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  1. Klipsch RSB-14 sound bar and RW-1 speaker pairing The Klipsch product instruction booklets for the RSB-14 and RW-1 speakers are awkwardly written and inadequate. You have to scan the page looking for English, when sometimes the foreign language is just a repetition of the section heading, but other times not. This means that you must visually scan all the items below the heading to see if there is more in English, or try to decipher the foreign ones to see if it's just the heading repeated. I suggest going through the booklet and hi-liting the English (or whichever language you use) before starting the setup. After a few steps, you are told to "follow the instructions on your mobile device", instead of having the expected steps within the application listed. Consequently you have no idea what should be the next step, or how much time it will take, or whether the application is hung up or still working. You are told in the application to leave the app and select a network, then to select a device...in the app or on the phone...which? Too many times, people familiar with instruction steps will skip over steps which they are familiar with, not placing themselves in the shoes of the unfamiliar person. For me, the manual setup procedure always hung up on "searching for a WiFi network" although several other computers in the house that were farther away work fine and show a strong signal from our AT&T Arris NVG599 wireless router. If Klipsch wants to keep the instruction booklet minimal, then at least the expected steps in the applications should be easily found on the website, and listed for both Android and iOS versions of the application. There is no definition for what the sounds mean that come from the speakers during setup. There is a tone that shifts from high to low frequency and one that shifts the opposite and also one that seems to be both high and low together. What do they mean? No description. There also seem to be several pulse rates for the LED's that are not defined, and some change rates. It's easy to distinguish solid illumination from pulsing, but fast pulse or slow pulsing....what does it mean? The sound bar and the speakers have been assigned "Play-Fi2DeviceXXXXXX" identities that show up with your home network, on the list of WiFi sources that are within range. Why didn't Klipsch replace "Device" with "SB" for sound bars or "SPKR" for speakers to make it easy to determine which source is which? As it is now, you need to unplug each one separately , wait and then refresh the WiFi list to determine which source ID goes away. And you need to do that before trying to set things up, so that you won't select the wrong device during the setup steps. The WPS notes are for an automated setup, which worked for one of my speakers but not for the second, even though we performed the same steps. There was nothing to explain whether to set up each speaker separately or how to distinguish between a setup for multi-room mono speakers, or left and right back channel speakers in conjunction with the sound bar. Do the back left and right speakers play all stereo signals or only the surround back channel sounds? Nothing in the booklet to say. My Surround LED on the sound bar is constantly on, but we got no sound from the RW-1s even with a movie sound track for input. If I ever get these speakers to work, will the setup need to be redone after every power failure? After upgrading to the latest firmware on the sound bar and on the speakers, I never was able to get the Play-Fi (WiFi) LED to light on the sound bar.
  2. I am also having RW-1 problems, but I don't quite understand what you are asking. It seems that there are two different methods for using the RW-1s for mono (single speaker per room), and stereo (sound bar, sub and left/right rear speakers). The instructions are different. You very likely will need to update the firmware in the RW-1s and RSB sound bar if that's what you are using.....per the Soundstream app with a smart phone for wireless operation. Probably not for wired operation. Are you wanting to hook up the RW-1s to the aux output on your TV? Or are you connecting them to the sound bar? Or are you wanting to connect them wirelessly with the sound bar? Not sure where your aux is located. Don't know why this post didn't show in my search for RW-1. ??
  3. Having lots of trouble setting up two RW-1s to operate as left and right rear channels with an RSB-14 sound bar. I believe my wireless router is not the problem...it is a dual band AT&T wireless. I get beeps from the speakers (RW-1s) but not music. It seems that the RW's may not be linked to the RSB-14 sound bar. I can see the speakers on another computer listed as Play-Fi devices with long numbers (haven't gotten to the point of renaming). I thought I saw three Play-Fi2 devices, but now only two. Does the sound bar also transmit? Should there be three? The sound bar and rear spkrs are in a relatively small room together. There was also a second wireless router in there too, but it has now been disconnected. Maybe some conflict between the routers before...I don't know. Spent an hour and a half on the phone with Klipsch Customer Service. I was disappointed that he didn't seem too well versed in iphone...but only Android setup screens on the phone. Not that I am either, but I am not Customer Service. Looks like you would need to know both flavors to do that. Question: I am guessing that the RW-1 app for upgrading the firmware in the RW-1s will only download to a smart phone (either iphone or Android) so as to protect the program from unauthorized downloads?? I was trying to use a Mac book to download and remotely run the update in firmware, but it looks like it must be a phone? I have done the firmware revision on the sound bar, but not the rear spkrs. I have a little logistics problem with being able to get to the speakers so I was trying to do it remotely from another room in range. I guess the problem is just the fact that I have not gotten the RW-1s firmware updated. Any thoughts?? Is this the right sub forum for RW-1? Didn't find any reference with search.
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