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  1. I just bought the HD wireless system yesterday. I have one quick question. So, after 2 hours of setting this up ( maybe I'm slow), I finally got the system to work. It would not recognize the right speaker until I made the right the left and the felt the right on the setting (very odd) But anyway I got it all going. My question is it's all sounding good BUT when I flip my smart tv settings to youtube app which is built into the tv the sound doesn't come on the HD wireless. it comes through the tv speakers. I went into the settings of the tv and set it to arc but that just does no sound or shuts the thing off all together and can't be turned back on unless I unplg the control center. This is all odd to me. all I want is all my sound to come through the HD wireless. be it tv, game, blur ray or apps on the tv itself. What am I doing wrong . thanks in advance. Vic
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