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  1. Considering the post was from 2015 I doubt it…
  2. xo705cf


    Price is firm but I don’t see a price?
  3. There is a sheett-ton of weed in Florida….
  4. xo705cf


    Pretty sure these are a scam, I’ve seen these listed several times off and on and it says the same thing, that they’re owned by an older couple with distinguished taste beware…
  5. Plug other speakers into the same wires that you were running to the 8000s and see if those speakers are actually working or not, That way you can be sure that the problem is not with the speakers themselves
  6. The 600 M is basically the two if you wanna call it that, It replaced the rp160 M, Which was Model before it,
  7. There is no such model…. Think you guys are mixed up with what you’re calling them 😉
  8. Claude, I have to give you kudos in Figuring out how to out how to get the most out of odyssey…. Never thought about having the Adjust the gain based on the sensitivity…. Great points in regards to this and using only one mic position…
  9. I tried it and felt like it completely killed all the dynamics at my speakers… I thought the whole point of klipsch speakers in home theater was the dynamic range and the head room you got when playing a movie…. Really makes me question this whole idea of having this flat response If you take all of the life out of the speakers…. I moved over to a NADT 758 with Dirac, Which I have to say is stellar does not seem to affect the same sound in the same way that Odyssey does…
  10. What exactly has he stolen, Last I checked I thought he got banned for bashing other peoples sales threads…. While I definitely don’t agree with that and called him out for it, I didn’t realize that he had taken advantage of people in sales….
  11. Depends on how much you want to hear sounds coming from over your head…. Also you could have a equally awesome seven point whatever system if you’re willing to throw out the extra dough…
  12. Who was it that got banned? was it DC Cal Irvine?
  13. No problem at all I completely understand I know logistics can be an issue…. Good luck with your search and finding a good deal as well
  14. Not sure if you’re interested in the used market, but I have a pair of RP 280fs and 250c I may be selling… I am located in Melbourne Florida…
  15. I think I paid eight something US dollar but I do realize everything has went up
  16. I understand I actually bought mine open box or was refurbished can’t remember but it was from safe and sound I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever
  17. In a word yes!!! Nad t758 v3 has pre outs…
  18. I would like to in the future but won’t be till after the new year, I have a NAD with DIrac which is excellent in it’s own right but I’ve heard unit is the way to go when it comes to measuring… Nice of you to offer…. How’s it going with the all heresy setup?
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