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  1. Hi, does anybody know (!) the pin assignments of R6i and R6m? Are they both CTIA/AHJ (ground on the ring/ mic on the sleeve) or is R6m OMTP style with ground on the sleeve? Years ago, there had been Android models with OMTP, but nowadays, a lot of Android vendors ended up with CTIA style headphone jacks (Sony, Samsung, Huawei, ...). Since the old S4A model came with CTIA pin assignment, I'm assuming CTIA for both models, and the only difference between R6m and R6i is given by single-button vs. 3-button (Apple style) control? (... like S4 vs. S4i and S4A) And the reason for dedicated models is because Apple 3-button control doesn't work on Android due to it's more complicated signaling scheme on the mic line. Are all these assumptions correct? Can anyone confirm, please? (I've already spent many hours of googling without finding an answer.) Now, why is the Android version coming with just a single button, whereas 3-button control does exist in Android world, too? (Even if the phone doesn't support 3-buttons, the main pause/play would work in any case.) And why does Klipsch not list basics features like pin assignment (CTIA|AHJ vs. OMTP) in their spec sheets? Can anyone from Klipsch application/marketing comment on that? Regards, Toby