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    Fronts: (2) RF-7 II
    Center: RC-64 II
    Rears + Sides: (4) RS-62 II
    Atmos: (2) CDT-5650-C II
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  1. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    RF7 II for front L+R, RC64 II center, RS62 II for rears + sides, and 5650 in ceilings for the atmos channels.
  2. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    I don't have the room in my rack for an extra amp which is why I'm looking for another 5 channel. Thank you for your help though
  3. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    I'd hate to take something that you're interested in so I believe you need to grab it
  4. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    I'm just wanting a little more power and to match my other amps. I think you may just need to buy it if it's tempting you!
  5. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    Yeah, not looking to pay original MSRP but a fair price for them if they're still under warranty.
  6. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    No longer looking for an XPR but looking to go with 2 - XPA-5 Gen2s for Atmos. Thanks
  7. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    Trying to stay with Emotiva since I have other equipment from them. Thanks Bill
  8. WTB: Emotiva 5 Channel Amp

    I'm looking to purchase a 5 channel Emotiva amp for my home theater I'm building. Wanting an XPR-5 mostly but also considering an XPA-5 Gen 2 or 3 -- decent warranty period remaining is a plus. I'm located near Charlotte NC but not opposed to working something out on shipping. Let me know what you have! Thanks
  9. FS: Klipsch RS-7 -SALE PENDING

    If you would've had these up a couple weeks ago when I picked up my other pair of RS-62 IIs, I would've gotten these instead. GLWS
  10. Seems like a killer deal....am I wrong?

    Definitely seems fishy
  11. Seems like a killer deal....am I wrong?

    I'd say that's a decent deal even at asking price. If you could get it all for $800-900, that would be a great deal.
  12. Newest member of the Klipsch family!

    Congrats, looks great!
  13. Want RS 62ii round version

    Message sent
  14. Atmos options

    I would agree with that, I think it'll benefit you more.
  15. Atmos options

    Doing the in ceiling speakers would be a much better option either way. The add-on modules are good for those who can't install in ceilings but I'd say you're going the best route.