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  1. I'm not sure if this is a great deal or not, but maybe somebody is looking for the big subwoofer. The ad says $600 Today Only, but it has been up for a month, so I'm not sure about all the details. https://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/ele/6201857525.html
  2. Thanks Youthman, I wasn't sure that a "newbie" like me could post anything worthy.
  3. And, to make the trip even more enjoyable, he could swing by High Point NC and pick up a new R-115SW for $600. The ad says "Today Only" though, but the ad was posted a month ago, so maybe the price has dropped. https://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/ele/6201857525.html (And I'm not knowledgeable if it was an Alert! worthy deal or not. But it is the same price as a used one on eBay.)
  4. Long ago in high school, there was a kid with most of one hand blown off because of fireworks. The others called him "The Claw," but he was actually a very smart guy, and a good guy too. Tragically, he was killed in a house fire before he graduated, when he was trapped in the basement, because he went down there to make sure nobody was there. Another time, an entire family a few blocks from my grandparents were killed by a fire. One person was smoking and fell asleep on the couch. They "put the fire out," and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, the couch reignited. So, yes, I'm having a fit too when I see the stupid neighbors' fireworks remnants in my front lawn and on the roof of my house. They were actually shooting towards my neighbor's house, and surprisingly always away from their house.
  5. OK, now I'm feeling guilty!! I could have saved you $1200 AND a road trip to Florida. But I'll still say Congratulations! The final decision was, if they were Cherry you would have stayed in WV. As CHASL2 said also, they are very deep speakers. They are also extremely tall too. I'll also say a public "Thank You!" to Youthman, who even offered to drive over there so a newbie like me would get a good deal.
  6. Hey, that's me too, and I don't even have a setup yet. I somewhat look at the specs, having majored in math, and start to wonder a few things. 1) From the research, it seems that it is possible for a smaller 10" sub to output a lower frequency than a 12" sub, however, what also seems to be a guiding factor is the "bigger is better" philosophy, so I'm wondering about that. 2) Now, I can believe there is a noticeable difference if one sub goes to 30Hz or so compared to another one at 15Hz, but what about 24Hz to 20Hz to 18 Hz? Are they huge steps, or just slightly better, or maybe hardly better at all? 3) The "in room extension" specification seems to indicate that everything will work in the real world unless you're in a mansion, although others dismiss this as a gimmick. 4) The dreaded one spectacular one, vs. two pretty good ones. Some say it makes a world of difference, usually the ones selling the subwoofers, while others say once again it will help some but in the real world the difference is small, and definitely not by a factor of two. 5) Is the SVS PC-2000 somewhat of a gimmick with the cylinder design vs. the usual box? 6) Is there any loose guideline of the percentage of a system's cost should be spent on the subwoofer? Thanks.
  7. That's the other thing I worry about as a newbie, is the price too good?
  8. Wow Youthman, that is pretty nice to let people know!! This is my first posting here, but I've been doing much research. I actually live close by in Bartow!! I had seen this ad before myself, and thought it was a great deal, but they're black. I don't know if the ad ever showed when the speakers were made. Also, one thing I've wondered about during the Craigslist searches is the lifespan of these speakers, as many are 7 - 10 years old, is it really worth it then if half their life is gone? Or will they last decades without problems?