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  1. Forte III lifts?

    This guy suggests lifting the forte III's up higher. Agree or disagree and why?
  2. Forte III grill covers

    haha, thanks for your help:)
  3. Forte III grill covers

    you guys are funny! But this is a real question!:)
  4. Forte III grill covers

    they wouldn't! That's terrible! But seriously I wonder if they will. I love those white ones on the 70th anniversary but don't love the price:)
  5. Forte III grill covers

    I am interested in getting the Forte III's but like the white lambswool covers best, however I don't want to get the distressed oak or pay extra for the 70th anniversary edition. Does anyone know if you can request a white grill cover on a standard model? If not, why not!