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  1. 14 minutes ago, Boilermaker86 said:

    Yep, picked them up in Florida on Facebook market place. I waited too long on the last pair so I snatched these up. 

    I ran Dirac with all positions and it did a fantastic job. I turned it off today to compare the 7s and 83s and it still sounds great even without it. 

    Awesome they looked super clean in the pictures, I’m assuming you live in Florida as well I’m over here in Melbourne...

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Boilermaker86 said:

    Yes it’s awesome! My old receiver was 10 years old so I like having the blue os sound     Through my phone. It’s just balanced and all the problems I had with my Onkyo or Audysse are not on the Nad. Plus, it just gets the center and bass right from the start. 

    I agree I like being able to use my phone as well...  Did you bother running dirac or are you just using the default setting on the 777?  Also by chance did you find those 83’s on Facebook marketplace somewhere in Florida?   I saw some on there but now they’re gone I’m wondering if you were the one who picked them up?

  3. 1 hour ago, Boilermaker86 said:

    My plan was to bring my old Onkyo 805 out of storage and use a Bluetooth device to use my phone to play music and place them in the dining room and have them as a second set of speakers. But I like them a lot and wonder if I should keep them in the main set up and move the RF-7s to another room.


    They sound special. More grounded, nice chest slam since they have 3 woofers. The 7s have a larger sound, and bass is there, just not the same chest slam. More like deeper down bass if that makes sense. Also, the 83s seem a little more balance maybe more mid sounds. They do blend perfectly! 

    Got ya...  Are you still liking your 777 just curious, I ended up buying a 758 and like it overall so far...

  4.  OK the question begs to be answered which ones do you think sound better ?   Are you keeping both pairs or do you plan to move to one or the other?  Either way nice gear and set up!!!

  5. 9 hours ago, wuzzzer said:


    I tried an Academy with Heresy mains.  Nope.  Changed to titanium diaphragm.  Still nope.  Updated the crossover.  Nope.  Sold it. 

    What did you end up using for a center channel or are you running phantom?

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  6. 18 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:


    AKA a port. 

    Hey wuzzzer, Out of all the Heresys weren’t you saying you like the 1 the best?   Just curious as I’m thinking about selling my RP280s and Moving over to heresy or something else in the heritage line...

  7. 16 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:


    But the fortes are rear ported...

    The forte 3’s are not rear ported, but they do have a passive radiator on the back...

  8. 6 hours ago, willland said:

    More like 32lbs each unboxed, at least according to Klipsch spec sheet.



    Bill I know you have the 83’s and the 75s, What do you say one is better than the other?  Only asking since I have the 280s and I would think they would be comparable to your 83’s...?

  9. 47 minutes ago, finallygotmyheresies said:

    sorry, I thought you were giving a cost for shipping single 75's. I drove to Vegas to pick up my first pair because it was cheaper to drive than it was to ship them and then it was safer as well obviously.

    No problem guys,  I was fully aware that the shipping wouldn’t be cheap but certainly appreciate the upfront honesty in regards to that..  Still mulling this one over,  Currently have the RP280f’s and I am trying to decide if this is more of a lateral move or an upgrade in comparison...

  10. 6 hours ago, dimanata2007 said:

    I believe I'm a bit late to discussion, but...  I just dethroned my Denon x2400h from "HT receiver" position and imo mid-line Denon receivers (at least x2400) is overrated and under powered. 

    It felt under powered and was running hot compared to my old Pioneer from the beginning and 95W in 2-ch sounded less powerful and less detailed than Pioneers 80W. So after a 1.5 years I'm back to Pioneer. :)

    Could not agree more, I had a denon X 1000 was extremely disappointed with the power output, The Denon AVR 2800 that it replaced had a lot more power and a lot more headroom, The main reason I replaced it was due to the need of HDMI and wanting to be a little more current...  Long story short I ended up with a NADT758 which has been by far the best sounding receiver I’ve ever owned...  However I do understand the need to stay within a budget, But if possible I would strongly consider upgrading the receiver... In comparison both of my denons ran very hot,however the NAD barely breaks a sweat...

  11. Are you going to be running Atmos in the future?  If so I would go with the 500s, As Direct radiating speakers are recommended when running  atmos..  If you’re going to stick with 5.1 I would go with the 502s As why dispersion is recommended for regular 5.1 usage...

  12. Sorry Kris, I hastily posted that and should not have...  What I saw in Best Buy was not the lower end but I’m thinking It may have been the 140s that I saw, Either way you’re right...!  I do agree with them being an afterthought though, I have the 280s as well, but I am using klipsch satellite speakers for my atmos...  

  13. OK I know it’s been a while but I finally pulled the trigger. I ended up going with the NAD. And talk about going from a broken hyperdrive to lightspeed, what a improvement.  I haven’t completely ran Dirac yet, But to this point I am thoroughly impressed with the receivers quality and sound.  It is a marked improvement over the Denon X 1000 that it replaced...  So far well worth the money...  I will give more feedback after I run the room correction..  One thing I noticed immediately is that the unit  does not run hot Compared to my two previous denons..   More to come down the road I’ll keep you guys posted.

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  14. Just a thought but I was wondering if Atmos is for real or simply just adding height speakers and being marketed as Atmos instead of simply Height channels?


    If so what is the difference in simply adding Heights speakers and Atmos sound wise?


    I’m thinking about getting a receiver that does Atmos but I wanna make sure it’s not just a bunch of snake oil...


    Explanations  as to the difference and opinions will be well received..


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