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  1. Juice79, Even though the Yamaha RX-A2050 is now a discontinued product, it probably has the better warranty and better customer reviews. Yamaha's Aventage series receivers are warrantied for 3 years in the USA and 4 years in Canada.
  2. Mostly non expensive CD player, and some NOS DAC

    http://hometheaterhifi.com/reviews/video-player/universal/yamaha-bd-a1060-universal-blu-ray-player-review/ This review seems pretty favorable for that universal player. And, if I'm not mistaken, Yamaha's Aventage Series products generally have a longer warranty period than the comparable Yamaha items (at least in Canada).
  3. Mostly non expensive CD player, and some NOS DAC

    That may have been true to some extent years ago, but no longer. Philips was only associated with Marantz from 1980 to 2008. Philips has since sold its holdings in the company. Now only Denon and Marantz products may have some shared engineering. As a side note: The other recent merger of Audio companies means that some Onkyo and Pioneer audio electronic products are virtually identical. Many of their products now contain the same interior topography/components and have identical back panels.
  4. Mostly non expensive CD player, and some NOS DAC

    Tpjrs, I find that my new Yamaha CD-S300BL has great sound and tremendous imaging for the price (Massively discounted to $275 Canadian or $223 USD). I'm hearing more ambient sound from the studio and other small details in the recordings than even my expensive, but much older Onkyo Integra DX-708 is capable of. The Yamaha seems better as well for solid and tight bass reproduction. It conveniently runs with the same remote from my Yamaha R-S700 Receiver. It has an interesting feature called: Selectable Pure Direct Output (Analog Only) for a cleaner signal to your receiver. I also use this in conjunction with the Selectable CD Direct Amp feature on the Yamaha Receiver for the simplest, purest signal path. And lastly, it will play files from a USB Thumbdrive or USB type devices. Main Drawbacks (at least, for me): The CD-S300BL is much slower to load and respond to commands than many older, full-feature players. Fast Forward or Reverse is incredibly slow. It has no headphone jack or variable volume output (but lack of variable output can also mean a cleaner, undistorted signal path to your receiver or amp.) It also has a tiny minimalist display and only essential controls...no bells or whistles.
  5. RF7 Tweeters crackling

    Mike, It is possible that your tweeters were damaged from voltage leakage from your GFA-5500. Adcom amps from that era are prone to capacitor leakage that can lead to all sorts of problems and collateral damage. I had an Adcom GFA-585 Limited Edition (250 WPC) that nearly destroyed the woofers in my PSB Stratus Gold i speakers from over-excursion during powering up and powering down. The leaky capacitors can cause massive voltage leakage which destroys voice coils. Depending on the layout of your Adcom's circuit boards, the fluid from the original capacitors is especially corrosive and can etch the boards, destroying conductive paths or creating shorts. You can normally tell that the capacitors are leaking if you hear your speakers pop when turning the amp on or off. Also, when Adcom capacitor fluid leaks onto circuit boards it has the distinct smell of rotting fish. You will want to Re-Cap before it is too late and the circuit boards are damaged irreparably. There are a few shops that specialize in Re-Capping and Refurbishing Adcom amps, but the cost can run from $300 to $500 depending on the amp model and the amount of damage. Hopefully this helps you to diagnose your problem and spare you from further expensive damage.
  6. DIY-philips

    Just cleaning the lens may not be enough... The Philips may have a very different type of laser transport system than my Onkyo, so I don't know if the actual rail or rails that the laser rides on are easily accessible on your player or not. The rails typically get dirty near the end of travel so the laser jitters on the first track causing skipping or read issues. Also, with time, the small rubber or felt bumpers on the laser transport can come loose and stick on the rail impeding the laser transport, also causing skipping or distortion. ...not saying this is the problem with your player, but it couldn't hurt to see if this procedure might help...
  7. DIY-philips

    Isn't the Philips CD350 player a 30 year old model? I would suspect a mechanical issue on a unit this old before anything electronic. First, though, did it just start having trouble reading some CDs that it was able to read in the past, or does it always have trouble with certain CDs? If it always has trouble with certain CDs or certain MP3 files/formats, then I cannot help with any electronic reading issues. However, If it just started having this problem, on CDs that played fine in the past, I would suspect a dirty/gummy laser transport rail or even just a dirty/dusty laser lens. My Onkyo Integra started skipping and distorting, typically just on the first track of some CDs, and then on every CD. Cleaning and lightly lubing the laser transport rail solved this issue...
  8. Towers or bookshelfs for 10 x 12 bedroom

    I would go this route just for placement flexibility, specially if you are mostly watching movies. My listening room is not much bigger, but I am having a lot of trouble tweaking the setup to eliminate boundary effects and standing waves with my RF-82 ii (approx. same size as the RP-280 f). The larger towers need to be placed "just right" in a smaller room, and the room itself may need significant "sound treatment" in order to sound right. That said, you are less likely to notice some room effects with just movies...so go with what you like best or can afford. And, in a small room, I concur that you wouldn't need a sub with the 280s.
  9. Can you blow a klipsch

    I don't think that you tried hard enough (to blow your Klipsch speakers)! Just crank up your "250 slightly reputable receiver" to distortion and play your "happy music loud" until you bottom out your "4 inch coppers" and shred the voice coils....you'd likely be doing your neighborhood a favor
  10. idiots

    trog·lo·dyte: noun, a person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned. ...................... Based on that definition, I don't think that the OP has deliberately turned his back on "enlightenment"...it's more likely that he got lost on the path leading to it!
  11. Thinking it's time for a new 2 channel preamplifier

    Well, at least your new Onkyo has tone controls, because, honestly, not all recordings sound good flat. Your Onkyo may not have dedicated tone knobs, but hopefully the tone settings are "easily" accessible thru your menu system. I've gone the "purist" route before with various preamps that had no tone controls at all. But, then I had to deal with finding the best interconnects to achieve a "sweeter" sound or deal with harsher, more revealing components, like Klipsch speakers . I've found that It's much easier to just turn down a treble knob or change an EQ setting. In fact, on my wish list for my next preamp, integrated amp or receiver are: Easily and Instantly Accessible Tone Controls on the Remote!
  12. Sign in required?

    It may depend on your Browser "password settings" or possibly even your choice of viral protection. I've got fully updated Windows 10 and Chrome and have had no trouble with being automatically signed in. My Norton also has a vault for password memory, but it does not seem to be kicking in or be required for the Klipsch site. Google Chrome seems to be handling the sign in regardless of which computer I am currently using.
  13. Thinking it's time for a new 2 channel preamplifier

    avguytx, I'm sure that you will enjoy the new Onkyo preamp, but will it have the same tone control flexibility of the Carver C-1? I just sold my Carver C-11, and of the things I miss most about it were the separate tone controls for each channel and the variable cross-over points. I admit that the Sonic Holography feature may have been a bit of a gimmick, but it did provide an interesting sound stage with movie sound tracks before I had an AV receiver.
  14. True, but I thought that my response brought it back to point...Specifically, that even the best deals available in Canada cannot match the deals available in the U.S. ...almost makes me want to retire to Florida...but no, if I did that, I'd lose my Canadian Health Care!
  15. For the pair, RF-82 ii: $620 USD or $800 CDN (New in sealed factory cartons). He also had a pair of RF-42 ii for $310 USD or $400 CDN which I should have bought for rear surrounds at that price. It was just a special deal on the first 2 models sent by Klipsch to my local shop. They have now raised the price on a pair of RF-82 ii to $1500 CDN (which is an average price in Canada for these speakers).