Vista Ultimate on my HTPC. I will say Macs are great for doing design work as I have used them on and off for years but for the home they are a pain in the you know what and you will never be able to build a great gaming or media pc with apple. Thats MHO and personal experiencem, besides you would spend 3 times as much to get a mac to do what a pc can do. I am also in the TV business and the Apple vs PC campaign is brilliant but it is designed to get you to do what...Buy a Mac. That's why its not an Apple vs Microsoft ad. PC is very generic and a Mac is a PC too but it runs a different OS. Its all in the preception. If the Microsoft based PC was as bad as they would have you believe we would all own Macs.
  11. Ok your question is not very specific. Are you asking how do I rip your dvd's to your computer Do you want to know how to play ripped DVD's Do you want to play dvd's that you ripped on your HT monitor Here is what I do Must have a DVD player in your PC which almost all do I rip my dvd's to my HDD using "AnyDVD" by Slysoft I can then play them back from my HDD using either Theatertek software or PowerDVD Ultra. These are the two software package I use and I prefer 99% of the time to use Theatertek. My HTPC is dedicated for movies and music. I get awesome picture quality and full DD or DTS surround sound from ANY dvd I rip. If you don't have an HTPC in your media room then you have a problem. If you are just going to use your pc in your office etc. and you are able to play regular DVD's now then just get AnyDVD software and rip then to your HDD. I would recommend a dedicated Sata HDD for movies and music though. Hope that helps
  12. Nice Stand that you have it sitting on. Well I and a few others over the years have done the same thing. I am not sure if anyone did dual 12" woofers though. Mine uses 2-10" KV1089 woofers out of the RF7 and it is a monster as well.
  13. Projectors and opinions are far and wide. Given this here are some of the things to consider. Ok do I want LCD or DLP LCD has greater flexibility because of the lens shifting capabilities. In other words if your projector placement is weird and you need to adjust the pic horizontal or vertical LCD's are much easier to work with. Some people say LCD's are tougher to dial in because you have 3 color panels to deal with. I have never owned an LCD and can go by only what I have heard. Black levels can be pretty good but some think DLP is better, can you see why this is tough. last but not least is bulb and noise. LCD's are pretty silent (no color wheel) compared to the DLP's. and bulbs are usually less money. Ahh DLP. Well I have owned my trusty infocus 4805 for almost 3 years now. Although it is only a 576p it still produces a great picture. I'm getting off track. DLP for the most part gives you out of the box Snap! great pic and detail and some say better black levels. These are the pluses of DLP. the down side is some say you get a rainbow effect but it depends on the pj and your screen. I have had it in the past with my old screen with some video content but I don't get it now with my new screen so I think this makes a big difference. DLP's are a little more noisy because of the spinning color wheel. The newer ones are much better but the noise is still there.If they are quiter then my 4805 then I'm fine with that. Bulbs tend to be more expensive too as a replacement for mine runs about 350.00. So when my bulb goes so does my pj and I will buy a new 1080p. Plus keep in mind no lens shift (some high end models do). If you want to go with a CHS (constant height screen) for anamorphic 2.35 screen you will need to by an anamorphic lens. These start anywhere from $600.00 up to 10k.Then you have to ask yourself do I want a motorized rail for it, add more money. Don't get me wrong I would like to go with an anamorphic screen and lens but I think there are other methods that can be done to give you the same feeling and that would be a masking system. For me I decided to go with just a big 124" dia 16x9. Next you have to ask yourself do I want an acoustic transparent screen or not. I lived with a 106" non transparent screen for almost 3 years until I built my new one. Having the center on the floor is not ideal. Now that I have the new AT screen I have my center right dab in the middle behind the screen and it makes a world of difference. my screen gain is 1.2 and perfect for my room, thisis where you go over to the avs forem and hang out in the screen section and learn a little. Right now there are a few hot machines that get a lot of talk, For 1080p I personally have been looking at the Optoma 80 DLP, Mitsubishi 4900 LCD and the Epson Home Cinema 1080. I am leaning towards the Epson or Optoma. I hate this sometimes. Anyway there you have it from some one who thinks he knows what he is talking about. scooter
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