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  1. I chose the cherry finish because it matched my game room the best. Here are pics. It's a game room still in progress!!! I have a lot more to do.
  2. Thanks for everyone's input. I ordered the Cornwall III's. They shipped today. I picked the Cornwall's mainly due to the comments on the large size of room they are going in.
  3. I'm not using anything in the game room now. It's new. In my living room I currently have RP-280FA fronts, RC-64II center, CDT-5800-C II surrounds and R-115SW sub on an Anthem MRX720. I love this setup for movie watching. I would like something from the Heritage series for music in the game room.
  4. I have been researching both the Cornwall III and Forte III for a few months. I've read every review of each I can find on each. I have no way to listen to both sets of speakers locally. I want speakers for mainly classic rock and country music in my my Game Room which is 28'X22'. I just purchased a Peachtree Audio nova300 amplifier to pair with the speakers. They are close enough in cost to where that's not an issue. Which speakers should I get?
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