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  1. Jim, Awhile back I asked about my Klipschorn #618, and you were kind enough to provide an image of the production log for that unit showing specs and where it was sent. Is there any chance you could provide the same for my other Klipschorn, number 1069? Would really appreciate it if you could. thanks, Rick @JRH
  2. Hi, any update on the evolution and designations yet?
  3. Well. You still don't have it quite right. You're quoting squaker (midrange horn) serial numbers. The serial number of the speaker will be on a tag on the bass (folded horn) portion. In your case that would be 954 according to the picture posted. It should also be stamped into the wood in a few places. Examples shown in pics.
  4. You have these? or you sold these? If you still have them, what' are the respective serial numbers?
  5. I own #618 (1954) and #1069 (1956) Over time I swapped out the University SA-HF mid drivers for some Atlas PD5VH Also disconnected the University Mid-T tweeters and threw some Eminence APT50 with conical horns on top Tried taking the crossover oil caps out of the circuit and replacing them with film caps. I left the Stephens 103LX2 woofers alone The mid and tweeter driver changes netted improvements. However the change in caps on the crossover netted no noticeable improvement. Ultimately I cut a couple planks and made a couple Klipsch Type A crossovers. Those sounded better than the originals.
  6. error. How do I delete a duplicate post here?
  7. Metal throat, fiberglass upper and lower portions and wood sides.
  8. @JRH Thanks and I missed seeing this earlier. By any chance could you provide a snapshot of the log showing my other Klipschorn, #1069 ?
  9. Lol...... seller states that it "belongs in a museum"........ then proceeds to describe the parts he's already SOLD off the unit. SMH. BELONGS IN A MUSEUM. HISTORIC 1947 ARMSTRONG FM RADIO DEMO KLIPSCHORN SPEAKER. I SOLD THE WECO 597A TWEETER AND THE WECO 594A DRIVER-BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS INCLUDED. USES A CINAUDAGRAPH 12" WOOFER IN ONE OF THE EARLIEST KLIPSCH CORNER HORN CABINETS EVER MADE. WECO CAST MODEL 31A MIDRANGE HORN. LOTS OF WECO CAPACITORS IN THE CROSSOVER NETWORK. ALSO INCLUDES THE 24VDC FIELDCOIL POWER SUPPLY. it is documented in the august 1947 issue of "fm & television" magazine-with EDWIN armstrong on the cover. no shipping. cash on pickup in wash dc area.
  10. @JRH Is there any information you can find/provide about the horn? K-5-F ..... I can find no mention of a K-5 with the F suffix....
  11. Yeah ..... my Khorns and Tom's Khorns are pretty close . He owns 779 and 1096 vs my 618 and 1069. Thanks, they seem to fit the room nicely. I know that the question was for owners on this forum, but elsewhere I've become aware of one fellow owning a pair of 1952 Khorns..... #315 and #345. Also have a friend who owns #184 circa 1950.
  12. I have an older pair in regular use. A 1954 #618 shown on the right in the picture, and a 1956 #1069 shown on the left. Both came with Stephens 103LX2 woofers, University SA-HF mid drivers on K-5-J horns, and University Mid-T/4401 tweeters.
  13. Well at this point I'll be looking for another K-5-J for use with a 1955 K-5-J I already have. As far as THIS one is concerned, I'm still very curious about the K-5-F designation. I've never seen any mention of a K-5-F.
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