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  1. I only built one and run it in stereo. I'd love the link to the PSU to build. I find all the DIY forums a bit hard to wade through.
  2. Thanks, I built the 8w x 2 ACA with the 24v wallwart. Love it, but need 20 of Nelson's watts to be fully happy with my bass place on my Chorus IIs.
  3. How many watts are those mono amps you just built with the psu putting out.
  4. Gorgeous. Might want to post pics of inside showing the work done. May help you sell it.
  5. I did. I used a plastic cheese knife to slowly remove it with no damage to either it or the cone.
  6. I can now confirm that this was the noise. Fixed now. Thanks all for the advice, and input and pics!
  7. I didn't see this until after removing dustcap. Not sure I would have been able to get it from behind though. It had gotten around the dust cap and was against the cone as seen in these pics. Pretty sure this was causing the noise, not the dustcap which had a lifted edge, but did not seem to be completely unglued where the edge was. Question1. Best way to remove residual glue? Question2. Mixed clear epoxy ok for gluing the screen back on ?
  8. I saw your post on the KG 5.5's. What did you do to remove the dustcaps completely? I don't know if to try a razor blade or heat or just pull after I get a lip up?
  9. Thanks! I will look for this when I remove the driver.
  10. Thanks for the reply! Please do hold the last one for me in case I can't fix. If you need me to buy outright, let me know. Feel free to send me a DM. I ordered some speaker glue, and will check the mounting screws, the spider, and the dustcap seal itself in the next two days. The dustcap seal is coming up on that driver, but wasn't sure if it was detached all the way through.
  11. No. Pushing in on the dustcap is noiseless. And does not seem to affect noise when playing. I too, noticed that it seems to be separating on the lower left, but not sure if it really is. Will oder the glue.
  12. That is what I thought, but pushing down pretty hard on dustcap doesn't seem to mitigate the buzzing much. Is there a good glue recommended to bind these two pieces of Poly together?
  13. Good morning fellow Klipsch lovers. I have a problem, and need your expertise on diagnosing. I bought a pair of KLF30s this weekend. Listened briefly in his home an hour away, and didn't notice any issues. After I got home, I hooked them up and after about 1 hour of listening (80-90db, sounded great), I noticed some vibration/buzzing from one of woofers on one speaker. Don't know if I broke something loose or what, but I was NOT driving them hard; although it was with deeply pronounced bass tracks. I read about issues with Baffles on these, so I pressed hard on all front/rear wood with no change in the offending sound. If I push on the dustcap, it "might" attenuate the buzzing, but only if pressed quite hard where the overall movement of the diaphragm is substantially hindered. I've recorded sound here so you can hear it. Do I need a new woofer? I understand they are unobtanium, but asked in modification/KLF30post on this forum if any had one from updating to HW321 drivers. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PmJ1ZXXoYXXeYjxm9
  14. Looking for a driver to replace a bad one on my KLF30s. I think these are K-31-K ? I just need one. Hoping someone that did the HW321 upgrades has one they can let go of. Thanks!
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