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  1. Bump to this thread. Finally I have added my 4 atmos speakers last week. So now I’m driving a 5.2.4 setup with the Marantz 7011 using two subwoofers with a 80hz crossover. I can buy the Marantz 8077 used for 1000 euros. Is that a good deal?
  2. How about two crown 1502’s for powering the fronts and the center? Or one for the mains only?
  3. Unfortunately the outlaw is not for sale in the Netherlands. The Emotiva XPA3 and the XPA5 are available. I read that the XPA line has a higher watts per channel compared to the basX line.
  4. Which amp do you recommend? This would be the first time for me, so I don’t know what to look for. I only saw the marantz because I can buy it new for 1600 euros.
  5. Thanks! So a Marantz 8077 connected to the 7011 via preouts will do the job? Or do you recommend other brands?
  6. Indeed, there will be 9 channels in use and two subwoofers via the sub pre outs on the receiver. The space is 45m2. Don’t know how much that is in square feet. What amp (make and model) do you suggest?
  7. Hi all, At the moment I have four Klipsch RP280F's (Fronts and Surrounds), a Klipsch RP450C center and two Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer, powered by a Marantz 7011 AV Receiver. Next month I am about to pull the trigger and buy four RP-500SA's Dolby Enabled speakers, but I don't know for certain if the receiver can handle this without sacrificing the sound quality. I don't listen to reference levels, but -10dB to -5dB volume is often used. Since the Reference Premiere Line are speakers with a high sensitivity I don't know about the dolby enabled speakers. Is an external amplifier needed connected to the pre outs of my Marantz 7011 or not? I hope one can shine more light to this matter.
  8. I notice that everyone has different opinions. I’ve decided not to add additional amps to my Marantz 7011.
  9. Thank you for this wonderful post. You gave more insight on the situation!
  10. Wow, informative post. Never knew this. I have the Marantz 7011 and am upgrading my setup with Atmos to 5.2.4. I own the Klipsch Reference Premiere line. I never play at reference level, mostly with the master volume at -10dB max. Do you still recommend external amplification? And which amp do you recommend which is available in Europe?
  11. Even when one is using a crossover of 80hz, two subwoofers and speakers with high efficiency of 98db?
  12. IMWhizzle


    So I have a 5.2.2 setup and want to complete my setup to 5.2.4. Now I have two 140SA’s and I’m looking for another pair of these. But now I’ve stumbled on the new RP-500SA. What advice can you all give me? Another RP-140SA pair or the new RP-500SA’s? Is there a sound difference?
  13. Just buy it and be happy, it’s that awesome! Certainly when you’re having two of them.
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