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  1. @JRH Thanks and I missed seeing this earlier. By any chance could you provide a snapshot of the log showing my other Klipschorn, #1069 ?
  2. Lol...... seller states that it "belongs in a museum"........ then proceeds to describe the parts he's already SOLD off the unit. SMH. BELONGS IN A MUSEUM. HISTORIC 1947 ARMSTRONG FM RADIO DEMO KLIPSCHORN SPEAKER. I SOLD THE WECO 597A TWEETER AND THE WECO 594A DRIVER-BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS INCLUDED. USES A CINAUDAGRAPH 12" WOOFER IN ONE OF THE EARLIEST KLIPSCH CORNER HORN CABINETS EVER MADE. WECO CAST MODEL 31A MIDRANGE HORN. LOTS OF WECO CAPACITORS IN THE CROSSOVER NETWORK. ALSO INCLUDES THE 24VDC FIELDCOIL POWER SUPPLY. it is documented in the august 1947 issue of "fm & television" magazine-with EDWIN armstrong on the cover. no shipping. cash on pickup in wash dc area.
  3. @JRH Is there any information you can find/provide about the horn? K-5-F ..... I can find no mention of a K-5 with the F suffix....
  4. Yeah ..... my Khorns and Tom's Khorns are pretty close . He owns 779 and 1096 vs my 618 and 1069. Thanks, they seem to fit the room nicely. I know that the question was for owners on this forum, but elsewhere I've become aware of one fellow owning a pair of 1952 Khorns..... #315 and #345. Also have a friend who owns #184 circa 1950.
  5. I have an older pair in regular use. A 1954 #618 shown on the right in the picture, and a 1956 #1069 shown on the left. Both came with Stephens 103LX2 woofers, University SA-HF mid drivers on K-5-J horns, and University Mid-T/4401 tweeters.
  6. Well at this point I'll be looking for another K-5-J for use with a 1955 K-5-J I already have. As far as THIS one is concerned, I'm still very curious about the K-5-F designation. I've never seen any mention of a K-5-F.
  7. Jim, Hoping you can answer this one. I have an early K-5 horn with center dividers (boats?) I've seen reference to K-5-J and K-5-H horns. However on the label, this one is marked TYPE K-5-F . Also after STYLE says 16 Jan 50 . Also after SERIAL it says 197 . Also of note, there's no tweeter bracket holes drilled in the vertical support piece at the front of the horn. What can you tell me about this horn? If anyone has some non destructive trick they have for reading labels like this please pass them on to me. thanks, Rick
  8. Lol.... looks like you have Cornwalls....... not Heresy.
  9. Looks like that one sold per the post on Aug 13.................
  10. I realize this thread is several months old but wanted to note something. The Stephens 103LX2 woofer is in fact rated at 4 ohms. (The standard Stephens 103LX is a 16 ohm woofer) Apologies if this was noted earlier in the thread and I didn't notice. EDIT: Attached an image. Note the 4 ohm impedance stamped on lower left, and model number 103LX-2 stamped on lower right. Picture was lifted from the internet. However both my Klipschorns (a 1954 and a 1956 ) have the 103LX2 woofers and each measures a DCR of around 3.2---3.7 ohms IIRC. I also have a loose 103LX2 and it is also stamped 4 ohms and measures in a similar manner.
  11. Wow....thanks JRH !! I somehow missed this when you posted back in July. Is it possible for me to get a similar image of the logbook entry for my other one, #1069 ?
  12. I recently started building new pair of crossovers for my two mid-fifties Klipschorns. Today I wanted to remove the old crossover on my earlier 1954 unit and I notice something odd. The build tag says serial #618. The wood trim on the back of the bass horn is stamped 618. But the vertical wood pieces on the top section..... are stamped 617. And the squawker horn has 617 written by hand on the factory label.IIRC many years ago when I started messing with this unit I contacted Klipsch for information about 618 and they mentioned an identical unit with either preceding or subsequent serial number being produced. Something tells me that #617 is stamped 618 on the upper part. Were 617 and 618 built to the same specification? Is there any record of it's current owner?
  13. Not sure why a Stephens 150FR would be inside a Klipschorn. The only Stephens I'm aware of ever being installed are the P52LX, and the 103LX2. The 103LX2 by the way is a 4 ohm woofer. It's the woofer that came from the factory with my 1954 and 1956 Klipschorns.
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