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  1. Those are beautiful speakers and great price! I sold my Forte IIs when I got my Chorus IIs. I did not realize at the time that I was allowed to have both...
  2. Anyone with thoughts on https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9cgii-audio-research-ls7-tube-preamp-w-extra-tubes-tube and MAC275/Khorn? AudioResearch LS7
  3. Thanks for the suggestions @Tom Mobley and @Dawson's Ridge. I think my father is interested in going with a tube pre-amp. The Audioclassics was a nice site. Thanks for pointing me that direction.
  4. My father has klipschorns driven by a Mac 275 and a Rotel preamp. The Rotel does not sound that great with the amp and horns, so I started doing some research. I've read the best pairing is the Mac C220, but that is quite a bit more than he wants to spend (best used I could find was ~ 3k). I was trying to get some input into other options to pair with this system that were < 2k.
  5. I offered him 2500; he said he wouldn't dip below 3000, so I didn't haggle, as that was a couple hundred more than I was willing to give after seeing them. They are nice, but right cabinet is "good", not excellent. Left is excellent.
  6. I went and demo'd them with my Outlaw (wasn't willing to box up the Marantz for it). They sounded pretty great even with crappy placement (3 inches from corners, 4 inches off floor and 30 feet apart with shallow listening area). Right cabinet was not in excellent shape and he wasn't quite ready to let go of them, so we didn't come to an agreement, but maybe someday Thanks to all for their input!
  7. Thanks for all the quick responses and advice. I have the most awesome wife that is actually encouraging me to get them. Second question. Current Receivers are a Marantz 2270, fully refurbished/capped, and a new Outlaw 2160. I prefer the Marantz unless I really want to listen loud. Thoughts on how those two would sound with these speakers? I know the Khorns are extremely efficient, but would these be enough power for good bass response?
  8. What kind of work (if any) would be needed to get these to spec? I did Crites crossover upgrade to my Chorus IIs and the results were well worth it.
  9. I do like Oak. My chorus II's are what look to be same finish. They were posted 6 days ago on CL.
  10. For what is listed in the title with no upgrades, what would be the price range for excellent, no visible cabinet defects? Trying to see if I should go see a CL offer. With consecutive serial numbers and oak finish/black fabric grills.
  11. Thanks @veloceleste. I was kind of thinking the same thing. I've NEVER heard vintage sound through my Chorus IIs. I'm paying him for his time to come over with a 2226b and the 2270, both fully restored to see what those sound like. Then heading to listen to some of the choices I listed above on some forte III's in a local audio store. I'm hoping the forte III's will be similar enough to my Crited Chorus IIs to compare without having to take home.
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