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  1. I recently started building new pair of crossovers for my two mid-fifties Klipschorns. Today I wanted to remove the old crossover on my earlier 1954 unit and I notice something odd. The build tag says serial #618. The wood trim on the back of the bass horn is stamped 618. But the vertical wood pieces on the top section..... are stamped 617. And the squawker horn has 617 written by hand on the factory label.IIRC many years ago when I started messing with this unit I contacted Klipsch for information about 618 and they mentioned an identical unit with either preceding or subsequent serial number being produced (shipped to a different buyer though) Something tells me that #617 is stamped 618 on the upper part. Were 617 and 618 built to the same specification? Is there any record of it's current owner?
  2. Stephens Truesonic

    Not sure why a Stephens 150FR would be inside a Klipschorn. The only Stephens I'm aware of ever being installed are the P52LX, and the 103LX2. The 103LX2 by the way is a 4 ohm woofer. It's the woofer that came from the factory with my 1954 and 1956 Klipschorns.