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  1. I’ve wrote the Wisa group trying to find actual specs on the Soundsend with no response. I’ve also contacted several of my audio electronics suppliers and it was the first they’ve heard about the SS unit. So this seems to be a very soft roll out. I’ve also have been trolling app stores and found no new apps. I'm going to assume it may be site sales only to start. I will add the comment that one of my two Wisa Klipsch subs went out and the customer support by Klipsch was fantastic. They shipped me a new one and allowed me to send the bad one back in the same box. I'm still shocked at the entire abandonment of Hub1 updates. Very odd and seemingly simple to support.
  2. A new Wisa transmitter unit called Soundsend is to be released in November for $179 with phone app control. Will connect via Arc connection to “supposedly” more universal branding. It does note Klipsch speakers in their press release. It could be a much reasonable price point from Axiim Q, which now shows unavailable on their website. Also Soundsend page mentions Dolby Atmos support. https://www.wisaassociation.org/soundsend/ I look forward to trying this out since the HB1 is extremely dated and forgotten about.
  3. Could try a factory reset on the hub. Also look on speaker ID menu to see if previous speakers are still there, if so remove.
  4. Question on setting up the speaker initial sound levels on HD1. Has anyone been able to achieve the standard 75dbl sound level across all 7.2 speakers? The highest I can get on my sound meter is 71dbls. Basically one of my rear speakers is maxed at +10 at 71dbls and set my other speakers to this level. At 0 +/- I barely get 62dbls. It’s like the default sound level is way under standard. Bass has no low volume punch and needs a kick. Thanks TF
  5. I've had my Wireless 7.2 system for almost two months. So far, I have had zero issue with router/wifi interference. What I do have is about 20 lbs of wire that was salvaged from my old speaker/av unit. I pulled out my previous Onkyo and separate sub amps and with all the wire gone, it really cleaned up the look. Yes you have to plug in the speakers, but a few well placed power strips is all that is needed (at least for my home layout). I have had no speaker disconnect, cut out, or hum/noise. Only issue I had was while I did the firmware update that was posted in May, one of my rear bookshelf speakers did not accept the update, all others did. I had to call tech support and they quickly help me finish updating that speaker. I am working with tech support on two issues that I have. First, is my DirectTV dvr isn't playing nice with the hub. Periodically the sound will drop out completely and the screen does this digitization for a half second. Movie plays on, but the sound is gone completely. If I hit pause on the movie and then hit play, the sound returns for an hour or so. Switching the DVR to different inputs hasn't made a difference. The good news is the PS4, DVD player etc, haven't had this issue. Probably a compatibility issue between the two. Seems to effect the lypsynch at times as well. Not the end of the world and I'm not overly worried about it. The second issue is dealing with my gain adjustment while doing the initial setup. Typically when you adjust each speaker's individual gain using the 75db test tone and sound level meter, the initial setting of "0" is usually close to the 75db point. However, I noticed on mine that the db adjustment settings don't go high enough to allow the 75db standard. My right rear speaker, wall mounted, is at +10db gain and can only achieve just under 72db for a system total. This is limiting to me because I like to have near 80db for my center channel and my subs. There should be room for gain adjustments of much higher levels to accommodate room sizes and conditions. I am getting feedback from tech support on this, but they say I'm the only one that has had issues with this. They also sent a replacement hub right away, to ensure it wasn't a bad unit. I have to wonder if I'm the only one that is picky enough to notice this gain issue. I would like to hear if anyone else has the same problem. I'll probably write up a long review after a few more months of playing with the system. I do love the system so far and like not having to deal with speaker wires with my hardwood floors. Imporovements I'd like to see would be individual sound settings per input. If I'm playing a video game I like a different sound than watching a movie etc. Currently if I set the sound for gaming and switch to movies, I have to cycle through all the surround options to get the one I like. As much as I love playing with buttons, my wife on the other hand doesn't want to play with all the settings. My original Onkyo 919 THX system from the 90's had this capability. I'd like an option for Setup screen transparency setting. Once the setup screen comes up on the giant black framed box, it's hard to adjust lypsynch if you can't see the action. Once again, these types of simple common sense options have been around for 20 years now. Also, why on earth isn't there a remote code for universal remotes yet? Better yet, RF remote so one could adjust sound without pointing at the hub like you were using an old Nintendo gun. The hubs software and onscreen menus are rather dated with no frills. Feels like it's beta software. However it gets the job done. Bluetooth interface is nice and works great for music from my phone/iPad. A nice feature would be a wireless headphone interface when I want to watch movies without bothering my wife while she works at home. Really needs more bass adjustment flexibility. I like a ton of bass at lower volumes, especially with music. On the firmware update it added a low volume bass boost, but honestly can't tell a difference. I attached my gain settings and curious of what others have under the latest firmware. Thanks
  6. Afternoon, I ordered a 7.2 Wireless system, and though I haven't received it yet, I'm curious if the threaded hole on the back of the bookshelf speakers are intended for wall mounting. If so, what type is recommended for this speaker. Any know what the thread size is please. Thank you, Tqm
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