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  1. Those are nice looking. Where are you located?
  2. Biscuit


    This is similar to what what I detailed here in this post: Glad you didn't fall for it!
  3. Thanks WMcD. Can other Khorn owners chime in with whether they hook them up in 4 ohm?
  4. I was able to finally find this: https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-manuals/Klipschorn-2019_Manual_p04.pdf Looks like slightly different version of posts, where they weren't aligned on the same horizontal. But...it looks like single ampflications needs to come in on the HF in, not LF in? That shouldn't matter right? They are bridged.
  5. My father bought Khorns as a second owner 2.5 years ago and was told they were 2 years old. So I think they should be in the 2014 range for age, give or take a year or two. He bought a new generation McIntosh 275 tube amplifier and it would go into a fault protection if he turned it up too loud. Given his level of listening is lower than mine, and they didn't actually sound more than ~ 100db sound levels, I thought that something was probably wrong with the 275. Fast foward 2 years and after a few more faults at levels that I would not consider super loud, it blew a channel. Right channel stopped working. The unit was still under warranty and went to get repaired for free from McIntosh. Unit comes back, sounds great. He turns it up again, and it blows out. Best Buy Magnolia says, sorry, we'll order you a new one. That one should come Thursday. It got me to wondering if perhaps the 3 speakers on the Khorn weren't hooked up or bridged correctly for single amplification. I had him take the following pics, to see if one of you could verify that they were correct or incorrect. Serial number too. Thanks for the help. I would hate to have him lose another 275 for wiring his Khorns wrong! The input comes in on LF IN from the Amp via a bananna plug.
  6. That is hard to pass up! If I head north anytime in the future, I'll send you a PM!
  7. FYI Folks. Link here to my post that was a result of a scammer scrolling through forums and finding a target.
  8. Little long here, but wanted to alert others to this kind of scam that happened to me last night and this morning. I am relatively new here, and posted on these forums about some speakers and stereo equipment wanted for a relative. Two nights ago I get a nice message saying he knew of a guy (Mark) that had one and to email him. See SS below Without thinking I write Mark and go to bed Mark writes back this morning to my request for pics and information about a stellar deal! So I was excited at first. 325 shipped for a gorgeous 7070. But some red flags... Bitcoin? ( I know this one is possible, just rare ) Stermor3 (on these forums) has zero rep and joined the forums about 90 minutes before he sent me the private message Agent working with UPS? Price? So I look up address....doesn't exist So I do a reverse image search on the pics....google doesn't find them but says its probably a receiver....good job google So I just key in Sansui 7070 and pull up images.. BINGO I get a seller on REVERB in Prague.... https://elektro.bazos.cz/inzerat/105829602/Sansui-7070-receiver.php Thought I would share. It is a pretty piece though right? Just wished I had used a throw-a-way email to be safer. -Biscuit
  9. I missed this! Thanks @Madman1 Please do keep me in mind.
  10. That is kind of what I was thinking about the KG4's. Both on the upgrade and as a "good starter option." Very nice to get confirmation I'm looking to sell a CR2020, it doesn't seem rich enough to my ears for my Chorus IIs. And apparently it is so much effort to recap that it has to be your ultimate item to do so.
  11. Would you consider shipping?
  12. My brother-in-law just spent a week with us and after listening to upgraded Klipsch Chorus IIs all week long on vintange Sansui and Marantz gear, he has gotten the bug and is looking to acquire that sound for himself. I told him to find Quartets or Fortes first as, Chorus are both larger and more expensive than he wants to start with. I live in Raleigh and can drive ~ 150 miles to get them, and he lives in Knoxville and can do the same. Crited or not would be fine; if they aren't, he will do so. As an aside, he is also looking for a Sansui 5000x or 7070. Doesn't have to be recapped, but must work with clean faceplates and minimal marring to cases. If you have or know of some, please let me know! Also, just a question. How would KG4's compare in sound quality to Forte II's? Similar? Thanks in advance!
  13. Those are beautiful speakers and great price! I sold my Forte IIs when I got my Chorus IIs. I did not realize at the time that I was allowed to have both...
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