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  1. Hey boilermaker nice set up you have...  Was wondering how you’re liking that unit so far..?  I’m seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on the 758...  So I was wondering how you were liking yours?  Right now I’m between that or a Marantz sr70$$ unit...

  2. 6 hours ago, wvu80 said:

     I have the Marantz 6011. I don’t think I can help you in comparing because I have not owned or even listened to any of the other AVRs you mentioned. I can tell you the 6011 sounds great has lots of features it has a powerful version of Audyssey  Are there any particular questions I can help you with? 

    Hey WVU thanks for input right now I think I’m leaning towards either the SR 7011 or the SR 7012 certainly can appreciate input and enjoy some of the other post I’ve read from you before....  From what I’ve seen in your other post looks like you really enjoy the 6011 and looks like you have a pretty nice set up as well...  Right now I’m trying to figure out with the main differences are between the two I listed above?  A review on YouTube says the older one has more power but I don’t think that’s true any insight on this?    I do know that the 7011 was a sound and vision topic  Pick though

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  3. 21 hours ago, isotopesope said:

    ok, so i essentially only buy new equipment from my locally owned independent audio shop...  BUT! i was doing a comparison between the NAD t758v3 vs the Marantz SR5013 and SR6012 on Crutchfield:



    to me, you get a lot more for your money on either Marantz over the NAD.  either Marantz has more inputs and more features.  built-in bluetooth, airplay, alexa...  plus, no phono input or ethernet port on the NAD.  however, maybe all that doesn't matter to you?  channel wise, the 7.1 t758v3 is more equivalent to the 7.2 SR5013, which only has Audyssey XT, but the 9.2 SR6012 has the XT32 plus the two extra channels, and lists for less.  however, looks like Crutchfield has a special going on for the SR6012 now... only $900! 


    reviews on the NAD aren't as good either.  also, NAD has a 2 year warranty, Marantz is 3. 

    Yeah you definitely have some valid points and bang for buck I definitely agree with you there.  I think that’s partly the reason why I’m not sure which direction I want to go. I’m having a hard time letting go of the sound of the NAD. However I definitely think you get a lot more for your money with the Marantz. Definitely appreciate your input.  And by the way it sounds like you have a pretty awesome system for just being a noob.  Lol

  4. 1 hour ago, garyrc said:

    By all means, get something with Audyssey XT32 in it.  While you are waiting for it to arrive, read this: "Audyssey FAQ Linked Here"  It is far clearer than any manual of any complex electronic instrument I've seen in recent years.  XT32 will correct the frequency response of your speakers and room as heard from the Main Listening Position, and a few seats in either direction (it works pretty well from anywhere on our 5 seat couch).   Be sure to use all 8 microphone positions.  The corrections are applied to the time domain, as well.  Unlike a graphic or parametric equalizer, with a maximum of 30 or 40 sliders (top end), XT32 corrects at hundreds of points, thousands if necessary. 

    After Audyssey you will probably want to turn your subwoofer up by a few dB.  The reason for this is explained in the following article, and a way to do this without clipping is explained as well.  Guide to Subwoofer Calibration and Bass Preferences  

    Audyssey works very, very well in my system.  Because it provides Reference, not Preference, it is to, quite literally, get the kinks out of your frequency response (everybody has them).  Then apply your preference, gently.  Below are two examples of preferred response shared by many people (ignore the kinks, you will be getting rid of most of yours).  My only disagreement with the curves below is that I would not cut the treble.  Audyssey Flat won't cut it, but the other choice, plain Audyssey, will.  You get to choose.  You have to boost the bass a bit yourself.  If you avoid DEQ, you can pump up the bass below ~~80 Hz with the subwoofer gain control, and ~~80 to 200 with the bass control on your AVR (can be operated only with DEQ off). 




    Have fun!

    EDIT:  Oh, if NAD has DIRAC, consider that, too.  It looks like the NAD version only corrects up to 500 Hz, leaving 500 to 16 K Hz uncorrected.  Some people like that, some don't.  I like full range correction. To me, in my treated room, without correction, those 5 octaves need work!  Audyssey does that work for me.  NAD's DIRAC evidently would not.  For instance, Audyssey removes an 8 K Hz peak (probably originating in my Klipschorns), and gradually increases the SPL from 10K Hz to 16K Hz, where, in my room, the Khorns roll off a little.   Also, for music, Audyssey increases dialog clarity (in my case).


    What speakers do you have?

    Hey Gary thank you for the in-depth information really appreciate it definitely a lot to consider...  I was leaning toward the NAD but now I’m not sure...  When you read about it online it sounds like it’s a step up from even xt32, But maybe that’s not quite the case after reading what you said above...  I’m currently running RP 280 for my front mains with the 250 C for center...  rears are tannoy mercury m1s for now and sub is a dynamo 500...  I went from a Denon AVR 2800 to the Denon AVRX 1000 but have not been overly impressed with the newer one even though it’s more modern how are the power is definitely lacking compared to the other one...  Awesome system you have by the way...

  5. 8 hours ago, isotopesope said:

    yeah, my AV7702mkII has the Audyssey MultEQ XT32.  i like it a lot; it's really a pretty easy setup process and everything sounds well blended.  but again, this is my first surround setup, so I have nothing to compare it to.  i've re-run it a few times now, after rearranging my furniture and speakers a few times, etc. 


    prior to running the Audyssey, i experimented with manual configurations, but got way better sounding results after the Audyssey setup.  no surprise, since i'm still a HT noob and still learning.


    i REALLY wanted a McIntosh MX-122, but it's just too damn expensive for me at the moment.  the MX-122 also uses the Audyssey MultEQ XT32, and has other strong similarities to the Marantz, which was a huge factor in me going with it.  that, and my local audio shop sold it to me for 50% off list, as it was the outgoing model , making way for the AV7703. 


    again, no direct experience with Dirac or NAD's home theater stuff in general.


    is there anywhere you can A/B both brands of receivers? 



    Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere where that I can hear them both side-by-side...  Nonetheless I really appreciate you in put thanks again And I will be sure to update once I make a decision and let you know what I think

  6. 17 hours ago, isotopesope said:

    i have a Marantz 7702mkII processor paired to their MM7705 5 channel amp.  i'm using XLR interconnects between them from Blue Jeans Cables.  it sounds excellent, and has a lot of really killer features.  i dig the Audessey calibration on it too.  the remote can be programmed to run other components like your Bluray player or TV.  i really love this setup, but it is my first foray into home theater or multi-channel sound.  i've always been a 2 channel analog luddite, prior.  well, i still am.  ha!


    i think the AV770x processors have really similar features as their SR70xx receivers?


    i've never heard an NAD pre/pro/avr, but have a lot of respect for the company and their products.

    Hey isotope thanks for the reply I think I’m only more confused now LOL....  The thing I like about the NAD is the fact that It has DIRAC Which I heard is awesome and Supposedly a cut above Odyssey, But also pretty involved to set up...  Are you running regular Odyssey or does yours have odyssey XT 32?  My current receiver only has Odyssey XT so I don’t really want to move over to anything else that has Odyssey XT as it would only be a lateral move in my mind....  If you are running Odyssey XT 32 what is your opinion on that...? It does seem like you get more for your money however if you are running Marantz as in channel driven compared to the NAD....  However when I heard the NAB I have to say the sound quality was awesome...

  7. Hey Bill thanks a lot for the response I was hoping I’d hear from you I read your post quite often find your information valuable. I was hoping you’d heard Marantz before but nonetheless I’ve been leaning toward NAD anyway...  Hopefully I’ll get a few more responses with some opinions out there.....   If I’m not Mistaken I believe I’m right down the road from you here in Melbourne Florida you were kissimee right?

  8. Looking to upgrade my receiver looking for opinions between the listed above...  I’ve heard both but not side by side... really like the sound of the nad, but pricey,  However Marantz is loaded with features and sounds good as well...  I am however pretty interested in the Dirac...  But not sure I want the complexity....  Would like to hear from some of you that may have owned both however all points of view are appreciated...  will be replacing a denon x1000 Which is still good but I’m looking for more power and better room correction...

  9. 1 minute ago, billybob said:

    The RSX can be costly as well and in some places abit rare. If you do consider the series, the RSX-5 can deliver. The flexible pedestal may enable you for placement and directing. The X-series are cool too as I hear from others. Owned used RSX-5 and like them quite a lot. Others more familiar with atmos than I.

    Yeah I've been looking a little bit on eBay looks like you can find some that are cheaper, I'm thinking they may have a better overall performance than the 140 140s....  thanks for the input I'm going to take a look at the x-series in a minute....

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  10. Thinking about using some Klipsch RSX for Atmos Duty..   currently using the reference Premiere series as mains and wondering if this would be a seamless transition with the RSX...   the reference Premiere 140s seem a bit pricey to me....  so I was wondering if the rsx might be a viable option for me since they can be found used for a good bit less than the reference premiere atmos speakers...

  11. Hey Jim, I would go with rp-450c, it is designed to match your to 280fs.... Klipsch made the 450ca version to match the 280fa version because the 280fas actually have the veneer...  what you if you didn't know already know the a stands for Atmos...  also I'm not sure where you're seeing the pricing but it looks like the ca version is $200 more on Klipsch website....  hope that helps

  12. Hey wuzzzer, reading your post and seeing what you're doing, in regards to your question though... I have the rp-250c and rp280fs after owning kg 4.2 for 20 plus years,  and that regard I found that the are rps have a much smoother sound, don't get me wrong I love them but it took some getting used to....  so with that said I'm not sure how 450 C would sound with those rb5 while iv not heard the rb5 I'm thinking they probably have a more aggressive sound than the rps so I'm not sure if it would be a good match for your rb5s..  just my opinion but as I said I've never heard there rb5 only hearsay....

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  13. Not trying to confuse you any further but I have the 280s and love them, absolutely amazing....  however I agree I agree that you probably can't go wrong with the other options either, I've heard great things about both...  I would stay away from the 28fs if possible, and there is a reason you were not that were not that impressed they are not near the speaker compared to what we're talking about here....

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  14. 47 minutes ago, johnnydrama said:

    I was skeptical about it going into it but I needed a new receiver anyways and had the extra speakers around to give it a shot. I was happily surprised once I installed ~1 year ago. My first 2 Atmos setups had upward firing speakers resting on the front towers which yielded good results. However now I have the Atmos speakers mounted directly above the seating positions and that took it to a whole other level. Most 4K discs have Dolby Atmos or DTS:X mixes now and several Blu-ray as well. But honestly my Marantz does a heck of a job upmixing Dolby True HD and DTS Master HD tracks to Atmos/DTS:X formats. I guess what I am trying to say is don’t let the lack of Atmos content prevent you from making the upgrade.


    I would consider my upgrade to Atmos one of my top 3 favorite system upgrades of all time. Going from one sub to two was also a significant upgrade IMO so it would be hard to choose between those 2. I have used my setup more in the last year than I had the previous 2-3 years. 


    Just my opinion.


    Also if anyone is looking for some great demo content Dolby has an app on Xbox called Dolby Access that has nothing but Atmos content. Just an FYI! 


     Great video @Youthmankeep em comin!




    Just curious what Marantz are you using

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