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  1. IMWhizzle

    AVR questions for a new HT build

    My thoughts exactly!
  2. IMWhizzle

    AVR questions for a new HT build

    I notice that everyone has different opinions. I’ve decided not to add additional amps to my Marantz 7011.
  3. IMWhizzle

    AVR questions for a new HT build

    Thank you for this wonderful post. You gave more insight on the situation!
  4. IMWhizzle

    AVR questions for a new HT build

    You quoted me, but your post is empty.
  5. IMWhizzle

    AVR questions for a new HT build

    Wow, informative post. Never knew this. I have the Marantz 7011 and am upgrading my setup with Atmos to 5.2.4. I own the Klipsch Reference Premiere line. I never play at reference level, mostly with the master volume at -10dB max. Do you still recommend external amplification? And which amp do you recommend which is available in Europe?
  6. IMWhizzle

    AVR questions for a new HT build

    Even when one is using a crossover of 80hz, two subwoofers and speakers with high efficiency of 98db?
  7. IMWhizzle


    So I have a 5.2.2 setup and want to complete my setup to 5.2.4. Now I have two 140SA’s and I’m looking for another pair of these. But now I’ve stumbled on the new RP-500SA. What advice can you all give me? Another RP-140SA pair or the new RP-500SA’s? Is there a sound difference?
  8. IMWhizzle

    Just Purchased R-115sw. STOKED!

    Just buy it and be happy, it’s that awesome! Certainly when you’re having two of them.
  9. IMWhizzle

    Just Purchased R-115sw. STOKED!

    I have two of them and I love them. It’s has taken several months to dial them in, tried different spots in the room but I finally found the sweet spot. When dialed in they are awesome.
  10. IMWhizzle

    AVR recommendations?

    It’s also good to know the efficiency of the speakers, the lower the number the more power you need to drive them. Also adding a subwoofer helps to offload your avr.
  11. IMWhizzle

    R-115SW stops working after 10 minutes

    I needed to send the whole thing back to the dealer because we didn’t know what the problem was. It was repaired within a week.
  12. IMWhizzle

    Klipsch Speakers & New Marantz SR 7012

    I have the same speakers, except for your surrounds I chose The RP-280’s also all connected through a 7011 and a R-115SW subwoofer. these speakers are 98db efficient, so a power amp is wasting your money. These speakers don’t need a lot of power to play. You’re better off investing that money in a subwoofer or two.
  13. IMWhizzle

    New amp for R-115SW, where can I buy it?

    I did, without any luck so far. Klipsch USA can’t help me either, because I live in Holland.
  14. IMWhizzle

    SW115 - help needed

    No, they didn’t tell me.