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  1. Wow those are beautiful. Someone will get some seriously nice speakers. Wish I had the space for those!
  2. I've had numerous requests to ship. 2 boxes 30 lbs each is expensive so I greatly prefer pick up. Thanks
  3. I am have a Marantz HD Amp 1 which has a built in DAC. Yes I had been using these as desk top speakers> Physically they are large but I enjoyed them. In the Photo you see I was using a DacIt with an old Yamaha receiver. The Marantz is much better. Imac to Wyred4Sound recovery to Marantz via USB. Works great! Tried these in my main set up, really gave my Monitor Audio GR60s a run for the money!
  4. I'm sure but the shipping is expensive on these, they are pretty heavy.
  5. REALLY!!!!!! Anyone local want a really nice set of speakers at $325?
  6. Somebody want a nice set of speakers for the weekend? WEEKEND SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $375
  7. Come on over and have a listen. You will want these!
  8. Thanks Bill. Actually I was fortunate to acquire a set of RB-75s in cherry. Both sound excellent!
  9. It's a beautiful day here in CT. Great day for a drive!
  10. RB-81 ll Very good condition Location- Woodbury CT $425
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