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  1. Damaged1

    Receiver recommendation - new RP setup for HT

    Much appreciated on the link...not sure I am comfortable enough with what I am doing in this world of equipment just yet to go for an ebay find. Looks like a killer unit though!
  2. Damaged1

    Receiver recommendation - new RP setup for HT

    Wasn't complaining by any means...I appreciate the insight and recommendation of models I had not considered! Will dig into the specs on these a bit and see how they look...but I can say I really want to like the Cambridge Audio unit. The only drawbacks I can see (and had found this in other research) is lack of Bluetooth and no room setup/EQ on the unit. Also, it appears to not support 2.0a...I do plan on getting a new QLED tv in the next year - am I correct in thinking this would be an impedance to my video signal? But that CA unit is sexy... Like-age of Yamaha duly noted! Good to hear from someone who has owned the upper end of the spectrum from them...appreciate the welcome as well! Indeed it does... I'm always in for stretching my $$ to get better gear...thanks for the feedback!
  3. Damaged1

    Receiver recommendation - new RP setup for HT

    Thank you both Gents...and good thought on going with a slightly older flagship unit. I am not doing Atmos at this time, and possibly not at all for the foreseeable future, so that may well be answer. I had not really leaned towards Yamaha, mostly based on an old perception of being underwhelmed with a previous Yamaha receiver I owned (which was a low-end unit ~20 years ago) and the resultant tendency for me to associate them with with WalMart or lower end Best Buy quality. Obviously they are heavy hitters in this segment and must be doing something right, so I'm not totally against them (especially the flagship model). Always been a sucker for the slightly off center brands though...used to run Linear Power amps in my cars back in the 80's - good stuff.
  4. Greetings all - new user here, new Klipsch owner as well. Finishing a new home build, and wanted to get a solid mid-range HT setup for the family room. It's a large, open concept floor plan with the back and right side of the room being open to the main floor (~1,200 ft2 total open space on the main floor). I have been more into higher end car audio in the past, and have typically gone with the better options of the low range of HT setups to this point. For example, I've been running a ~$400 Denon and ~$400 JBL 5.1 setup the last 8 years or so. Have previously owned Kenwood, Sony, Yamaha, and Denon receivers, but all were the $200-$400 range models. Decided to pull the trigger on the new Klipsch-based HT setup for the new house, as I have always liked the presence and power they deliver - most other speaker sets I have heard sound a bit mellow for my tastes. Speakers in this build: (2) RP-280F, (1) RP-450C, (2) CDT-5800-C II, (1) R-115SW (Got excellent deals on these at Fry's - 30% off on all but the ceiling speakers) Intended use of system: Single room 5.1 (bi-amped fronts) for use with primarily movies (including 4K) Xfinity, Blu-ray, and via various streaming services. Also for use with Xbox One and occasionally music (Android devices). Tend to go with action/sci-fi oriented movies, various games, and music from Metallica and Volbeat to Fleetwood Mac. Features I care about (so far - still getting educated on options): Ability to bi-amp the fronts, 4K up-convert, clean and dynamic power and headroom to properly drive the new speakers with a "movie theater like" presence, quality digital to analogue up-convert, power and flexibility in the DSP department (setup, room correction, EQ, etc.). Bluetooth connectivity, and any Android specific features (Chromecast options would be a nice added touch). Features I am less concerned with: Not concerned about the size or weight, don't need anything Apple or wireless sound. I do not need onboard streaming in the receiver (lots of ways to stream already via accessories). Current price range: $800-$1,200 (though I do like the prices on the refurbs, and would consider that route) Models that seem to look good so far: Marantz SR5011, Pioneer Elite SC-LX501 For now I am in research mode, and plan to make a trip to the nearest Magnolia Design Center in the next week or so as well. Still a month out from completing the new house, so I have time to look. Open to suggestions and recommendations based on the above, and also to any thoughts on other features I should consider. Also looking for feedback on dealing with the likes of Accessories4Less for refurbs or open box options to either reduce the receiver budget or stretch it up to the next level of models. Appreciate any help and advice!