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  1. R-115SW stops working after 10 minutes

    I needed to send the whole thing back to the dealer because we didn’t know what the problem was. It was repaired within a week.
  2. Klipsch Speakers & New Marantz SR 7012

    I have the same speakers, except for your surrounds I chose The RP-280’s also all connected through a 7011 and a R-115SW subwoofer. these speakers are 98db efficient, so a power amp is wasting your money. These speakers don’t need a lot of power to play. You’re better off investing that money in a subwoofer or two.
  3. New amp for R-115SW, where can I buy it?

    I did, without any luck so far. Klipsch USA can’t help me either, because I live in Holland.
  4. SW115 - help needed

    No, they didn’t tell me.
  5. R-115SW stops working after 10 minutes

    I experienced the same thing. Subwoofer is one year old. Luckily it was repaired under warranty. It was a failed amp.
  6. SW115 - help needed

    Just got back my sub with a new amp. The amp was fried.
  7. Hi, So my first r115Sw got fried and was repaired under warranty, but in the process they've damaged the woodwork of the sub, so I get a second one without the amp. Where can I buy one? I live in Holland.
  8. SW115 - help needed

    The same thing happened to me today! It always has worked (brand new unit from 2016). The sub stopped working, although the green light indicator is on I can't hear anything coming from out the sub. Tried different cables and plugged it in the pre outs, but still can't hear anything. I called my dealer today and it's still in warranty, hopefully I will get my sub back soon. Too spoiled with the sound it makes.
  9. Cross-overs advise Klipsch Reference Premiere Line

    Ahh I have found the problem! I just played a 80hz test tone with all the speakers on 80hz and measured it with the spl meter. I looked for the highest spl setting and increased the subwoofer distance setting with 3ft and switched the phase setting on the sub from 0 to 180 degrees. Problem solved!! [emoji16]
  10. Cross-overs advise Klipsch Reference Premiere Line

    Thank you for your response. The sub is already 30 cm from the wall on both sides. Doesn't look like it on the photo but it is. Also just now I've tried a crossover setting of 120hz on all speakers. Much, much better. I also have a rug on the floor under the sitting area. The main speakers are 40cm from the wall both sides. Also, you can't see it on the pictures but there is a curtain behind the rear speakers. Also, localization is surprisingly not an issue with the 120hz crossover now. It think it has to do with the oddly shaped living room. I will listen to it a couple of days when I get back from my holiday.
  11. Cross-overs advise Klipsch Reference Premiere Line

    I know, is there something else I can do?
  12. Guys, I need some advise. At the moment I own: 4x Klipsch 280F 1x Klipsch 450C 2x Klipsch 140SA 1 Klipsch R-115SW So I took Audyssey XT32 measurements on my Marantz 6010 AVR. I really don't like the sound of the Audyssey software and what it does to my speakers. I think that it's because of my room. I also experimented with subwoofer placement and an all round 80hz crossover, but I am not happy with the bass response in my room. I leave the distance setting unaltered as Audyssey found them. I recalibrated all speakers including the sub to 75db with the iPhone app of Studio Six Digital which is calibrated itself for my specific IPhone 6s Plus. When I play music and movies the bass sound on the MLP is too much while the speakers setting in he avr are small with a crossover of 80hz. Also the 60hz setting on the mains and the surround sounds bloated as if the sub and the woofers in the towers are competing with each other. I think it has something to do with the room and the speaker placement. But, esthetically my wife thinks no alterations should be done to the placement. But when I choose a crossover of 120hz the bass sounds clean, but in my head I think, why did I get towers for? So I am constantly searching for a all round crossover setting for all the speakers. 60hz sounds good all around, but isn't that straining for the center speaker? I also have read somewhere online that one should choose an all round crossover instead of different crossovers because of the science of bass, distance settings and wavelengths which can influence the time alignment. Maybe you guys can help me out finding the correct settings in my room. Here is a picture of it.
  13. Which is better at stereo? Denon x4300h or yamaha a-s701

    Ok, then I'm asking the question for my own situation. I currently have a Marantz 6010 AVR receiver which I use for (multichannel) hi rez audio, UHD bluray movies and the PlayStation 4. I have the following from the Klipsch Reference Premiere line: 4x 280 (mains & surrounds) 1x 450 (center obviously) 2x 140 (Dolby enabled Atmos modules) 1x R115 (subwoofer) I am listening 50% of the time music and watching the rest of the time movies. The sound is phenomenal. But several people told me that a dedicated power amp will improve the mains drastically. Some even advised me to get a multichannel power amp to use the avr as a preamp. A multichannel amp would be my preference in this case, but those are very expensive here in Holland. The Emotiva or Outlaw 5000 aren't available here without huge duty and shipping costs. So the 2channel amplification is the way to go. I am also planning to add a second Atmos set for the back to achieve 5.1.4 What is the difference between an integrated amp with HT bypass like the Marantz PM7005 compared to the MM7025 for example?
  14. Which is better at stereo? Denon x4300h or yamaha a-s701

    So what amp do you recommend in this situation?