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  1. Dropping to $2000 for local pickup in the San Francisco Bay Area. Longshot.
  2. Folks, Selling my entire 5.1 setup. Just purchased and it won't work for my space, unfortunately. I bought from an authorized dealer and the shipping to return it makes it more compelling to try to sell it myself. The Sub, Hub, Front Speakers and Center have all been unboxed and I tried to position the speakers and it's just too much equipment for the space. The other pair of bookshelf speakers are still unopened in box. This is basically a new system. RP-HUB1 HD Control Center RP-140WM Reference Premiere HD Wireless Bookshelf Spears - 4 Speakers RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless Center Channel Klipsch RP-110WSW Reference Premiere HD Wireless Subwoofer This sells on Crutchfield/Klipsch for $2600+tax, asking $2200 or make an offer. Local sale only in SF Bay Area. Drop me an email at araham@comcast.net
  3. I'm so confused, I can't seem to get any feedback on this system and basically it seems dead. I've tried posting questions to the FAQ forum and they just get deleted. Pretty disappointed in the lack of Klipsch support on this.
  4. Safe to say this system was not widely adopted and is no longer supported by Klipsch? I just bought it and I'm not at all blown away.
  5. Folks Need a little help if you don't mind. I've been used to a traditional a/v receiver with wired speaker setup and finally looking to simply away from this and go wireless. I'd also like to have at least 2 or 3 wireless speakers either inside or outside of the house. I really want the Klipsch HD Wireless 5.1 system, but it's a closed system. Ideally Klipsch figures out a way for it to be part of their whole home wireless, but they seem to be different networks. How should I best supplement that system to get the same audio sources (DVD, Cable) on all of my other wireless speakers, which are yet to be purchased? The only thing I can think of is using an output from my TV to feed into some other hub, ie Klipsch Gate or Sonos Connect. I was thinking of basically connecting to a Gate, but it only takes Analog 3.5mm input, which is just weird to me. I think Sonos Connect would accept traditional RCA inputs from my TV. Of course the Sonos Connect is $350 plus I would buy 2-3 wireless speakers at $200/300 a piece, ouch. And Sonos would be outside of the Klipsch family, which I've always like. Help!
  6. Any word on this? Does anyone from Klipsch ever respond?
  7. I'm new to this forum and have always loved Klipsch. A while ago I downgraded to a Sony soundbar/sub combo because my family moved into a smaller house, we're finally getting a bigger den and house. Basically I was debating between a Sonos system because of it's ease-of-use (primarily for my wife) and multi-room function, but really want the Klipsch Premier HD Wireless system. That being said, the lack of multi-room support is a major drawback. So my question, is there a way to synch up this system at all with The Threes or any Klipsch multi-room systems? Is that a function that could be added through software/firmware in the future? Any hands-on experience with this system? Thanks!
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