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  1. I"m familiar with the DH1A driver on those, ...... what model woofer is used ?
  2. Oh.... wow...... that's high.......
  3. What single do you currently own? Serial number / year and horn type, driver complement, etc?
  4. <deleted duplicate message>
  5. Am I missing something? I looked at the ad but don't see a price listed.
  6. Curiious. What is the serial number/ year of the one shown?
  7. I just celebrated my 11th anniversary after retiring from NASA at the beginning of 2009. I've mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand was/is great to be around while some of the kids are still living at home. OTOH wish I would have given as much thought to WHAT EXACTLY I'd be doing with my retirement as I did to whether I could afford to retire. I'm the type to just waste time in the absence of any clearly defined activity. Oh well, it is what it is at this point. My latest 'activity during retirement is caring for my mid 90s parents who moved in with us a couple months ago. Not fun, but necessary.
  8. You want tube or solid state? For a tube amp an Eico HF-20 amp is a nice inexpensive choice.
  9. 46 degrees and foggy here in Maryland just West of Baltimore.
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