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  1. That is a good thing to think about. I really should look into adding sound insulation into the ceiling as I go. How do the Evids sound? Did you listen to any other speakers before choosing them?
  2. Will do. I was hoping to be done in just a month or two if possible. Never had a "Theater Room" so I am really getting excited about this.
  3. This is why I came here for advise. I'm new but with all of you helping life becomes much easier. Also I can gain alot of knowledge in a short period of time.
  4. I only have room on the receiver for two more outputs so I think I will go with the ceiling down fire speakers as I believe you are agreeing with that. Now that you mention that about the atmos speakers I probably wouldn't have much bass being pushed through them to cause any vibrations through the ceiling tile. Thank you for the help and peace of mind.
  5. I was just curious if they would make noise from any vibrations that the speakers may put out or if they seem to be pretty solid. I could always put some dyna mat or something to weight the tile down as well I guess.
  6. The room has only 7' ceilings so that is why i am afraid of the up fire speakers. I don't think they will have enough distance to travel or that i will have to mount them so close to the seating area to get the proper angle down on the listening position. Does anyone know if it will distort the sound or not work entirely to mount the CDT-5650-C II speakers into a drop ceiling?
  7. Fantastic. Thank you for the help it is much appreciated!
  8. Thank you for the help. I might go that route in the future as well or I may just upgrade the receiver I will have to see. Would you recommend going with up fire (RP-140SA on top of front L&R tower or down fire (in ceiling) speakers to get the Atmos effect?
  9. I am debating on whether to set up my theater room as an Atmos setup or a standard setup. My receiver only has 7 channels therefore I can do a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos or a standard 7.1 Dolby digital configuration. Will there be a noticable difference in sound with the Atmos or will I appreciate the sound more as a 7.1 standard configuration. The room size is around 12ft x 19ft. I am running the following for my setup: 2xRP-260F (Front left and right) 1xRP-440C (Center) 2xRP-240S (Surround left and right) 1xR-115SW (Sub) Denon AVR-X3300W Receiver If you think atmos is the way to go do you think i would like the 2xCDT-5650-CII in ceiling speakers or the RP-140SA up-fire speakers?
  10. I have a Denon AVR-X3300W receiver. Here is a link to the specifications on the reciever if it is needed to answer the question. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-SO67d6QfvZx/p_033AVX3300/Denon-AVR-X3300W-IN-Command.html It is capable of 7.1 surround or 5.1.2 Atmos according to the manual. It has 7 Channels, 105 Watts RMS, and 4 Ohm Impedance. The speakers I have right now are as follows: 2xRP-260F (Front left and right) 1xRP-440C (Center) 2xRP-240S (Surround left and right) 1xR-115SW (Sub) I was wanting to hook this system up in a larger room in the basement. This is a larger room so I was hoping to add 2xRP-150M speakers in the rear and 2xCDT-5650-CII in ceiling speakers. I was hoping that the channels going to the two surround 7.1 speakers in the back could also push the in ceiling speakers however I don't want to under power any of the speakers or hurt the receiver. Does anyone know if this is possible to do or would i need to buy a new receiver to accomplish this task?
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